Friday, June 15, 2012

Black Youth Mob Violence (continued): Existential Dilemmas of Blackness and "Niggerization"

We are having a spirited conversation about the media's framing of black youth mob violence, and the challenges surrounding the politics of black respectability.Worried at first, I am glad that we broached the subject.

One of our commentors argued that many concerns about black youth mob violence are misplaced, and that to engage in a project of critical self-reflection on these matters is somehow unfair to the African American community, generally, and to young black people, in particular.

In what is a common rhetorical move, it was suggested that a critical discourse about black youth mob violence is 1) somehow elitist and 2) only those black and brown folks who have "street credentials" are legitimate voices on these matters.

My response was a simple one. How is it elitist (or its more common cousin "boogie") to believe that black people have a right, like any other members of American society, to be safe, secure, and free in our homes, communities, and persons? In reflecting on this exchange, I would like to develop my thesis just a bit more.

One of the existential dilemmas faced by black people (and other marginalized communities) in America is that white supremacy as law, social custom, practice, and culture was predicated on denying us safety and security. Man or woman, child or adult, black people have historically been subject to arbitrary, capricious, organized, personal, as well as state sponsored, white violence.

Tragically, some black folks have taken this existential condition of "niggerization" and internalized it. This state of insecurity has been made synonymous with black authenticity. In all, the quite literal material, cultural, and social work done by white supremacy to enforce a racial hierarchy, is now taken by some blacks as being foundational for our culture and humanity.

Niggerization should be transcended. It should not be surrendered to. Niggerization should not be wallowed in. It should avoided. There is nothing authentically black about niggerization.

As Americans we have basic rights that must be protected. As citizens we have basic freedoms and responsibilities. That some have taken these rights and liberties as contingent, and proceed from a negative view where our existence is a condition in which these rights are a priori denied to black Americans, is problematic in more ways than I can illuminate here. Moreover, that the voices demanding accountability, and who dare to call attention to both the responsibilities and burdens of good citizenship are framed as "elitist" speaks to a deadly type of  internalized white racism.

Consider an example. What if white people were subject to the same disadvantageous structures of power and resources in America, and some of these citizens dared to call attention to it? Furthermore, what if one of their chief complaints was that a small subset of the white population were operating as brigands, highwaymen, and thugs, and that something must be done about it? Would the rebuttal be that white people should get over such things and just learn to deal with it? That these same white folks should not take it for granted that their personal right to safety and security is non-negotiable?

I think we know the answer.

Why then are there some black and brown folks who are willing to accept just that state of being for their own communities? That African-American citizenship involves a necessary deficit of rights and liberties...and that we should just get used to it?


Improbable Joe said...

I don't know... is this related to all those black people outside my house shouting at each other, honking horns, and playing radios really really REALLY loud all day and half the night? Is the shouting due to hearing loss from the radios, or is the whole thing sort of disrespect for common decency based on feeling excluded from society?

chaunceydevega said...

@Improbable. Those are deeply politics acts of resistance and part of a black counter or parallel public. You didn't know that? Geez...

Improbable Joe said...

So it is politics, rather than bone-deep disregard for social norms? Gotcha. BTW, what are the politics of the neighbor's small children swinging from the power lines while screaming at the top of their lungs? It is neo-Marxism or a post-modernist critique of American capitalism?

Brotha Wolf said...

Tragically, some black folks have taken this existential condition of "niggerization" and internalized it. This state of insecurity has been made synonymous with black authenticity. In all, the quite literal material, cultural, and social work done by white supremacy to enforce a racial hierarchy, is now taken by some blacks as being foundational for our culture and humanity.

I call it internalized oppression. Like I said in the previous post, if we continue to think less of the youth and treat them as such, then there is a chance that it will be paid back...with interest sometimes.

We need to know that there are those of us who accepted that manufactured, color-aroused disdain against us as their identities. The big question is how can they be reprogrammed?

Anonymous said...

CD is full of shit these are his words and twisted analysis "One of our commentors argued that many concerns about black youth mob violence are misplaced, and that to engage in a project of critical self-reflection on these matters is somehow unfair to the African American community, generally, and to young black people, in particular."

Framed to defend his shallow narrative and demonization of Black youth..

CD's need to posture on the souls of Black youth is nothing new of course our community has always had people like CD playing the role of the good negro ..

Nothing in posts have legitimize Black criminal behavior ..Nothing in my posts have asserted that the Black community should accept niggerization..

Yet while playing the role of the noble good self rightous negro who thinks he is expressing some courage by calling out Black criminals is bullshit

CD's narrative has done just the opposite he has given license to remote criminal behavior fashionably called "Flashmob Violence by the chatter class..

CD is the new current conduit of Black Boggie Man fear syndrome..He thinks he is someone noteworthy with his backward posturing

Yet all this chatter class griot has done is given validation to a hollow cute new lexicon of the chatter class cadre..

Black youth not now nor have ever been a dangerous aggregate in America. Our youth have always been casted with inflated fears by the majority culture with the assistance of chatter class cowards like CNU and now CD this protrayal continues to sting and harm the image of Black America.

The facts remain the majority of crime victims know their attackers, majority of Black youths are not criminals, remote danger is just that remote..Wanton craven acts of violence are not common place in the overwhelming venues of Black America..

To observe a Black writer like CD play this vile tune is truly fucked up.

makheru bradley said...

