Thursday, December 5, 2013

First the "Knockout Game" and Now This! Unspeakable! Sunny, the Obama Family's Black Racist Dog Attacks Innocent White Child During Holiday Event at the White House

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Readers of We Are Respectable Negroes know that I am fascinated by the rhetorical style and of tone of late 19th and early 20th century American newspapers. The coincidence of the White Right's "knockout game" moral panic, and the Obama's family dog knocking over a white child who was visiting the White House, is too perfect a combination to ignore.
Our wonderful country, a beacon of civilization and greatness for all of the world is once more under assault! How can she and her people survive being violated at the highest levels of office by a corrupt negro president whose blood pulses and runs with the most befouled and savage blood of deepest darkest Africa while our good and innocent women and honorable men and elderly are run down likes rabbits in the great hunt by the most lowest members of the colored race and its giant negro warriors who howl and bay at the moon like savage werewolves as they see White Civilization as a target for rapine lust which their swollen purple lips utter and vomit out as the so-called "knockout game!"

Never before has a standard so foul flown above a marauding army. The black destroyers are wicked and cruel. They are street pirates more fit for the waterways of the Caribbean or enslaving white women and men off of the Barbary Coast than of polluting America's streets! The negro hobby and sport that is the knockout game is drapetomania unleashed on the good and noble white people of this great nation. It must be stopped!

The bravest truth tellers who embody all the best of the American creed and the power of the free press have trumpeted the black wickedness of the hooga mooga's savage knockout game assault on American civility and decency. The negro cowards pray upon the innocent and the weak. Hopping out of bushes. Attacking in fearsome packs like the driver ants of their colored race's ancestral home in the jungles of African, cutting down and destroying all in their wake without mercy. The knockout game thugs offer no parlay to their victims. Without the honor of even the noble red savage of the Old West, or the feminine races of East Asian, the white toothed black savage attacks any white person they can find!

Intrepid white journalists have documented this catastrophic tsunami of negro violence. Our greatest cities have been overrun by roving bands of black highwayman. New Haven is under assault and its most great institution of higher learning, Yale University, is plagued by this menace. When our best minds are not even allowed peace and protection what will come of our great nation, dragged down by alien blood which has proven itself resistant to all manner and patience at civilizing its impulsive and violent ways?

Chicago, Detroit, and the wonderful metropolis that is New York all have been befallen by a dark cloud of negro violence.

When will good white people defend themselves? How long until they stop surrendering their right to self-defense as passed down by God and Natural Law for all of times? What good is a white man who is not willing to defend himself against the out of control thuggery of the negro run amok?

The perspicacious negro knockout game rioters are not only targeting good white gentlemen and gentlewoman for assaults by their hardened knuckles and coal black rage that enables one of their violent blows to feel a though it is 20 when white flesh is thrashed by those limber Jack Johnsons, Denmark Vesseys, and Nat Turners.

The knockout game wantonry has descended upon the good children of Israel who while they may be Semites have learned Americanness. The Oriental has also been waylayed by those colored man beasts whose own civilization is far below that of the inventive and curious yellow race. The knockout game savage does not just hate the natural beauty and glow of ivory and radiant Caucasian skin! No! The black beast hates the very idea of Civilization!

Their best members of the colored race try to subdue the violent horde. But those good men and women of conscience are silenced and threatened. How can those men and women have any influence over their street urchin children when the supposed President of the United States, he, a mulatto who was gifted that most high of offices by the kindness and generosity of the good white people of America in an effort at racial reunion and conviviality, with the hope that his presence and power of the bully pulpit would uplift the darker races into full civilization, is hostile and hateful and violent towards the white race?

The good American people have witnessed many examples of the violence and hate of he who is known as Barack Obama feels towards the good white people of this great land. From their silver and gold embossed trumpets of verbal truth and dexterity, scions of journalism such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck warned us about the black usurper's dark hearted rage toward White Civilization. At our peril, too many white people ignored their cautions. The irony is vast. Obama is a product of White Civilization. Yet, he has nothing but disdain for it and its members!

