Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Moscow Mule Came Up Lame While D.L. Hughley Gave Me Some Facebook Love as I Hated on John 'the Iron Copulating Machine' Maynard Keynes and Discovered 'Interracial Cuckoldry' on 'Bella and the Bulldogs'

Do you have any weekend Memorial Day plans to share? And as is our habit, do treat this as a semi-open weekend thread.

Some random thoughts and observations.

I feel like a tween who is collecting online mentions from his or her favorite celebrities. To point. DL Hughley gave me some Facebook love for my recent essay at Salon on white racial logic and the double standard regarding Waco and Baltimore.

I decided to make my new favorite mixed drink at home: the Moscow Mule came up lame. Sigh.

I hate John Maynard Keynes. He was a genius. He succeeded fabulously in life. He was also called the "iron copulating machine" by his lovers:
Keynes’s early gay love-life is laid out in full detail. Where Lord Skidelsky was tight-lipped, Mr Davenport-Hines is garrulous. It helps that the economist recorded his sexual statistics. In the nine months to February 1909 he records that he had 61 encounters, with 65 more the following year. Like a philatelist, Keynes kept a list of conquests: “…the actor of Whitechapel, 16-year-old under Etna, lift boy of Vauxhall, Jewboy, Grand Duke Cyril of the Paris Baths”. The revolutionary economic thinker becomes “Maynard, the iron copulating machine”, according to an ex-lover.
Damn. Iron copulating machine? That is one bad white man. My former lovers would likely call me the "ant lion". I would never be given my desired honorific of Hanzo "The Razor".

Racism. Sexual deviance and interracial cuckolding. Irrational thinking. White supremacy and misogyny and cognitive processes impaired by rage and resentment.

Did you know that the Nickelodeon children's TV show Bella and the Bulldogs is actually promoting an "anti-white" agenda?
Here’s the IMDB entry for Bella and the Bulldogs. Co-creator, Jonathan Butler, also wrote and directed a movie called The Cuckold. He sounds psychologically balanced. 
Bella and the Bulldogs, besides promoting anti-white (and consequently pro-black (heh)) race cucking, wallows in a panoply of filth and lies. Ridiculous grrlpower fantasy? 
Check. Weak whytes? Check. Evil redneck whites? Check. Numinous negros? Check. Transgenderism? Good lordnbutter, we may have to check that one off too. 
Keep in mind, Bella and the Bulldogs is a children’s show. Your little white daughter, apple of your eye and continuance vessel of a glorious heritage of European civilization, sits zombiefied in front of the TV imbibing this sewage by the truckload. 
Do the Western cultural elite have a death wish? Do they WANT normal, good people to hate them with a fury? Because that’s what’s gonna happen if they keep it up. And the washout won’t be pretty in pink. 
It’s time to turn to lessons from Weimar Republic Germany, and the cataclysm that can bring doom to the earth when a native people feel cornered and despised by their own elite and the dominant culture. The Lamppost Swingularity… the point at which the intensity of leftoid propaganda exceeds the tolerance level of the targets of leftoid hatred… is closer than you think.
Priceless. Comedy. Gold.

What randomness have you discovered on these Internets?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Conversation with Historian David Krugler About African-American Resistance to White Violence During the Red Summer of 1919

Historian David Krugler is the guest on this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show.

David is the author of the new book 1919, The Year of Racial Violence: How African Americans Fought Back.

Dr. Krugler's work is an exciting intervention against a narrative of African-American passivity in the face of white racial pogroms and other violence in the post World War One era. Black America has used a range of means to resist white supremacy. "Non-violence" has come to dominate public memory about the Black Freedom Struggle. Great work such as David's is helping a broader public to learn what black Americans have always known: African-Americans fought back with honor and dignity against the violence that was visited upon them by Jim and Jane Crow, the white mob, and the racial state.

Dr. Krugler and Chauncey discuss the Black Freedom Struggle, why and how the legacy of African-American resistance to white racial violence has been erased in the American public memory, some of the great stories of resistance that David uncovered in his research, and what prompted the nationwide white on black racial terrorism of 1919 and its relationship to Whiteness.

David and Chauncey also talk about the former's great book on American civil defense during the Cold War and how racism even impacted the United States' preparations for defending against a nuclear war.

Friend of WARN Bill the Lizard also stops by to talk about the great new movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

And of course, Chauncey gives an epic recounting of how he damn near broke his leg before going to see Mad Max: Fury Road and what the recovery has been like so far.

This episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show with David Krugler can be listened to below or "watched" on the official Youtube channel for

The Chauncey DeVega Show can also be followed on Itunes and listened to via Stitcher on your smart phone or like device.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chauncey DeVega's Conversation With Ring of Fire TV About the Baltimore Uprising, Race, and Justice is Now Online

Here is my latest interview with Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV.

I touched on many topics with Mike and we did some good truth-telling about race, police brutality, the young lions of the Baltimore Uprising, and the nebulous topic of "race relations" in the United States.

Given that I was working in more than a whee bit of discomfort given my leg injury--you can see my eyes not as focused and fixed forward in the beginning as they usually are--but once I got going I settled in.

As always, I appreciate the good folks at Ring of Fire and Free Speech TV giving me the opportunity to provide the type of commentary on pressing matters of public concern that you do not usually see in many other places.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey DeVega Will be on Tonight's Ring of Fire TV Show Discussing Race, Justice, the Young Lions of Baltimore, and White Racial Attitudes

An obligatory knee update. I have more range of movement, am more walking than hobbling, but am being very careful in how far I push things. I walked four blocks yesterday--very carefully and slowly--and it was exhausting. I cannot wait to get back to my old self so that I can walk my 2 or so miles a day. Again, thanks for the good energy and healing waves the good friends of WARN have sent to me.

I have hinted that there were some good developments in the works. I was vague because I did not want to jinx things.

Ring of Fire TV and Radio has been very kind and supportive of my work. The show's host Mike Papantonio, and producer Farron Cousins, have been great in providing opportunities for me there--and in other venues as well.

Starting this week, Ring of Fire is now a daily show airing at 8:30 PM EST Monday through Friday.

I will appearing on tonight's episode where I will be discussing race, the law, Baltimore, the young lions who fought back against the thug cops, and other related matters. Considering that I was not able to sit comfortably, had my leg elevated, and was not my normal 100 percent physically, fingers crossed, I think I took it to the limit--as I always strive to do--without apologies.

Given Ring of Fire's new schedule, I should be appearing there much more often. I treat every guest appearance as an audition for the next one. Hopefully, you will see me every so many weeks...or more, who knows?

I would like to thank all of you kind folks who have supported my work in its various incarnations since the beginning of this humble project almost 8 years ago.

Your support and feedback are very important to me both personally and professionally. Please tell your friends about Ring of Fire, my various appearances there and elsewhere (the podcast is essential to our future plans so please subscribe to it on Itunes), and do contact other media outlets that you think would benefit from having me on as a guest. Those emails and Tweets actually do get read and they have created many opportunities for getting the good work that you and I have created here on WARN to a broader audience.

There are some other things in process as well. With your help and encouragement, I hope that they will come to fruition.

As always, Ring of Fire TV can be watched on Free Speech TV at this link. Please share your feedback, suggestions, and other insights if you are so inclined.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Two Related Thoughts: The Myth of Liberal Academia and the Myth of Mad Men's Finale, Don Draper, and Coca-Cola

I would like to thank the nice folks who sent me well wishes regarding my busted up leg. I am slowly getting better. My knee that was once the size of half a grapefruit, now has contours similar to a flattened out avocado. I am continuing to take my medication. I also made my first great foray...across the street to get a can of the healing ambrosia known as Coca-Cola and a bag of barbecue potato chips. The walk was epic.

The legendary professional wrestler Jake the Snake Roberts said that the definition of a "professional" is someone who can perform at a much higher level than anyone else regardless of their personal pain, sickness, hurt, or other distractions. I took a foray into a broader world a few hours ago; we shall see if a man with a damaged meniscus can still (relatively speaking) tear the house down.

Tomorrow we will know.

I will talking with friend of WARN Mr. Bill the Lizard later today about his thoughts on the great new movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Our conversation will be included on this week's edition of The Chauncey DeVega Show.

I am still getting my sea legs (or is that leg?) back, so I will be leaning on you good folks to carry the ball a bit as I reorient myself.

As such, here are two quick thoughts to begin the week.

Once more and again, the myth of liberal academia and higher education is exposed. Last week, Saida Grundy, an African-American professor at Boston University had to get on her knee, kiss the ring, and publicly apologize for daring to mutter a basic fact via Social Media: white male college students are a problem population.

By empirical measures of drug use, rape, violence, problem drinking, and other indicators, white male college students (and white men more generally) are in fact a "problem" population. Of course, white people can never be a problem--that is a category exclusively reserved for the Other because the White Racial Frame and the White Gaze dominate all.

