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My freelance work first started to gain national attention in 2011, when during the Republican primary season I wrote a series of essays calling out black conservative and Tea Party darling Herman Cain's racial minstrel shtick. It was great fun and included mentions on Fox News, syndicated Right-Wing talk radio, and a range of websites, blogs, and news magazines such as the following:

The Herman Cain Saga

Fox NewsThe Sean Hannity Show Attacks "Left-wing Hatred" of Black Conservatives

Fox NewsSpecial Report with Bret Baier Interviews Herman Cain About "Racism" Against Black Conservatives

Neal Boortz Radio ProgramHerman Cain Slams Left-Wing Hate! The Neal Boortz Show

The Erick Erickson Radio Show. Herman Cain Slams Left-Wing Hate

Black Conservative Lobbying Group Project 21. Black Conservatives Condemn Left-Wing Blogger's Racial Attack on Herman Cain 

PJ MediaAlterNet blogger: Herman Cain is a “Monkey in the Window”

The Washington Times. Raising Cain

The Atlantic. Andrew Sullivan: Moore Award Nominee

Slate. David Weigel: Herman Cain Shall Overcome

What follows is an additional selection of my essays, radio interviews, and other mentions:

Selected Radio and TV Appearances

Ring of Fire TV on the Free Speech Network. Ferguson. P.D.: A Horde of Racists

The Big Picture on the RT Network. What Extremists Look Like 

Ring of Fire Radio. The Tea Party GOP's "My Best Friend is Black" Strategy

Ring of Fire Radio. The Tea Party Death Cult

Ring of Fire Radio. The Three Elements of the Tea Party GOP's Racism

Ring of Fire Radio. Anti-Intellectualism and Conservative Populism

Ring of Fire Radio. Racism Still Motivates the Tea Party

Ring of Fire Radio. Republicans Attack "Useless Eaters"

The BBC's "World Have Your Say" Radio Show. Race and the Trayvon Martin Shooting

The BBC's "World Have Your Say" Radio Show. Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" Initiative

The Joshua Holland Alternet Radio Hour. The Right-wing's Phony Race War Fantasies

Our Common Ground. Race and the Future of Black Politics in the Obama Era

Alternet. Darren Wilson and Cops of His Ilk Are Guard Dogs for White America

Salon. Dear angry white conservatives: Chill out
Toure, on The Cycle, MSNBC, Being a Black 'Stranger' in America

Toure, on The Cycle, MSNBC, White History Month

Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Beast. Drip, Drip, Drip

Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Beast. Four More Years: Blog Reax 1

Andrew Sullivan, The Dish. Race and IQ. Again.

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