This week the wickedness of Obama and his wife towards the Caucasian race was shown when their hell hound was unleashed on a beautiful angelic white child named Ashtyn Gardner while she was a holiday guest in the now befouled White House.

The slavers in the Caribbean and the Old South would train dogs to pursue human property and to guard the sleeping breast and closed eyes of the innocent white women and children that had to be protected against the rampaging and rage-filled black hordes, that while in bondage felt nothing but hate towards the gift of civilization which Europeans and Americans gave them.

Obama has trained his two dogs to be racist against white people of any age. The beasts froth at the mouth and prospect of tearing white flesh from the bones of the American. While Obama's dogs are deceptively named Sunny and Bo, they are monsters better suited for use as war dogs and hell hounds by the barbarians of antiquity that lived in Germania than as household pets and mascots for the White House.

Our great nation is imperiled and not safe. Its first black president hates the blood of White Civilization that flows through his body, and in a turn of Freudian proportions has projected his anger onto all white people. Consequently, white children are not even welcome in the People's House! On our fair streets and biways the negro rapscallion horde is attacking all white people within reach or sight of the Nubian's heightened reflexes and animal senses.

Given that the colored race is closer to beast than man as proven by the Great Chain of Being and the titanic mountainous intellects of men like Linnaeus, Blumenbach, and Darwin, the negro's commitment to the savagery of the knockout game is his natural and low state of affairs. Just as the Zulus destroyed the British in Africa, White Civilization in America is imperiled by the super predator black monsters waylaying our men, women, and children.

Negro Brigandry must be answered with neither mercy nor pity! White Civilization demands nothing less! American society is at the brink of disaster--rotted out and pitted by the black beast in the civic paradise that is the greatest democracy to ever be seen on God's blue and green marble. I call out to all white men of conscience, civic pride, virtue, and temperance! When will you listen to the clarion call of Fox News, American Renaissance, WorldNetDaily and those other brave members of the 4th estate and expel the negro menace and his "knockout game" from your community?


Learning is Eternal said...

Oh, I'm on it. I'm moving Joe Clark expeditiously to expel these ruthless negroids @the same pace as justice did to Medgar Evers killers. Just as quick, if not quicker than the murderers of the 4 kids in Alabama that time, 'member? Definitely faster than the perpetrators against the civil rights of those 3 freedom riders in Philadelphia, MS.

This is just the call to arms I needed. I'm all over it.
I'm taking Amurr'kkka back from the Kenyans and freedoms too.

"Catastrophic tsunami of negro violence." You murderous w/words.

chauncey devega said...

Brave warrior stand against the calamity that is rambunctious negroes running amok and befouling these grand United States!!!

Bryan Ortez said...

One of my family members, someone I didn't quite expect this from, said they feel Obama hates white people... I'm not sure where this comes from, fear and anxieties I suppose. An unconscious observation that there are ways whites have and continue to treat people of color as second class citizens.

We can't talk about these things though.. It is too provocative. After all, I loathed Bush during his tenure. I don't think I ever said openly that Bush was racist.

This was a funny article. Those trolls on the Yale knockout game are yukkin it up. When I read their arguments and opinions it really gets in my head. I'm trying to shake their memes from my psyche.

"Its first black president hates the blood of White Civilization that flows through his body, and in a turn of Freudian proportions has projected his anger onto all white people."

Obama's white guilt complex. I've been reminded of how much I hate America because of my politics.

Bryan Ortez said...

True insanity from the Daily Caller.

chauncey devega said...

I wonder if the deranged Right even knows that they are writing satire--of themselves--at this point?

Bryan Ortez said...

A friend had shared this critique of a New York politician from Daily Caller. the author is suggesting Laurie Cumbo is making excuses for knockout kids and blaming Jewish people for their victimhood. if you read her essay, though, I think it doesn't do any of that