America's colleges and universities are subjected to the same social, economic, and political forces as the rest of society. A racist society produces racist social institutions and practices. The university is not immune from that dynamic.

Unfortunately, such basic truth-telling is denied and deflected because of the myth of "liberal" higher education and how the university is a space which is supposed to be "cosmopolitan" and "forward thinking".

As someone who has basically been called a "nigger" to his face both by a former boss, and also by white male students while doing my time at a liberal arts college, this story in the Washington Post about an unapologetically white supremacist and racist professor does not surprise me:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Killing the Useless Eaters: 'What's Killing Poor White Women?'

Do treat this as a semi-open weekend thread. Do you have any issues of public or private concern that you believe would be of interest to the friends and readers of WARN?

Two quick updates.

Yes, I saw Mad Max: Fury Road. It is more amazing and wonderful than even the commercials hinted at.

Yes, I had a fluke accident while walking in the rain to see Mad Max: Fury Road. I will give more details later as I do not want to further jinx myself. It seems that I may be going to the orthopedist to get my quite injured knee examined on Monday. Fury Road was so damn enthralling I was able to, for the most part, ignore the pain. Leaving the theater? A whole 'nother story. Please do send a brother some love and good energy. If you have the ability to use magic, voodou, juju, or other powers I accept help from most sources...and please, no promises made to Cthulhu and the Old Ones on my behalf.

Hobbling about Chicago at night in the rain, bloody, and on the verge of tears really does give one an insight into humankind's deep ability to ignore their fellow man and woman in obvious distress.

Starting today, there will be a periodic series of posts here on WARN under the theme "killing the useless eaters". These entries will focus on the relationship(s) between neoliberalism, biopiolitics (in many ways "necropolitics" is a better descriptor), and Austerity.

Some of the essays will explore a central and important concept, others will share a link to other work that I believe could be of interest to the readers of the site, as well as some articles that I hope we can annotate and discuss together.

These are central and important themes as we try to make sense of a political order where the notion of "The Commons" has been destroyed, the plutocrats have engineered a society where consumerism, capitalism, and greed are made synonymous with democracy, Vaudeville politics has nurtured a sense of learned helplessness and confusion among the mass public, and the most violent aspects of white supremacy along the colorline are resurgent.

The first essay that I will be featuring is from The American Prospect.

What's Killing Poor White Women highlights how:

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Conversation with Historian Robert Neer About Napalm and American Power

Robert Neer is the guest on this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show.

He is a historian at Columbia University and the author of Napalm: An American Biography.

Robert's work is a incisive and unique example of the history of objects and how that type of social history can illuminate broader questions of politics, life, and society.

Napalm: An American Biography is more than the history of a horrific weapon: it is an insight into American war fighting, inventions, and foreign affairs.

Dr. Neer and Chauncey talk about the history of napalm, its inventors, the moral questions that (should) govern the use of technology and science, the Vietnam War, American power, and the symbolism and meaning that have been constructed around such an iconic and terrifying weapon in both the world's and America's public imagination.

Chauncey also shares his thoughts on Tom Brady and "Deflategate", the Oklahoma tornadoes and the Amtrak train crash, how Republican racism has hurt America's infrastructure in the Age of Obama, and a frightening encounter with an entitled student who was moved to gross anger by a discussion of wealth inequality and consumerism.

At the end of this episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show, Chauncey also does a self-assessment of his "journalism" as suggested by a great piece in The New York Times

This episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show with Robert Neer can be listened to below or "watched" on the official Youtube channel for

The Chauncey DeVega Show can also be followed on Itunes and listened to via Stitcher on your smart phone or like device.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

At Which Point A Brother Goes All Wolverine: What Happens When a Corrupt Cop Flees Into the Woods for 20 Years?

I am in the process of editing this week's installment of The Chauncey DeVega Show.

Because I have begun a humble podcast endeavor that has some great surprise guests in store for next month--I got to offer something extra fun and cool during fundraising month, as that is how I roll--I also like to share and listen to other interesting online shows whenever possible.

I have spent a good amount of time talking about thug killer cops here on WARN and in my work elsewhere. One of my recurring questions is, "how and why do the supposedly 'good apples' in America's police turn so bad?"

Of course, there is a culture of violence, authoritarianism, and white supremacy among America's police departments. But, how does one cop explain his turning to "the dark side?" And what does he or she do when they fear being caught?

