Donations and Other Support

I do not advertise here on Instead, I periodically do a seasonal fundraising drive of sorts where I put on my best NPR voice, put out the begging bowl, and ask for some monetary support to keep this somewhat respectable negro in the game. The fans and supporters of my online work and public pedagogy have been a very kind and generous group. I am thankful for their backing.

This project is a labor of love. But, it does involve time, energy, and opportunity costs.

Depending on the popularity of a given post, I do received emails from readers asking how to support my online projects and if there is a donation button. In the interest of efficiency, I have decided to add a persistent link for those generous folks who are inclined to throw some duckets into the pile.

I always thank my donors on the front page with a quick "shout out" unless they instruct otherwise.

To donate in support of Chauncey DeVega's various schemes, plots, online writing, creative endeavors, truth-telling, and generally sticking it to the folks who have earned his ire, simply click on this Paypal link.

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