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The easiest way to reach me is by email:

Depending on the popularity of a given post, I tend to receive a good number of emails each week. I appreciate anyone taking the time to write me. Most of the emails are kind. A few are hateful and mean. The latter give me the "sads." Just kidding. I subscribe to the school of thought that if you don't get a few death threats each year you ain't doing your job. In keeping with my professional wrestling ethic, the boos matter at least as much as the cheers.

Silence is the death of a career.

I make an effort to write back to all of the folks who email me. Sometimes I am busy, on other occasions I may not have anything to say on a given matter so I take a pass on responding, but in general I write back whenever I can. If you have emailed me and after a week or so I have not responded, do email me again, it may have just gotten lost in the shuffle.

I am also on Twitter: Chauncey DeVega

On Facebook: Chauncey DeVega

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