Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Conversation With Sociologist Jessie Daniels About Popular Culture, Cyber Racism, and Digital Media

This week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show features two great guests. 

The first part of the show is very unique, and is perhaps a first in the history of podcasting and other online media. Friend of the show and website Bill the Lizard stops by and offers up a very concerned and heartfelt intervention for his friend of many years Chauncey DeVega. Apparently, Chauncey has been compromised, grammatically possessed by an entity known as "epononymously". 

Over the course of several years, Bill the Lizard has been documenting Chauncey's possession and (now) emancipation. This is an amazing conversation about confronting the evil within ourselves--a journey made even more frightening by the fact that Chauncey did not know that he was under the control of such a terrifying and nefarious entity.

The second part of this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show features sociologist Jessie Daniels. Dr. Daniels is one of the founders--along with Professor Joe Feagin--of the great and essential website known as Racism Review

Jessie and Chauncey chatted several months ago and their first conversation was erased by a mischievous spirit. Jessie kindly agreed to sit down to a second chat at the virtual salon  This was great fun. In this conversation, Jessie and Chauncey talk about popular culture, cyber racism, digital literacy and racism, police murders, the language of  "lynching", and Jessie Daniel's upcoming memoir. 

Chauncey also informs Jessie about the joy that is the movies Leprechaun and Troll 2

In this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show, Chauncey also talks about his favorite cologne, using "mud butt" as a catchall excuse for life's travails, his most recent interview on Ring of Fire TV, and feeling like his timing was off with several great essays full of rhetorical and political dynamite that were misfires this week and last.

This episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show can be downloaded from Libsyn and also listened to here

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

When Will the Families of Alison Parker and Adam Ward Forgive Vester Flanagan?

Last week, reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were killed by Vester Flanagan, a mentally ill former colleague, in a black on white racially motivated attack that was broadcast on live television.

Such a horrific and tragic happening is a political intoxicant for the Right-wing media.

The shooting murder of two white people by a “racist” black man on live television incites white American nightmare fantasies of slave rebellions, distorted understandings of the urban rebellions of the tumultuous 1960s, slogans like “black power”, and obsessions with “black crime”.

In their concerns about the murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, white conservatives and their media such as Rush Limbaugh claim to be acting in the interest of public safety and order.

This worry is superficial. It is a means to an end: panics about black on white violence are first and foremost an opportunity to debase the humanity of black people.

The killing of Adam Ward and Alison Parker is a joyful thing for conservatives; the horrible event is fuel for their anti-black propaganda machine. 

The Right-wing media has responded to Vester Flanagan’s killing of Alison Parker and Adam Ward with the following talking points.

The “liberal” media has a double-standard, suppressing information about “black crime” while simultaneously exaggerating violence committed by white individuals such as Dylann Roof and other Right-wing domestic terrorists.

Inspired by the “Black Lives Matter” movement, there is a crime wave in the United States against white people and police.

Barack Obama’s election, twice, has encouraged black people to commit violent hate crimes against white Americans.

Black conservatives have worked hard to legitimate these narratives.

(Vester Flanagan also fulfills a double need for the collective paranoia of contemporary American movement conservatism: he is both black and gay; this represents an unholy alliance of evil and violence against White “Christian” America.)

The Right-wing media, and the broader political imagination of American movement conservatism, is a twisted, distorted, and fantastical place that exists separate and apart from empirical reality.

Crime in the United States is at record lows.

Police deaths in the United States is also at historic lows.

According to the F.B.I., African-Americans are at least 10 times more likely to be a victim of a hate crime than are whites.

Hate group membership dramatically increased with the election of Barack Obama in 2008.

Social scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that crime committed by black and brown people is substantially over reported by the media, while crimes committed by white people are substantially under reported. White people are also much more likely to be depicted as victims of violent crime relative to the actual data. Likewise, black people are much less likely to be depicted as victims of crime by the news media.