Speaking of "N...rzation" what a shame that Paltrow wasn't present to send out a tweet from the Chris Brown-Drake brawl. That was some real "nigga sh^t."

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. As a guilty party you do scream quite loud. Please engage the substance of what I offered. How, and in what ways, am I incorrect?

@Bradley. That would be comedy gold.

CNu said...

The big question is how can they be reprogrammed?


Anonymous said...


The only guilty party present in this issue is your twisted and flawed analysis..

I have articulate my talking points numerous time it is your views which lack substance and are full of margainal talking points..

As usual whenver posters here reject your dogma you get defensive and engaged in petty retorts or even worst you pen long winding tomes like your self serving 6-14-12 nonsense.

Your false inferences about Black authenticity has made you a self rightous cheerleader. You clearly are unable to observe your arrogant posturing you are so deep into your flawed noble Black man heroics it has you vomiting up more chatter class bullshit like 'niggerization".

I wake up today the same Black man I was yesterday with regard to this issue none of your petty insults or incongruent themes have altered any of my narrative.

Of course what still remains constant is your flawed and tragic underdeveloped narrative which has allowed the usual suspects to use your failed narrative as a conduit for thier cowardly attacks on Black youth that that mr.eponym is fucked up..

Anonymous said...

For the record, the above Anon did not use the word 'elitist'. (At least I don't think he did). That was me.

Anonymous said...

Heck, I don't think he said this either: 'only those black and brown folks who have "street credentials" are legitimate voices on these matters.' What I got from his comments is that the analysis presented is distorted and onesided.
You don't need street creds to make these critiques. But you do need some deeper insight than has been exhibited thus far. A little less hubris would also help.

Anonymous said...

My mentor Tom notes the unintentional hilarity of one anomalous poster complaining about being mistaken for another.

chaunceydevega said...

@Anons. This really is a chorus of complaints because the truth hit home. Why are these questions unfair? Some anon, who knows which one or if they are the same person, used the precise word "elitist" to discuss critics of black youth mob violence. Some anon, whoever they responded that you need to be of the streets to engage in this conversation. Funny, no anon has taken on the basic premise of internalized racism, niggerization, and existential dilemmas of blackness, as they relate to these matters.

Very curious...

Anonymous said...

All of us (anon) have disregarded your shallow narrative to observe you now in retreat inserting a deflective point that none of us sought to discuss niggernization etc is amusing ...

None if your designated topics have merit nor are appropriate so fuck em. Why should we extrapolate on misplaced topics you have designated as salient??

One hopes one day you will have the balls to accept criticism and move on yet right now you are still bitching ...

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. If you are unable to see how these concepts apply in the various efforts that anon the borg have made to excuse away or "contextualize" the inexcusable I cannot help you. Again, you do not engage the substance of the matter; you choose to name call, deflect, and act childishly.

As I am fond of saying, what are you afraid of?

chaunceydevega said...

@various anons. one of you wrote:

"WoW no shit you live in Chicago ! So what I live in a ghetto I win... Your protrayal smacks of a closet eltiist who pens chatter class narratives .."


"What is funny us observing your phony bravado in here... I bet you never met a gang member nor ever got into a street fight..

You are a gossip type a chatter boy from if the block now that is funny"

Please provide an explanation for how I should interpret your "interventions" or as I say excuse-making?

I hit the nail on the head and it upsets you. why?

Anonymous said...

I could list the snarky comments of yours by why bother clearly you lack the maturation to handle dissent in here.

Anonymous said...


You just don't get it none of your comments nor your narratives warrant by cogent retorts. You keep claiming we have not addressed your points but your points are empty and hollow.
Black folks and the issue of crime us not a newsflash your tragic role of being a conduit of this chatter class hate speech is fucked up.
Try again to make us your foil since you clearly have not measure up on this topic...WTF

Anonymous said...

What a jerk CD has become he attacks me and others becuase we reject his garbage about black youth . Hell I will always railed aginast this scum 24/ 7. .. CD does not get a pass!

Unknown said...

we need to capture these young men attention and curiosity at a young age and help to lead them down a better path.

CNu said...

Why exactly do "we" need to do that?

CNu said...

What if white people were subject to the same disadvantageous structures of power and resources in America, and some of these citizens dared to call attention to it? Furthermore, what if one of their chief complaints was that a small subset of the white population were operating as brigands, highwaymen, and thugs, and that something must be done about it? Would the rebuttal be that white people should get over such things and just learn to deal with it? That these same white folks should not take it for granted that their personal right to safety and security is non-negotiable?

White folks being niggerized left-and-right by the high and mighty slave catchers in charge - and - they are calling attention to it - without, however, calling out the deep and broad extent to which the programme of universal american niggerization is carefully organized and administered by negroes....,

CNu said...

BTW CDV - in my occasionally humble estimation - this post stands as your best, most incisive, and potentially most explosive online essayism to date - inasmuch as I don't see these types of questions being wrestled with anywhere else in the afrosphere.

It appears that my Work here is very nearly complete. Stay thirsty my friend....,

Anonymous said...


Nonsense this was one of CD's most predictable trite commentary he has written nothing here is new or informative many others have written about this issue with depth .

To observe you co-signing this mush is not a surprise given you are a black uncle tom and anti black urbanites

Anonymous said...