The great podcast series Snap Judgement has the answer--at least to how one cop became a rapist crook and then fled into the woods for 20 years in order to avoid arrest.

"Unforgiven" also chronicles his amazing road back to society and some type of partial redemption.

Good stuff here folks.

A bonus, and a podcast that I have been listening to repeatedly for reasons of personal inspiration and also entertainment.

Whatever happened to "Gorgeous Dre" (government name "Andre Taylor") from the great documentary American Pimp? Apparently, he is now a motivational speaker.

He is a wise man who has learned a new hustle.

From Love + Radio:

Do you have any podcasts or other online programming that you would like to share?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Have You Read Der Spiegel's Great Article on the Origins and Structure of ISIS?

Samir Abd Muhammad al-Khlifawi was the real name of the Iraqi, whose bony features were softened by a white beard. But no one knew him by that name. Even his best-known pseudonym, Haji Bakr, wasn't widely known. But that was precisely part of the plan. The former colonel in the intelligence service of Saddam Hussein's air defense force had been secretly pulling the strings at IS for years. Former members of the group had repeatedly mentioned him as one of its leading figures. Still, it was never clear what exactly his role was. 
But when the architect of the Islamic State died, he left something behind that he had intended to keep strictly confidential: the blueprint for this state. It is a folder full of handwritten organizational charts, lists and schedules, which describe how a country can be gradually subjugated. SPIEGEL has gained exclusive access to the 31 pages, some consisting of several pages pasted together. They reveal a multilayered composition and directives for action, some already tested and others newly devised for the anarchical situation in Syria's rebel-held territories. In a sense, the documents are the source code of the most successful terrorist army in recent history. 
Until now, much of the information about IS has come from fighters who had defected and data sets from the IS internal administration seized in Baghdad. But none of this offered an explanation for the group's meteoric rise to prominence, before air strikes in the late summer of 2014 put a stop to its triumphal march. 
For the first time, the Haji Bakr documents now make it possible to reach conclusions on how the IS leadership is organized and what role former officials in the government of ex-dictator Saddam Hussein play in it.
Germany's Der Spiegel magazine has an excellent article on the origins of ISIS and its organizational and command structure. Given our earlier conversation about Seymour Hersh's expose on Osama bin Laden, I felt the timing to be opportune.

According to Christop Reuter's great reporting, the organization is a sophisticated protection racket that has its origins in a cadre of former Iraqi intelligence officers who have figured out how to mine sectarian tensions and the useful idiots among the religiously minded thrill seeking "jihad holy war" wannabe crowd to maximize their own financial and personal gain.

I feel smarter after reading Der Spiegel's article. I know the answer, but I always ask the question, how come the mainstream American news media will not offer incisive and intelligent coverage of matters of extreme public concern? The masses are asses; vaudeville politics and politics as professional wrestling rule the day.

The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State should be read in its entirety. 

The following sections are particular resonant as we try to locate the neoliberal plutocrats and the Christian fundamentalists in the United States relative to their peers in ISIS:
Although Iraq's dominant Baath Party was secular, the two systems ultimately shared a conviction that control over the masses should lie in the hands of a small elite that should not be answerable to anyone -- because it ruled in the name of a grand plan, legitimized by either God or the glory of Arab history. The secret of IS' success lies in the combination of opposites, the fanatical beliefs of one group and the strategic calculations of the other... 
Attempts to explain IS and its rapid rise to power vary depending on who is doing the explaining. Terrorism experts view IS as an al-Qaida offshoot and attribute the absence of spectacular attacks to date to what they view as a lack of organizational capacity. Criminologists see IS as a mafia-like holding company out to maximize profit. Scholars in the humanities point to the apocalyptic statements by the IS media department, its glorification of death and the belief that Islamic State is involved in a holy mission. 
But apocalyptic visions alone are not enough to capture cities and take over countries. Terrorists don't establish countries. And a criminal cartel is unlikely to generate enthusiasm among supporters around the world, who are willing to give up their lives to travel to the "Caliphate" and potentially their deaths. 
IS has little in common with predecessors like al-Qaida aside from its jihadist label. There is essentially nothing religious in its actions, its strategic planning, its unscrupulous changing of alliances and its precisely implemented propaganda narratives. Faith, even in its most extreme form, is just one of many means to an end. Islamic State's only constant maxim is the expansion of power at any price.
ISIS, the Christian Right, the neoliberal plutocrats, and the Republican Party have much in common. Such an observation should be a taken for granted fact in America's public discourse. Instead it is treated as verboten and outside of the realm of "respectable" knowledge systems and discussion.

