Publicity Requests

I often receive PR announcements, press and media pitches, and requests for reviews of books, movies, and music.

I am open to receiving publicity materials. Contact me via email at and I will forward my contact information if you would like to send me a book, video game, screener, or other type of materials. I do not guarantee that I will mention them online, or that I will give a positive review if I choose to write about your submission.

I will not return said items unless you explicitly request that I do, and include postage and a self-addressed mailer.

I am routinely invited to press screenings of movies, as well as conferences, conventions, and similar events. Again, if interested and nearby, I will intend if possible.

I am an honest critic and will not promise a positive review of any materials sent to me or event that I attend. If I do give a mention, my comments will be honest, critical, and fair.

I am also host of the podcast known as The Chauncey DeVega Show. If you are an agent and have a client that you believe would be a good fit, by all means send along an email. I am open as to subject matter--to date, I have interviewed fiction and non-fiction writers, as well as other creative types and professionals, from a range of backgrounds.

Smart, entertaining folks with something new and interesting to say are always welcome to reach out and pitch an appearance on the podcast series.

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