Kahneman would not be happy observing you validate CD's mediocrity .... Stay thirsty my friend

CNu said...

To observe you co-signing this mush is not a surprise given you are a black uncle tom and anti black urbanites

lol, that's malthusian eugenicist who wants to see you exterminated like noxious parasitic vermin jiggaboo....,

look at it this way Thrasher - in shockingly short order - you and those with whom you closely identify - are going to be made to productively fend for yourselves anyway. I'm just offering you a mercifully quick and easy way out so that you can avoid the grinding, brutal, Haitian blind alley which surely awaits you.

CNu said...

Kahneman would not be happy observing you validate CD's mediocrity

Kahneman is relearning things long known, taught, and practiced by others. So too, anybody intent on making it past these signposts up ahead...,

Are the anonymii capable of bringing anything of value to the discussions at WARN, or, is their(his) only value as an exemplifying poster-child for uselessness?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Damning CD with praise from CNu. LOL!

I have nothing to contribute to this topic; though I searched diligently for it. It was a quote from some high gov official that the War on Drugs was devised as a way to criminalize and lock up more black men. If so it certainly succeeded. (Anyone familiar w this quote, I would appreciate a link).

The creation of this culture of thugs and criminals didn't happen in a vacuum. To a certain extent it was engineered. The gov played a role. So did the music industry. It's been one big effective psychological brainwashing operation. Here's an interesting little foot note.

snip:"our employers had become silent investors in this prison business, it was now in their interest to make sure that these prisons remained filled. Our job would be to help make this happen by marketing music which promotes criminal behavior, rap being the music of choice."

CNu said...

and you were so impotent, pathetic, or outright absent as a father or other familial/paternal influence during this period, that it happened on your watch and you can't do a dayyum thing about that other man's fait accompli - but whine and complain like a little bish!!!

lol, happy "father's" day untalented tenth L00z3r...,

Anonymous said...


I will see Mr.Thrasher tonite I will share with him how I dominate you yet again....

Anonymous said...


Mr.Thrasher's offspring are lawyers and one has an MBA ...I bet his parenting is superior than your offspring achievement just saying ...

Hate to rain on your Father's day but facts are facts often the merit of parenting is evident but the success of the children...tee hee

CNu said...

whatever they baby-mama did on behalf of her children is to be commended.

bet they won't be by to see poppi anytime today though - but you say hello to him for me, down there in his mama's basement, um-kaaaay...,

Anonymous said...

Lissen to this nonsense. "Are the anonymii capable of bringing anything of value to the discussions" He sez.
An how does he respond when you do? Does he address the point raised.? No! Ad hominem! Racial epithet! Stereotype propagation!

Why should anyone take this guy seriously? roflmbao!

chaunceydevega said...

@Cnu. Sometimes you like me; others times you mock me. I guess that is a good measure of sincerity. I always try to be true to my own principles and the truth. I want us to collectively get ahead of the curve on this issue because it is going to be big; it is just too perfect a storm for white reactionaries and conservatives to use in the upcoming election cycle. If the black pundit class doesn't want to get caught out badly on this one, they had best practice and spar in a relatively safe space.

@Anons. What does this mean, "To observe you co-signing this mush is not a surprise given you are a black uncle tom and anti black urbanites"

What is an anti-urbanite? Are urbanites by definition prone to crime and criminality? If this is a small number of them who are part of the brigand classes why lump them together with the vast majority of people who are not?

CNu said...

Sometimes you like me; others times you mock me.

I think you are an unwitting part of the largest and most successful political counter-insurgency OF ALL TIME.

I think you are deeply invested socially networked into that counter-insurgency.

I don't think you enjoy anything remotely approaching freedom of thought, inquiry, or speech - and - I think you have often served the aims of the counterinsurgency.

I don't think that at this juncture it's possible for you to divorce your aspirations from the Orwellian limitations of the afrodemic counterinsurgency.

However, when I see you compelled to ask questions and speak to issues that are atypical for members in good standing of the black political counter-insurgency, it gives me hope that

It's hard, hard, hard to work within the system - subverting its rules and norms to force it into morally and democratically correct policies and praxis, but it's not yet impossible to do so.

Far, far easier to go along and get along with the typical application of these rules and norms and to use one's wit, charms, and pulpit to simply score points with the incumbent status quo slave catchers.

Dare to take on more issues and persons obviously and objectively wrong in the culture. Use existing rules, procedures, and channels to go after some of these highly placed and empowered Boule slave-catchers.

Anonymous said...

LOL! It's comical trying to tell the two anons apart. Then to have one or the other say, "i didn't say that, that was the other anon..." as though that delineates one from to other. Whichever anon it is, if that is what is being represented as a foot soldier for a mentor,i am relieved to not be familiar with him.

The point, is whether you believe that the points being made are exaggerated or not, there is a problem with a considerable number of our youth. And the question is what can be done about it aside from sticking our heads in the ground and blaming exterior forces? We all know that there is a campaign to paint our youth as worse than others races. That our youth are 'stopped and frisked' on average higher than any other race of people. We get that. That does not mean however, that we don't have a criminal or rebellious class of youth in our culture.

Just because a person no longer resides deep in the heart of the hood, does not mean they don't have ties to the community and/or family members still residing within, that gives the right to be critical. You deride the example I gave as a singular occurance but, if i were interested in playing the game of oneupsmanship with you I could supply a list including a brother who drove a taxi.