When will the American people wake up to the hustle that is being perpetrated on them by the elite class at the former's personal financial, moral, and political expense?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Lies, Lies, and More Lies: Seymour Hersh Exposes the Myth-Making Propaganda About the Killing of Osama Bin Laden

We have a smart and interesting group of readers from a range of backgrounds here on WARN. I am curious as to your thoughts on Seymour Hersh's new piece in the London Review of Books where he debunks and exposes the official "lie" about the killing of Osama bin Laden by United States operatives in May 2011.

From the initial reports about the SEAL Team 6 mission to kill Osama bin Laden, I was (and remain) in a state of disbelief about the facts as reported by Washington and the Obama administration.

Why didn't the Pakistanis shoot down the helicopters? Where was the active fighter cover for the raid? Why did the story about the mission to kill Osama bin Laden keep changing? Osama Bin Laden was hiding in the midst of the Pakistani military establishment and no one knew he was there?

Hollywood and the American military-intelligence-media apparatus have been shaping public perception and consciousness since at least World War One. The dream machine of Hollywood is now fully and unapologetically mated with the Pentagon where together they use films, video games, sporting events, and other means to manage and manipulate the public mood in favor of militarism.

Perhaps Zero Dark Thirty--the award winning movie about the mission to kill bin Laden--has such a high level of "realism" because the official version of the assault by the SEAL's was itself a fiction?

Hersh's The Killing of Osama bin Laden is a dense read.

A key passage:
Pasha and Kayani were responsible for ensuring that Pakistan’s army and air defence command would not track or engage with the US helicopters used on the mission. The American cell at Tarbela Ghazi was charged with co-ordinating communications between the ISI, the senior US officers at their command post in Afghanistan, and the two Black Hawk helicopters; the goal was to ensure that no stray Pakistani fighter plane on border patrol spotted the intruders and took action to stop them. 
The initial plan said that news of the raid shouldn’t be announced straightaway. All units in the Joint Special Operations Command operate under stringent secrecy and the JSOC leadership believed, as did Kayani and Pasha, that the killing of bin Laden would not be made public for as long as seven days, maybe longer. Then a carefully constructed cover story would be issued: Obama would announce that DNA analysis confirmed that bin Laden had been killed in a drone raid in the Hindu Kush, on Afghanistan’s side of the border.  
The Americans who planned the mission assured Kayani and Pasha that their co-operation would never be made public. It was understood by all that if the Pakistani role became known, there would be violent protests – bin Laden was considered a hero by many Pakistanis – and Pasha and Kayani and their families would be in danger, and the Pakistani army publicly disgraced. 
It was clear to all by this point, the retired official said, that bin Laden would not survive: ‘Pasha told us at a meeting in April that he could not risk leaving bin Laden in the compound now that we know he’s there. Too many people in the Pakistani chain of command know about the mission. He and Kayani had to tell the whole story to the directors of the air defence command and to a few local commanders. 
‘Of course the guys knew the target was bin Laden and he was there under Pakistani control,’ the retired official said. ‘Otherwise, they would not have done the mission without air cover. It was clearly and absolutely a premeditated murder.’ A former Seal commander, who has led and participated in dozens of similar missions over the past decade, assured me that ‘we were not going to keep bin Laden alive – to allow the terrorist to live. By law, we know what we’re doing inside Pakistan is a homicide. We’ve come to grips with that. Each one of us, when we do these missions, say to ourselves, “Let’s face it. We’re going to commit a murder.”’ The White House’s initial account claimed that bin Laden had been brandishing a weapon; the story was aimed at deflecting those who questioned the legality of the US administration’s targeted assassination programme. The US has consistently maintained, despite widely reported remarks by people involved with the mission, that bin Laden would have been taken alive if he had immediately surrendered.
The United States is an "empire of illusion". The American people have been lied to so much and so often that they no longer have any expectations that their leaders are telling them the truth. Vaudeville politics, with its state of perpetual disorientation and confusion, is the new normal.

Seymour Hersh's claims will be dismissed as those of a "conspiracy theorist". Such an argument proceeds from a faulty assumption and inference: just because one is paranoid does not mean that someone is not in fact after him or her.

There are serious questions to be asked about Hersh's claims. But, they should not be rejected in either a knee jerk or reactionary way.