And as is their present role in the post civil rights era, where they eagerly serve as professional apologists and enablers for white racism, black conservatives such as Jesse Lee Peterson play the Pied Piper and lead marching band boy in a human zoo political chorus that enables white victimology and the delusional belief that white people are somehow the real “victims” of racism in the United States.

The Right-wing media and its public are correct about one aspect of the supposed double standard at play in the racially motivated killings of Alison Parker and Adam Ward by Vester Flanagan.

Black Americans are expected to forgive the racial violence done to them by white people. I have written previously about these phenomena of immediate black forgiveness as seen in the aftermath of the Charleston church massacre, the police thug killing of Samuel DuBose, and other such incidents. I have termed it, “The Ritual”.

In keeping with “The Ritual”, Right-wing websites heaped praise upon the families of those black people killed by white racial terrorist Dylann Roof because they chose to forgive his murderous deeds.

If conservatives are in fact as emphatically fair, consistent, and “color blind” as they claim to be, their logic of forgiveness should apply equally on both sides of the color line.

Ultimately, if black Americans are always (and oftentimes publicly) expected to forgive the racist violence done to them, white Americans should be held to the same standard. If forgiveness is indeed healing and redemptive, it does so equally, for all people, regardless of their skin color.

When and if Alison Parker’s and Adam Ward’s loved ones choose to publicly discuss their tragic and horrific loss, perhaps a reporter will be brave enough to ask the family members, “do you forgive Vester Flanagan?”

The answer--and the American public and media’s reaction to it--will reveal a great deal about the state of racial justice and fairness in the Age of Obama.

I doubt that such a reporter would keep his or her job for asking such a thing.

“The Ritual” is reserved only for black Americans. For white folks, such a question would be considered rude, insensitive, presumptuous, unprofessional, and impolitic. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

No Need to Look Abroad to Mussolini: Donald Trump's American Antecedents

Werner Herzog's Bear, my friend, historian, very smart man, and proprietor of the blog Notes from the Ironbound has a new essay on Donald Trumpmania and American Right-wing politics. I agree with Werner Herzog's Bear's analysis: it is easy and tempting to call Trump a fascist by looking abroad for his political forefathers.

[Is this habit some type of ironic anti-American Exceptionalism?]

Moreover, it is very tempting to call Trump a fascist precisely because so many in the commentariat are eager to throw that language around without parsing out its definition and attributes. They want to carpet bomb the whole area. But, the enemy may be burrowed deep underground. The target survives.

I have several essays on Donald Trump and related matters forthcoming. One of the concepts I have been returning to in my thinking about the Republican human zoo in this political moment--and the language that the media summons to describe it--is "historical specificity". 

This concept is deceptively simple, i.e. what particular material and social arrangements have produced the dynamics of this particular point in time. However, historical specificity can also be a very challenging concept because the best "critical theory" takes the unseen and the assumed and lays them bare for analysis.

Werner does some good thinking here, as he always does, which is why I was moved to share
"America Has Its Own Antecedents For Trump".


It's been interesting to see folks (many of whom I am a big fan of) draw comparisons between Trump and Mussolini.  Trump fits the fascist bill in their estimation (and mine) because:
  • His appeal to nationalism, fascism's key ingredient
  • His naming of internal enemies to be expunged for the health of the nation
  • His militaristic bent in foreign policy
  • His misognyny
  • His authoritarian proposals and demeanor
  • His appeal to voters across regional, religious, and social class lines
  • His support of a strong (for a Republican) social state
  • His attacks on cultural and political elites
  • Trump is a charismatic leader from outside of the regular political world with a cult of personality around him
None of these things alone makes someone a fascist, but put them together....

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Why Aren't the Families of Vester Flanagan's Murder Victims Being Asked if They Forgive Him Yet?

As is our weekend habit, please do treat this as a semi-open thread. What matters of public or private concern would you like to share? Any interesting news items? Labor Day holiday plans? Sleeping? Eating? Rutting? All three?