I am not here to make the black community look worse, nor do i believe anyone else here is. I have stated here that, i don't believe the characterstics or degree of morality is any worse than any other race or community on equal footing. I think if you look at rural America the similarities in mentality and behavior would be strikingly similar. But, again they are not the ones that can be singled out and pointed to based on their "otherness", we are. They are not ours to fix but WE can ask the question of how to fix ours.

Personally, i don't know that it can be fixed. Our great society gives everyone the freedom to be as misguided, selfish, unimformed, consumerized and unaware as their heart desires. We cannot collectively make people learn anything and we are hard pressed to go up against what has captured the attention of the youth. This is why I am much more critical of those that hold public influence and celebrity.

I think that since they already have influence part of which we saw with this past presidential election, they and our so called leaders can come together and deveolp a message that shows youth the pitfalls that await them. And, I don't mean the same old "God -inspired, go tto church' routine. That is not working with us anymore. It had its place and time but it is outdated and considering the hypocritical actions of the "righteous", is likely to be laughed down. Neither is marching and sit-ins and the like. Our youth desperately ned knowledge. Knowledge ofhow the system is designed to fail them, not just told that it is. Knowledge of how education can give them an advantage and belief that it can by seeing it in action. But, that message won't resonate if the influential are not actively engaged in bettering themsleves, as well.

Those in ghe community, our church leaders and mothers, if you can get a bunch of people to congregrate on a weekly basis, why is it only to read and discuss a 2,000 year old book? Why not have a book study/discussion and read books such as Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow, Chomsky's Media Control or Klein's Shock Doctrine or any number of books that are telling how things are being done.

I don't really know what will help but, I do know that what is being done now is not working.

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day to you fathers!

CNu said...

Why should anyone take this guy seriously?

Because with nothing more than text, I beat you into spineless, anonymous submission maggoty-eatin bish!!!

That's why...,

Anonymous said...

Ah, CNu. A legend in his own mind.

CNu said...

lol@aint-i'm-an-ass - a defeated and demonstrated intellectual coward on the Interwebs...,

Anonymous said...

This us what you did in your commentary you demonized a collective of Black youth...most black Americans live in a urban venue these venues are easy scapegoating targets for whites and of course black apologists and uncle toms like CNu

Please don't try to finess your culpability by getting caught into the lexicon ... With regard to the black pundit class your backward narrative makes for great ammo for the white reactionaries just like Jesse's statement about the presence of black males etc..
It is revealing observing you now try to lecture to us when your shitty commentary does not help

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare said 'brevity is the soul of wit' do what is your point ? You are all over the map the issue is simple CD's narrative was flawed and full of disinformation which at end of the day does not advance the cimmunity but creates an opportunity for those to demonize our youth... In reading your prose all I observe is you a confused advocate which is not helpful with this issue

Tom said...

What is an anti-urbanite? Are urbanites by definition prone to crime and criminality?

There it is. Who's anti-Black here, CD or the multiplying hoard of anonymi?

Tom said...

Sabrinabee said

I have stated here that, i don't believe the characterstics or degree of morality is any worse than any other race or community on equal footing.

Of course not! WE ARE THE SAME. Guys, I hope you're not giving that kind of poison a second thought.

chaunceydevega said...

@Anons. I didn't demonize anyone. Their behavior forces a stigma upon them. You are very reactionary. At no point did I say all black youth, did I? Let's work though the logic. There are mobs attacking people. Those I am most concerned with and that seem to be most common here in the U.S. (by no means exclusive around the world, historically, etc.) are comprised of young people of color--a mob being more than 2 people or 3 people--waylaying innocents. They are also in their teens and twenties.

How is this not black youth mob violence? Give me some other nomenclature please? White people have historically rioted, killed in mass violence, and are experts in mob violence against people of color. I know that, hell I have been on the record on numerous occasions explaining that fact. But, that means absolutely nothing to understanding why the ign't classes are running amok right now in our central cities. Moreover, it will mean nothing at all when those thugs surround you and beat you for the sport of it.

Before you play the stats game, i know folks who have been beaten by them--real people, not just people on the TV, I have seen these mobs personally. This isn't a joke or make believe.

On Jesse, this may inflame your tender sensibilities even more, he was spot on in his honest assessment that black on black crime is a serious problem. Why does the truth scare you? Is the our truth subject to the white gaze?

If you read any of what I have written on these matters fairly and critically--as opposed to name calling, acting out, and not answering basic questions that I have politely posed here--I understand the macrolevel dynamics. Hell, I teach about this stuff. The answer to the puzzle of "black crime" is to fully engage the sociological imagination and to think on micro and macro terms.

Pretending that black men are not disproportionately incarcerated, or that black people are not disproportionately on the public dole, or that this reality of black youth brigandry is some conspiracy and lie will not get you past go when you come up against heavy hitters who know the data. Moreover, heavy hitters who are merciless and also racists--in the closet and/or publicly. Sitting down in a study group that is an amen chorus is like being king kong bundy wrestling midgets in wrestlemania. Entertaining, but no real sport.

The white ring silent majority reactionary crowd are sharpening their knives, there is going to be a confluence of memes this summer leading up to the election, this black youth violence nonsense, plus these cannibal zombie attacks, and then more claims about "lazy" public workers (i.e. the black people at the dmv), and an exponential turning up of the Ayn Rand surplus people rhetoric. Be ready anon. Deflecting and using "anti-urbanite" rhetoric will not help you one bit.

