Thursday, December 5, 2013

Beyond the "Knockout Game" and Colin Flaherty's "White Girl Bleed Alot": Know Your Enemies. What Other Books are Popular with White Supremacists on

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Have you ever gone to a website, and after reading the comments left there by Right-wing trolls, been astounded and shocked by the detachment from reality they have demonstrated?

Do you often wonder if conservatives, the troglodytes and foot soldiers who befoul the comment sections of news websites, are deranged, existing in an alternate reality, one with its own set of facts?

If you have answered "yes", then you have witnessed the power of populist conservatism and its intentional, practiced, and deft ability to manufacture propaganda for the purpose of shaping public policy and public opinion. This has been called "the right-wing noise machine"; it can also be described as "epistemic closure" wherein conservatives are part of a cult and religion, advancing a disinformation campaign that would have impressed the Nazis, Mao, or Stalin.

The moral panic of the "knockout game"--which is still exciting Right-wing types into acts of public political masturbation and race-baiting as seen on Twitter, Fox News, and elsewhere--is an example of this phenomena in practice.

Propaganda is made most effective through repetition, and the creation of an alternative knowledge system that is divorced from the facts--yet, one that is encouraging, validating, and stimulating to its believers.

On issues such as global warming, the economy, healthcare, and the Constitutional divide between church and State, the Right-wing establishment in America (and elsewhere) has created its own "knowledge industry". The information is junk; yet, it has appeal for its audience because such propaganda validates and rewards the ignorance (and activism) of low-information voters who are usually working against their own collective self-interest.

I acknowledge skill, craft, and hustle when I see it. To point. Right-wing "black on white crime reverse racism race hustling" genius Colin Flaherty is "my man in Amsterdam"--to quote the great movie Pulp Fiction.

He is also a snake oil salesman whose seminal text for the Right-wing, White Girl Bleed Alot, has been thoroughly debunked as an example of piss poor research and social scientific endeavor.

However, in conjunction with WorldNetDaily, Flaherty has been able to use his supposed expertise as an "authority" on the national "plague" that is "black crime" for great effect and personal profit.

Most of the stories about the "knockout game", what is really just a tired post Civil War era narrative about he natural criminality of African-Americans, cite his specious work.

White Girl Bleed Alot does not meet the most basic standards of social science research. However, it is damn compelling for those who are already primed to believe in both old fashioned and symbolic racism.

White Supremacy is magical thinking. White Supremacy's magic is made "scientific" by "truth" claims that dishonestly present "statistics" and "facts" in support of its worldview.

[I can imagine the objection. Why criticize a text because of the political ideology of those who choose to buy it? I am old school. If White supremacists cheer on your work, then there is likely something fundamentally flawed about it. If White Supremacists cheer on your work, and a given author does not denounce and rebut them in a substantive way, then said author is likely in bed with those same White Supremacists.]

Knowledge is an output of a larger system.

The philosophical, empirical, and pedagogical priors of this system do intellectual work and buttress claims of "fact" and "science". Moreover, intellectual work and truth claims are based on appeals to expertise and an ability to cite and reference other research as foundational and necessary for advancing and "proving" the "reality" of a given observation.

Footnotes and other types of citations are examples of such practices. White Supremacists try to substantiate their facile lies, which are deceptively couched as truths, in much the same way. The Right-wing noise machine has created a knowledge industry to that end. Comments on websites, especially by conservatives, are often made by professional trolls, bots, and those who are hired by public relation firms to advance the Tea Party GOP agenda.

Those folks who have purchased or clicked on Flaherty's work on websites such as have left a type of intellectual biography in their wake. The comments on the "knockout game" online also reveal the ugly White Supremacist  knowledge machine which is driving the meme.

Reasonable and intelligent people must be careful and suspicious about the appeal and allure of the knockout game meme; it is spurious and silly to us; the racist trope of the knockout game is compelling for many other people.

Consequently, an analysis of the the habits of those people who are trying to develop "expert" knowledge on White Supremacy is very revealing about the bigger political and social agenda at play.

What follows are some of the books purchased by the white racists who also have shown interest in White Girl Bleed Alot.

The well-springs of the weak "factual" claims which serve as the ammunition for a coordinated campaign of cyber racism are readily apparent in the sophistry presented by these "scholarly" works.
  • White Apocalypse/Conscience of a Right-Winger, by Kyle Bristow
  • Racism Smascism, by James Edwards
  • White Identity, by Jared Taylor
  • Jihad, by Arthur Kemp
  • The Brigade by H.A. Covington
  • The Darker Side of Evil Paperback by Andre Nicholas Turner
  • Rise of the Black Serial Killer: Documenting a Startling Trend Paperback by Justin Lee Cottrell
  • Black Racism, White Victims: Reverse Discrimination, Black-On-White Crime And Other Legal Problems Paperback by John Publius
  • The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIGGERS: Confronting the Subculture Within the African-American Community by Taleeb Starkes
  • White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century by Jared Taylor and other booksellers have removed many anti-Semitic texts from their sites. Why do they continue to provide an outlet for anti-black and brown White Supremacist tracts? Why are people of color not treated with the same respect?