I have written several pieces about The Ritual of obligatory (and often immediate) expected public forgiveness by black people towards those white folks who have committed racially motivated violence against them. The Ritual is a salve for white guilt as it offers a type of "cheap forgiveness", one that demands no redistributive, recuperative, or compensatory justice.

The tragic killing of Alison Parker and Adam Ward by Vester Flanagan is an opportunity to apply the ritual of forgiveness on the other side of the color line.

Thus, a basic question.

When will the Parker and Ward families be asked by a reporter or other person in the news media if they forgive Vester Flanagan for killing their loved ones?

Several days have passed since Vester Flanagan's violent deeds. Considering that black folks are almost immediately asked to perform The Ritual, one would think that the Parker and Ward families would also be doing The Ritual very soon.
I know that white privilege permits white anger and white vengeance, but one can still hope for a bit of fairness regarding the healing and redemptive power of forgiveness on both side of the color line.

"Christian" forgiveness supposedly uplifts black people, would it not do the same for white folks too?

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Specter of Black Revenge and Retaliation: 20 Years Before Vester Flanagan There was Colin Ferguson

The killing of two reporters in Virginia by Vester Flanagan is a tragedy. It is also political catnip and profoundly arousing for white supremacists and those other conservatives who are desperately obsessed with "anti-white" "hate crimes". The White Victimology Alex Jones conspiracy industry must be very excited by Vester Flanagan's killing of two white people.

The White Right decries phantom "anti-white" crime less than they hope that said events occur: the Right-wing hate media are the real "racism chasers", shoveling coal into the White Victimology Rube Goldberg machine.

Supposed anti-white hate crimes committed by black people in the United States are unbelievably rare events.

Colin Ferguson killed six people and wounded 19 on a Long Island Railroad commuter train in 1993.

Omar Thornton, acting in apparent retaliation for the racist abuse he suffered at a Hartford, Connecticut area beer distributor, shot and killed eight people in 2010.

A blue moon is quite literally order of magnitudes more common than the once every decade moment when a black American channels the hate that hate produces from living in a white racist society, committing an act of revenge and vengeance against a white person.

As Cornel West said in his much circulated speech on "niggerization", black folks have produced no terrorist organization that specifically targets white people for violence and revenge.

Some months ago, I had a great conversation with author Leonce Gaiter on The Chauncey DeVega Show about the idea of black revenge--and its absence in the United States. In the aftermath of Vester Flanagan's killing of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, I would like to return to the topic.

Why are events such as Flanagan's shooting of two white people in supposed retaliation for the white racial terrorist Dylann Roof's murder spree at a historic African-American church so infrequent?

What makes one group of people produce retaliatory violence against individuals and groups perceived to be part of an oppressive establishment, while another group does not pursue such an option?

Is it because of political culture and a belief in the legitimacy of the State? Limited options? "Superior" morality and ethics?

Or has the United State government through Cointelpro and a vast internal security apparatus just been amazingly adept at silencing those rare black and brown folks who would seek revenge against white people?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Conversation With Historian and Writer Walidah Imarisha About the Color Line, Race, and the Pacific Northwest

Walidah Imarisha is the guest on this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show.

Walidah is an activist, writer, and historian whose work focuses on the history of black Americans in the Pacific Northwest, the power of speculative fiction, and how storytelling, organizing, and dreaming are essential tools for social change work.

I discovered her work on the website Gizmodo as referenced in a story about black migration to the Northwest. While there may not have been black folks in the game Oregon Trail, there most certainly were black Americans in every part of the United States and its territories.

Walidah's work is so exciting because she exposes that important "hidden history", while also using it to discuss the realities of white supremacy and racism in supposedly white "liberal" communities today.

In this episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show, Walidah and Chauncey talk about race, history, and migration; have some ghetto nerd sci-fi mind meld moments; laugh about "Black Peoples Employment Month", and reflect on Imarisha's various experiences with presenting the truth and reality of so-called white liberal America at museums, schools, and other venues.