Our humanity as black people is already suspect--the tea party gop primaries were based on mobilizing this sentiment, all of these variables are going to be angles towards defeating Obama by triangulating any black person with the black lumpen classes--fairly or not.

The bernie getz factor is multiplying. I am waiting for when one of these mobs attacks the wrong person and he or she shoots the lot of them dead. Grandma will be crying about her good baby boy who ain't never hurt nobody...when she damn well knows that he was a thug. Will community "activists" stand up for the shooter or will they get in line and recycle some victimology mess in order to protect the thugs in our midst?

Anonymous said...

"In reading your prose all I observe is you a confused advocate which is not helpful with this issue."

Yet, you offer no alternative. Simply railing against how the message is delivered and the messenger but, never addressing the message itself. What you call confusion is simply an acknowledgement that I, id, ego don't have yhe answer but at least willing to discuss solutions.

I am not interested in your critique of CD's writing in an effort to point out what you deem his mistakes to be. He posed a set of questions seeking dialougue. Whether you like the doughnut creme filled or jelly filled, it is still a doghnut. Where are your suggestions? What do you think is the solution? Because, anything else is REALLY 'not helpful with this issue.'

Anonymous said...

Let me reiterate yet again CD's essay was fundamentally flawed in both construction and content. It lacked sound statistical foundation and incongruent analysis . He has tried with numerous attempts on this tread to repair his original sins but he cannot. He has attacked me with snarky insults and phony intellectual bravado about his posing substantive questions which I have ignored and not addressed .

The reality is there for all to read he has inflated false inferences about black youth crIme as well as inserted the tired myth that black folks are in denial about our youths shortcomings.

In the 90's the vogue term was our black youth were super predators now according to the bible of CD our black youth are flash mob thugs ready to explode .

Now the black pundit class is the new conduit of black fiction now the black pundit class of people like CD want us to worry about reactionary white America...No shit white folks are in our midst.

Observing CD's reactionary posturing in here to posters like only affirm me.

Happy Fathers Day but I will never accept the demonization of my offspring by anybody not now nor ever.

No one here pretends crime is not an issue in our venues, no one here's has been on avoidance watch nor has myself or others .

Here is the truth CD and the majority of black folks have not been victims of crimes the majority of black America has never encounters black gangs the creation of political and racist terms like black On black crimes is part of the nature of white supremacy.

This fictional objections by CD are his hollow efforts yet again to validate his offensive chatter class meme about nation wide black boogie man flash mobs,

chaunceydevega said...


??? You wrote:

"Here is the truth CD and the majority of black folks have not been victims of crimes the majority of black America has never encounters black gangs the creation of political and racist terms like black On black crimes is part of the nature of white supremacy."

Do you even read what you write aloud to yourself?

Black on black crime is a racist term? Where can I buy someone of that high grade weed or whatever else you are smoking? When I talk about niggerization as something many internalize, and also the power of white racism to alter reality, your comments must too be included.

Bizarre. Really.

You had a Freudian slip there when you wrote my essay lacked "incongruent analysis." You got that right, my claims are very internally consistent and sound. Yours, I wonder.

Do me the favor and offer up some of the statistical evidence which would suggest that black on black crime is not a serious problem, or alternatively that it is "exaggerated." If anything it is underreported and also does not include the violence that occurs in the prison system.

Enlighten me, please?

Those highwaymen brigands who are running around and attacking people are not "demons?" to use your language? What are they then? Noble souls, confused and misguided, hoodwinked by the apparatuses of white supremacy into committing violent crimes and thuggery?

Do they need a group hug or something?

They are someone's seeds, and where are the fathers of those hell spawn? What are the mothers of those ign'ts up to? Where are they?

CNu said...

CDV - Puh-leeze ban this knuckle-dragging imbecile's IP address range.

This muhphuggah sets the whole and entire species back ~ 400 years...,

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. Also, how did I miss this gem.

"Here is the truth CD and the majority of black folks have not been victims of crimes"

How the know that? I have been a victim of violent black on black crime, I know others who have as well. Once more, should be sink down to the lowest expectation of the value of our citizenship where we just get along, stop complaining, and take not being safe in our person, homes, and communities, as a given.

Where is Constructive Feedback when we need him?

Tom said...

This muhphuggah sets the whole and entire species back ~ 400 years...,

There is truth in that statement. The term White Supremacy denotes a very great evil. Anybody who reads H.P. Lovecraft will be careful to invoke that kind of evil out loud only when they truly intend to.

Anonymous said...


More shallow retorts from you it never ends your defensive denials..

Let me reiterate the majority of Black people have never been victims of a crime. Your claim that you were a victim of a crime is at best a singular event it is not representative of Black America nor even your household.

I know for a fact the majority of Black people in your inner circle from cousins to associates have not been victims of crimes as a matter of fact even using the FBI stats on rates of black incareration inmates at it's highest peak it represents a very small percentage of our total US population which is 43 million. Black prision rates are 1.5 % of total Black population( 845,000)or in others words there is no Black crime wave nor black youths on some crime wave.