What are some other books, articles, and online resources which you have found to be frequented by White Supremacists? Please share those materials so that we can build a reading list that can be shared online with anti-racists and others who want to remove them from the marketplace of ideas.


Bryan Ortez said...

funny one of those authors uses the pen name, John Publius, a common pen name in the American Revolutionary Era. Reminds me of the cosplay you talked about in Tea Party rallies.

Bryan Ortez said...

Have you heard of these books by Paul Kersey? Stuff black people don't like pushes them, I wouldn't be surprised if the author also submits articles for that crap.

They refer to Detroit and Chicago and stuff as Black Run America. Now with Obama as president we are nationally Black Run America.

Paul Kersey is a moniker from the Deathwish series about street vigilantism.

I found this criticism of him a while back:

Bryan Ortez said...

This looks like a textbook about IQ, Diversity and inequality

Bryan Ortez said...

from their review:

"Race and Reason was his first book which explained the reality of race in the face of a determined assault on racial realism in the 1960s. Written in question and answer format, this book answers every liberal argument on race with passion, reason, compassion and intellect. It is a testament to the fact that some people, at least, understood racial dynamics at the height of the "civil rights" assault on Western Civilization"

Bryan Ortez said...

Mugged, by Ann Coulter, when looking at the 'customers also bought' section, white girl bleed a lot comes up as do some of the other authors you have pointed out.

KissedByTheSun said...

What exactly is the end game of all of this for white supremacist? What is the goal of making everyone believe the worst about black people? Genocide? Reigniting slavery? What benefit do they seek by passionately spreading this hate? I'm really want to know.

Bryan Ortez said...

anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism in school curriculum, continued acceptance of de facto segregation by those that choose to separate, no discourse on prison systems, .

I read a bunch of letters to the editors of the Wall Street Journal demanding an end to federal student loans and privatization of public universities and colleges, even some suggesting education should strictly be the responsibility of parents through private schools.

the more people who share such anxieties against non-white people, the more books they might sell. for those not making money off of it, it is an easy political position to take. all of the thinking has been done for them and it reverts to group identity politics.

DanF said...

Them secular Islamic atheist Hindu Jews denying me the right to celebrate the birth of the white baby Jesus (all cute with his blond hair and blue eyes all swaddled-up snug in the manger) by saying, "Happy Holidays" in the public square and bringing the wrath of a vengeful God Almighty upon this Christian nation!!?! This war on Christmas must stop before all is lost!

The worst part? I feel compelled to identify this as snark as you can probably find it presented without irony in a World Net Daily or YouTube comment.

Black Romulan said...

Call me cynical, but does 1995 Rwanda ring any bells here?

DeistPaladin said...

If I had to guess, I think it's an end in and of itself. It's a tool used in a larger game of "divide and conquer". If the top 1% can get the rest of the country fighting among themselves over any wedge issue they can find, racism being just one in their toolbox, we won't notice how badly we're all getting screwed. Just a thought.

Black Romulan said...

Thank you for your posting on the growing conservative professional comment troll movement. I guess I consider myself somewhat of a comments section warrior because I think there needs to be some pushback against this dissemination of these 19th Century-era black criminality canards. I think such is a worthy goal because without any pushback against this whatsoever then a sort of general normative acceptance grows for the racist messages promoted in comments sections (which I think can be evidenced by the number of "thumbs up" responses such trolls gets). To me its like not calling out American exceptionalism; if you don't call out the culture for its erroneous assumptions then it tends to act upon them, and that's when bad things can happen, e.g. the Iraq War. Thank you for shinning some light on this trend.

chauncey devega said...

Thank you for trying to fight the good fight. You are actually dealing w. a very well run and paid operation. The problem with reasonable and thinking folks is that they actually engage in those online conversations in good faith. Their adversaries are not however. What to do?

chauncey devega said...

There is a war on White baby Jesus and good American Christian values! Where have you been?

chauncey devega said...

White nativism doing the work of the plutocrats. The white right and its trolls are useful idiots for the 1 percent.

chauncey devega said...

Those letters are all coming out of pr firms. Individual editorialists are also on the take to advance the Right-wing's talking points. I will share some resources on that next week.

Wavenstein said...

You forgot about "The Bell Curve". The ultimate white supremacist handbook

Bryan Ortez said...