Walidah Imarish is the real deal--smart, quick, funny, and insightful. This was a fun and rich conversation at the virtual bar known as The Chauncey DeVega Show.

In this episode of the podcast, Chauncey also shares some stories about his journey back to Connecticut last week, ponders the eccentricities of aging parents, the realities of "dry begging", opens up his hands to try to cobble together some monies to fix his mother's washing machine, and talks about last weekend's WWE Summerslam event while also sharing a story about (quite literally) almost bumping into the great George Lucas at a local movie theater for the second time.

This episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show can be downloaded from Libsyn and also listened to here. It can also be "watched" on Youtube.

The Chauncey DeVega Show is available on Itunes and at Stitcher as well. Please update your Itunes and other information so that you continue to "subscribe" to the show.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

He is Fit to Lead: An Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump About the Power of His Appeal, "Black Lives Matter", and Illegal Immigration

The INN (Indomitable News Network) works hard to bring you, our readers, the stories and information that you cannot find anywhere else. In the 8 years since our founding, we have had the good fortune to bring you candid interviews with such public figures as Herman Cain, Jesse Jackson and Pat Buchanan. Some of our greatest coups have involved exclusive interviews with such personalities as Glenn Beck's ill-fated Blackboard. And of course, the one and only Brother X-Squared made his Internet debut with INN

INN has scored a coup, a conversation with the most dynamic, popular, and dangerous man in American politics today, the one and only Republican 2016 presidential candidate and current primary front-runner Mr. Donald Trump.


INN: Why should the American people elect you to be President?

Trump: I am the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. Period. I am the man of the hour! I have the power! The American people are simply acknowledging the obvious.

INN: Why did you kick Jorge Ramos, the reporter from Univision, out of your press conference yesterday?

Trump: Do you know what respect is? Do you have any manners? Don’t you understand that when you are in the company of greatness that you need to act accordingly? He is not a credit to his people. The good Spanish speaking people all over the world love me. They are used to respecting royalty. Like Cortes, Queen Isabella, the Incas and Aztecs, Hispanics understand power and strength. Who else can stand up to men like Putin or Iran? Me that’s who.

If you are going to be in America learn to speak English. We don’t need your anchor babies dragging down this great ship of state, the greatest country on Earth, the amazing U. S. of A!

INN: What are some specifics regarding how you would fix America’s immigration problems?

Trump: First of all. They are illegal aliens. They don’t belong here. This is my yard. This is America’s yard. You don’t step foot in my home uninvited. A man has a castle. He defends it. Protecting this great country is no different. I would build a wall, then a moat, then put soldiers on the other side with guns. If you somehow survive that gauntlet of pain I will be there waiting. All those illegals from Mexico and other hellholes in South America will have to fight me. I will beat the hell out of them personally and send them back to whatever place they came from. Once I deal with those illegals we won’t have any anchor baby problems because those Mexicans and other illegals will be so damn afraid of me when I am President that they will crawl back up into their mother’s wombs.

INN: What of ISIS? China’s economy? Their trade imbalance with the United States? Currency manipulation?

Trump: Our country is run by a bunch of idiots. These problems are simple. The Chinese are taking food of our plates and money out of our pockets. They are a devious group of people. I understand how to beat them. ISIS is devious too. They know how to manipulate and intimate the weak effete sissies who are in the White House and the State Department. I will teach all of America’s enemies about pain. I will teach respect. I will teach them about fear. It is that simple.

INN: Why do so many people support you? You are getting thousands, tens of thousands of people at your events?

Trump: Millions actually. Get it right. I am the hottest thing going today. Period. Everywhere I go, I am loved. I can’t even walk down the street without being mobbed. I fly in a helicopter so that the people have someone to look up to. The people of America, the smart people and not the weak losers who support Obama and the Democrats, and the so-called Republicans who dare to step on the stage with me…God I am surprised those cuckold pansy weak wristed Republicans like Jeb Bush and Rubio and Walker, can even breathe near me. My greatness and the applause of the people just takes the air out of a room. Feel my arm. Don’t you feel that? The steel! Look at my chest. See that, those are the muscles of a man who is fit to lead.