I will use the same incongruent terms you use in here white on white crime is more prevelant than any black on black crime term which is a term as stupid as reverse racism..WTF

So here we are again observing your feeble attempts to defend your underdeveloped reasoning. You are now a ceritified conduit and carrier of destructive and inflated Black myths about crime and our youth..You have invoked your ancedotal crime incident as some proof of black youth on the wild..But keep trying to convince yourself that your blindspot and flawed analysis is not you but me..

Keep trying to purchase the notion that you are some Black Paul Revere on some noble mission to inform Black america that we have killers in our midst..Keep trying to peddle your fears about Black youth and how our community is in denial and how good negroes like you are the only ones who care the security of our communties..

Keep reading your press releases and being affirmed by yahoo's like Black contrarians like CNu whose low self esteem and contempt for his own Blackness has him waqnting to sanction dead squads..WTF

Not on my watch will margainal narratives like this trash get a free pass..Not now nor never Mr. Eponymous....ha, ha, ha

Tom said...

What a straw man. CD is not claiming any "Black crime wave." All CD did was bring up a subject where he has some common ground with CNu.

Anonymous said...


Not true he waxed a long weak narrative about black flash mobs and then he weaves in other straw man nonsense

Anonymous said...

"This muhphuggah sets the whole and entire species back ~ 400 years...,"

LOL! This from the most regressive educated fool on the Internet.

CNu said...

That's regressive Malthusian eugenicist to you spineless jiggaboo...,

Anonymous said...

6 of 0ne. half doz of the other

Anonymous said...

I will use CD's own words as my final comment on this matter.

" I am afraid that a good interlocutor could slip under my guard and score a knockout punch on this issue."

Enough Said.

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. Funny thing, you never got in the ring. If you did, the fight would in a TKO, first round or your corner would throw in the towel to save you a deadly beating.

On to other things.

Bruto Alto said...

@CD What just happened? When did you buy into the "they not like us" routine people like CNu are selling.
I laughed at the Chief Keef video because Ani Defranco said it best. "Hip Hop is tied up in the closet with a logo in it's mouth" Most of these thugs are actors at best, doing whatever the label tells them to do. Kids like Keef do what he sees in Hip Hop, rich rappers who though not street do the remix to keep street cred. (Kanye)and the cycle continunes.
My second thought is where did this new fear of black men come from. The only difference between this article and the rants of CNu is the lack of violence. When did crime and riots become a black thing? The number of convictions is different for blacks than whites but the reasons for that carry so many more layers. One of those layers is not "black mobs".
Anon-multi questioned the behavior to seperate those blacks. We break ourselves into class, educaiton, and langauge already even though we all share the same skin. You said: "we do not want to give this low class of white conservatives (and their white supremacist cousins) any additional ammo to use against us when they already have a loaded gun at our heads, and a hanging judge on the payroll.
Well this article is just another part.

chaunceydevega said...

@Bruto. Can't cosign. Which is okay.

Must we circle the wagons to protect those who prey on us from within the black community?

Is there any observation which I have offered regarding this matter which is not factually correct?

CNu said...

CDV - This thoroughly niggerized jiggaboo just now said it matters not at all what you know, what you can do, and who you are, because all you will ever be is a nigger, so accept your fate and get with the nigger program no matter how degenerate or unacceptable its manifestations.

THAT - in a nutshell - is the ultimate internalized racist manifesto.

Anonymous said...

@ Bruto,

There was nothing I posted which was not factually correct as a matter of record I posted some stats to refute CD's hollow narrative..

I think CD acknowledges this truth now but he faught it all the way..

Bruto alto said...

So what you are saying is you have found a way to mask your skin? You could make millons.
You may get treated equally in your day to day life but the underline, unseen racistism of being black or having a black sounding name has not changed. The only difference from you and any other black person on the street is what? Just from what I know about you in this short time I could paint you as the hood kid. We all know you have guns (and silly enough to share this with the internet), your quick to violence (your need for Black on Black crime)and insults (tons of posts). Sounds kind of thug to me.
Being Black is not a death sentence. You are not born into failure (even though people like yourself would like to see it that way) From what I see your well spoken, smart, hardworking, and black. Now hopefully when you have kids things change and you see the youth in a better light.
Try the movie "Dear white people" maybe you would see positive kids out there trying to change the norm.

bruto alto said...

@ CD
I do understand the right to be safe in your home but is it right to throw out the baby with the bath water. Maybe turning in the wagons and fixing our own homes and families is a good start. Taking your business and starting an unpaid intern on their first job. I know I could do better to keep the path open for my future kids but even now I try not just with words but in action. Yet I worry more of this sepearation from kids who don't have parents that have what CNu, you and myself have is part of what makes that thug need to break into your car to make ends meet.

CNu said...

So what you are saying is you have found a way to mask your skin?

lol, my thought processes don't work this way - and they never have.

Outside the self-imposed constraints of your own mind BA, You can do your thing without fear of the devilish white man.

He's moved on. He has other concerns and other fish to fry.

Now the only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

As for my children, both have all my assets and neither has any of my liabilities.

My 12 year old son is more at risk from a random encounter with jealous hateful ignants and ni-nis than he is from an overzealous white cop or vigilante. That is both a statistical and a pragmatic truth.

Same goes for my 18 year old daughter headed off to college this fall. Far more at risk from some young adult whose parents didn't invest as heavily in his upbringing as I invested in hers.