This is a pretty funny video about internet trolling

Thank You Hater

DeistPaladin said...

Points well taken. I only used "we" as the 99% who are the targets of their various games of division, whether we fall for it or not. You also make a good point that haters will hate and the plutocrats are just adept at exploiting that.

Learning is Eternal said...

Not Blanco Jesús bebé? Say it ain't so, CDV?

Next it'll be freedom(s). Stop.

Now The Panthers weren't allowed an outlet to continue feeding kids breakfast and tutoring sponsored by them yet to this day the all cowardly kkklan is still allowed safe passage through city streets to pontificate false pride & advertisement while 'wearing hoodies,' faces covered.

I thought mein kampf was the white supremacists' Koran?

Buddy H said...

I came across this yesterday, an excellent monologue by Aamer Rahman:

KissedByTheSun said...

Speaking of racist comment trolls, they are all over the articles on Nelson Mandela's death.

Black Romulan said...

Not surprised, but not in the frame of mind to trudge through that today either. You have to have a genuinely hard heart to cast stones at a leader like Mandela on a day like today.

SabrinaBee said...

"Do you often wonder if conservatives, the troglodytes and foot soldiers
who befoul the comment sections of news websites, are deranged, existing
in an alternate reality, one with its own set of facts?"

It certainly is an amazing thing to behold.To witness how susceptible to propaganda some of them are is stunning, and quite scary since they, as of now, make up the majority and embody the power class. I feel sometimes, as if I have come away from some websites, physically experiencing culture shock. Has these been who have been running our country all along? It is especially frightening how many of them can so easily step into the realm of politics. Is it any wonder we haven't progressed much further than being guns for hire?

You are brave, though. My experience is based solely on generic websites. There is absolutely no way I can tolerate wading into their home camp.

SabrinaBee said...

Don't think they know themselves, so long as they get to kill a few of us.

chauncey devega said...

I don't know how brave. Just diligent and curious. You have to go to the source. And just think of what is really going in those sites that are private? That is where the real danger lies.

SabrinaBee said...

Heh, Was watching these last night. Thanks. Seems they are the same everywhere.

yarpyarp said...

I have to somewhat disagree with your assertion that Jews get special privilege from Amazon. If you look up David Duke's book "Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question", and then you look at the books that pop up underneath it that one can buy from Amazon, it look like there are plenty of books that are harsh towards the Jews that are available on Amazon.

chauncey devega said...

Sure. There is lots anti-Semitic trash still on Amazon. But, they have tried to police it more than anti-black tracts--to the degree they can be separated.

yarpyarp said...

Well, in that case I'm glad I hedged my comment by saying somewhat disagree.

Bryan Ortez said...

Have you ever heard of Chimp Mania? It's a pretty revolting source.

I found a fake news piece about the black uprising Uhuru starting after Mandela's death. It started out from a site called Banana News. It's linked all over white supremacist sites.

Bryan Ortez said...

Whenever I see those comments I always think to myself how much this must hurt if a person of color stumbled upon them.

You are right, it has been there all the time, some people just feel emboldened by the Internet to share out loud. They also receive tons of support from like minded individuals.

12 said...

This guys claims the media ignores crime by linking to nothing but media coverage of these crimes? Nobody can think anymore can they? That's why I have always held books as a main cause for the deterioration of our society and culture. Reading a book is like listening to a liar and being mute, being you could expose the writer as a fraud with one question, but books don't allow for the audience to do more than except rubbish as the word of god. I hate books and I think it is a terrible way to try and learn anything. I would love to see the worlds top martial arts reader fight the worlds top martial art fighter that would prove my point beautifully. Its sad that people repeat the propaganda feed to them by the declining and failing book industry which has shifted from optional to must have by forcing people to buy books claiming they are tools of education. Books are reference tools does anyone understand that means you should only use a book to reference something you have experienced? They are not learning tools this is a myth and the reason why you must have experience (not schooling) to get a real job in the real world. People pay thousands of dollars to support books and end up in debt, jobless and uneducated. F@#$% books

Luke Samuelson said...

What a truly pathetic attempt at logical analysis and refutation. This was nothing but a compilation of logical fallacies supplied in consistent fashion resulting in little more than hollow, transparent rhetorical pretense.

Disproval of an argument is valid only through empirical evidence of falsehood. None was offered. It must be truly frustrating when no statistical measure of reality exists to bolster such idealist views. Well-wishing sentiment is not sufficient to displace the acknowledgment or existence of facts subversive to our society's prevalent Liberal narrative.

Alas, I must be consistent within my realism. An individual capable of such a display of intellectual incompetence will not likely grasp the flaws found therein. Ralph Waldo Emerson captured it best. "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of feeble minds."