Interview and Speaking Requests

The easiest way to reach me is via email at

As linked to here, I have been interviewed on national and international radio shows and TV such as the BBC, the Ed Schultz Radio Show, Ring of Fire Radio, Thom Hartmann, and elsewhere. 

I have been on a guest on Free Speech TV and the RT network.

I have expertise in race and American politics, media, popular culture, African-American history and culture, and issues related to cultural politics more generally.

If you would like to do a traditional interview, segment for a documentary, other type of multimedia project, or would like a "blurb" or quote for a story you are writing, please send me a short email about what you are looking for, the general parameters of your project, the publication it will appear in, and some information about where your work has appeared before previously.

I am available for workshops and traditional public speaking and keynote events. 

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