I do understand the right to be safe in your home but is it right to throw out the baby with the bath water. Maybe turning in the wagons and fixing our own homes and families is a good start.

My family is just fine thank you.

Other folks under-trained, under-invested-in children If they get out of pocket, both they and their irresponsible parent(s) are exclusively to blame and must exclusively be held accountable.

Which is why instead of engaging this fruitless argument, I just went right on ahead to "death squads" - because that train for constructive engagement ran completely off the tracks during the past forty years and them what's lost right now are never going to be found and restored.

A. Ominous said...

These talks about Feral Negro Children always remind me of discussions about "Eating Disorders"... in which, as we know, it is always assumed that the problems/solutions are internal... as if American kids aren't immersed, from birth, in a carefully-crafted media-environment telling them to EAT FOR FUN and BE SKINNY TO BE SEXY and HAVE SEX TO BELONG. Of course all those anorectic white chicks are *nuts* and no, the "solution" is not "within" because the problem is external and relentless. Ah, but look at the citizen-dupes, wringing their hands over Suzie's "self-esteem" issues....

And so it is with the Feral Negro Children Meme: you have to love the United Media States of America for spending billions of dollars, over the course of several decades, creating Feral Negro Children... only so they could use "FERAL NEGRO CHILDREN!" headlines to sell advertizing space, retard integration and power class politics! (insert: footage of David Rockefeller high-fiving Snoop, Dre and the Hologram of Tupac)

Even Liberals won't consider you an Authentic Negro if you aren't a little threatening, slightly stupid, and touchingly stuck, well into your middle years and beyond, on idiotically pubertal time-killers like Hip Hop and B-Ball (as much a Negro's Cultural Heritage as Emo and Curling are for most White Brothers and Sisters, actually)... what do they expect?

If you must snicker and point when I show up to your cocktail party in a corduroy jacket with an appropriate bottle of wine, then don't complain if I [insert some scary Nigger Shit] later that night behind your garage, Jeff and Viola!

But srsly.

Who told little Negroes that "masculinity" was A) job one B) the inextricable connection between Negro Folk and Federal Offenses? Who sold little Negroes on the bizarre notion that being polite, well-informed and articulate are A) Gay B) White C) worthy of a death sentence?

Answer: just about Everyone.

Well, you sowed it, America. Reap it, y'all.

PS Sidebar Pop Quiz: how many of you know that the Central Park "Wilders" (when was that? '91?) were all eventually exonerated?

Anonymous said...

In the 90's black youth were labeled as 'super predators' observing CD as a conduit for these labels is destructive ( black flash mob)

CNu's excuses and backpedal on his death squad solution for black youth is priceless this from a man with a young son..WTF

CNu said...


lol, jiggaboo, I want to see death squads for ni-nis, their absentee/epicfail "parents" and ignant, gum-whooping assholes like you too!!!

fred c said...

Seriously, Steven and especially CNu, there are times when it is a real pleasure to stand under the street lamp and hear what you guys have to say. My thanks to you both.

You can both get lost in the provocative end of the discourse from time to time, but whom amongst us is perfect?

CNu, good luck to your youngsters.

A. Ominous said...


Just to clarify: I'm firmly in the anti-deathsquad camp (there go my Masculinist bona fides!)

Anonymous said...


Really? I can't imagine you support black death squads ... Please tell me I am right or is it you just kissin ass on here to not offend bigots like CNu ?

I often notice how you also are reluctant to object to CD's wayward bullshit...WTF

Anonymous said...


You have my respect ..,Thanks for not being a cheerleader to CNu or CD one of the very few flaws on this site is how do many posters allow CD and CNu touch license both are often full of shit and many of their themes are hollow and lacking.... I shared this site with others and they were taken back by the disinformation offered up by CD regarding black youth and crime .,Of course I did not let that fiction pass ;-)

A. Ominous said...


If I'm against killing Palestinians with drones (and all the other ways)... and I am... what kind of Negrophobic Negro would I be to even "jokingly" advocate killing Black Children? Couldn't we just keep the "outta control" kids from watching Television (and all the rest) for a few years instead? You know: Tough Love on a hobby farm (I'm sure Cosby and Foxx and the Denz et al can afford it) until the bio/psycho toxins are out of their systems? You think there's not enough space in Wyoming for such an undertaking? How about sending little "super predators" to a sprawling Detox Farm in Wyoming (max inmate age: 18) instead of off to do hard(ening) time in prison?

I'm ambivalent about most grownups but kids deserve an effort (not a "Liberal" gesture or even a bloodthirsty thumbs-down) and I suspect most of the "urban" programs that were cynically instituted, from 1980-onward, to "help", were never really designed to do any such thing (whatever their various entry-level workers and volunteers hoped or were led to believe).

Some commenters make it (any option other than "deathsquads") sound so farfetched! Would "drastic" interventions to Literally Save Poor Black Kids (or Poor Kids in General) be harder/ more expensive than invading (or occupying) Afghanistan? Would the former generate benefits for "society" greater, by orders of magnitude, than the sickening financial benefits (for the already rich) of Raping Arabia? Ask your damn POTUS.

fred c said...

Don't worry about me, guys. I prefer non-murderous solutions to almost any problem. And don't worry about CNu either, he's just trying to get your attention, and obviously he has.

CNu is so full of love that the frustration and disappointment gets to him sometimes and he falls into hyperbole. Seeing and feeling can be a terrible fate for an intelligent man.

Although I may seem to be kissing ass sometimes, I'm not. A real ass-kisser will kiss any ass that may do him some good. I'm just giving credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...


That is bullshit following out your mouth observing you make excuses for CNu is sad for WARN the idea he s full of love is insane... Please stop now you are really looking foolish... I wish Thrasher was here to give you some balls ..

Anonymous said...

Good stuff... It is tragic observIng posters like Fred offer up excuses for CNu just to get along in a black venue... It has been ugly observing CD run to his contempt for black youth as some noble badge of courage

chaunceydevega said...

@Anons. You do not need to pretend to be different people in order to post here. It is dishonest and confusing. Why do you feel a need to do this? Is it sport? Fun? Trying to score points in a rigged game like the last Pacquiao fight? It isn't worth it.

Please stop.

And before you deny it, I label the ips of folks who play games so I can make a decision about who to engage with. You have been running this charade for some time. Let it go and engage in an adult manner. If your ideas are on point then they will stand on their own without any need for shenanigans.

Anonymous said...


Such a hypocrite you are..You post under a PSEUDONYM!!...WTF

When in Rome!!

BTW the content of my post is what should concern you not tracking down my identity..Stop hiding behind your mask and your shenanigans..

CNu said...

SMDH@CDV....tsk, tsk, tsk....,

How many months ago was it that I told you Thrasher is utterly devoid of value and should be dispatched accordingly?

Brah, if I tell you a chicken dips snuff, you better look up underneath his wing!

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. If you cannot distinguish between someone playing an online version of Sybil and writing under a pen name I cannot help you.

Anonymous said...


Not in need of your help if you cannot understand the difference between a hypocrisy and truth than you have problems ...

My mentor deciphered you long ago as a angry smug black intellectual that cannot handle diverse views. He noted you were an under achiever black elitist with an inflated and hollow ego...He was right ...tee hee

Anonymous said...

Last week I spoke with Mr. Thrasher in depth about the utility of black sites on the Internet and how many sites cycle out and many have a long arc in part because of comments and progressive topics,

We spoke about WARN and he really likes the site but he noted it was in a rut and he tired of the race chasing circular commentaries. He noted for a brief time the site advance new themes, he also noted he was troubled by the weak white posters who started to idolize CD and genuflected to the bullie mantra of CNu

He also thought his focus was waning and a hiatus would be good as he plans to return in time for the election run up.

I hope when he returns the site will have evolved pass it's chatter class aura. He hoped the cowardice of writing under a pen name etc would stop. He also thought the site was passé in part for him standing as an old head activist but it was a great site for whites who need a black centered narrative

Just sayin. ...

CNu said...

lol, I finally get it.

CDV - this "old head" ignant jiggaboo (Greg Thrasher) doesn't have any idea what an IP address is, or, that you have the wherewithal to see that all of these aint-I'm-an-ass posts of his emanate from the exact same WebTV instance in his mama's basement.

see, this is why Cointelpro was so very successful in scooping up "old head" activists who had no clue the extent to which the infrastructure supporting their lives was bent in service to their adversaries...,

Anonymous said...


Shucks us negroes don't have a clue about the IP software you talkin about ... Tee Hee

We been using his computers for years.....all of US

Anonymous said...


Bet that IP can not tell you color of my balls and my nappy hair...tee hee

Anonymous said...

One wonders if CD & CNu software app can determine where we are and what color are draws are under UHF saggin....

Anonymous said...

I wonder if CNu will get a reward for being a spook with his IP software in a black site... WTF

CNu said...

rotflmbao@Thrasherian-jiggaboo antics...,

Thrasher do you take the bone out of your nose when you blow it?

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. "We been using his computers for years.....all of US"

I have this image of a bunch of seminude black men sitting in a basement wearing loin clothes all hot and sweaty while they take turns on the shared computer with its dial up modem. Is there special wrestling and touching go on? Shea butter rubdowns?

You all sound like a cult and since you always reference "your mentor" I must ask is the basement like Yoda's house on Dagobah?

Anonymous said...


I have an image of you dressed up like a Black Untentured Community College lecturer wearing a Malcom X suit with a pink bow tie trying to look a 'learn' somebody..ha, ha, ha ..

When white folks come around you get boogie and start speaking in white folk tongues..Tee Hee

Anonymous said...

My image of CNu is that of a nappy headed round head yellow teeth guy always wearing a scowl on his face with his suspenders pants looking like some jaded negro wanting to be noticed by white folks so they can he him used sophisticated words they don't even know..The best part is when CNu jumps into a 'haiku' poem in a negro spritual chant..ha, ha, ha..

Anonymous said...

I would wager both of you are inflated ego types always posturing to get notice but once people find about the both of you they realize how hllow vessels you clowns are..

Intellectual cowards hiding behind the cloak of the internet posturing about trite subject and race chasing the usual suspects..WTF

Funny observing how you fragile wimps get emotional when some one pulls your chains..

I love it observing you frauds trying to keep up your false bravo and images ..White folks are watching.... CD gotta play his omnipotent script and CNu has to act out his contrarian role model gig..

This has been a fucked week for WARN..CD has resorted to calling posters, thugs etc and CNu has embraced 'death squads
for me and Black youth ..WTF

Outta here..

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