Look at me, my watches, my cars, my buildings, who wouldn’t want to be me. Haters, jealous. I have the 25 pounds of gold on my wrist and around my waist.

The American people have good taste. That is why they love me.

INN: Some among the media and in the public feel that you are too extreme to be President of the United States?

Trump: Extreme! I am not extreme! They just want blood. They want to see people suffer. They want to see me, Donald Trump, go to the extreme against Hillary, or whatever other loser who should get back into the kitchen or to their fainting couch, instead of daring to step up against me. I am a humanitarian. I am not hardcore. I am a nice person. People love me.

The other people running for office? They aren’t tested like I am. I have succeeded in every endeavor I have put my mind to. If they push me, if the media like Fox News—who are traitors by the way, I made them rich and famous not the other way around—want me to be extreme I will offer them redemption through violence. You can put that in your pipe and smoke it.

INN: Let me push you a bit harder on that.

Trump: Be careful.

INN: What about your exchanges with Megyn Kelly? Your habit of calling women names? Are you a sexist? Women are half of the American public. If you keep insulting them, how can you win?

Trump: Women love me. Ask all of the women who I have made rich. I don’t hate women. I think women are strong. Women love an alpha male, the big dog in the yard, the man with the 10 pound cohones and grapefruits. Those hags and heifers, mules actually, are just jealous of real women who know what it is like to be with a real man. Those women and those sissy men who complain about the fact that I tell the truth need to swap roles. Put the men in the dresses where they belong! Those women who complain about me telling the truth are just jealous. They want to be with me. They want Donald Trump on their arm and in their bed. The men who hate on me are jealous too. They just want to be me. Funny thing there is no way they can measure up, not using the metric system, Arab numerals, Roman numerals, or anything else!

INN: At some of your rallies people have chanted white supremacist slogans, the other day two of your supporters attacked a homeless man who they thought was an “illegal alien”. What are your thoughts on this?

Trump: I am electric. The people are feeling my energy. It is a wave. They are riding its crescendos. When water boils you may get burned! If someone isn’t strong enough or tough enough to get out of the way whatever happens is all their fault anyway. If you can’t stand the heat you best get out of the kitchen. If you can’t stand up and fight like a man don’t complain when you get steamrolled.

INN: A final question. What are your thoughts on the “Black Lives Matter” movement?

Trump: Never heard of them. They sound like a bunch of losers to me anyway. I only deal with the best. The top of the pile. Those who have paid their dues to get to the mountaintop. I sit on top of the throne at the highest level. Low level players? If someone tried to take the mic from me like those “cry baby boo hoo the cops are mean to me loser coward mouth breathing haters that want handouts instead of earning everything in life" like I did, I would stretch them out, tie them up like a pretzel, and make them beg for mercy. They would be begging and pleading for someone’s life to matter. Their own.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Politics is Professional Wrestling: America's Greatest "Heel" Donald Trump Versus Univision

Again, Donald Trump has demonstrated how he is a student of professional wrestling. In an earlier essay, I extensively detailed the heel (villain) role that Trump is playing . There was a passage that was edited out of the essay when it ran at Salon, one that is especially fitting given Donald Trump's promo against Univision earlier today. 

[Trump's press conference and stump speech was a clinic in how to get "heat" from an audience. Trump satisfied and moved his supporters; he created anger and rage among his detractors. This is the definition of a perfect wrestling promo.]

I originally included this wonderful description of the modus operandi of the professional wrestling
heel from the book Time Heels: Cheating, Stealing, Spandex and the Most Villainous Moments in the History of Pro Wrestling:
We the heels do not need permission to execute our plans. We decide who, we decide when and there is no guarantee that we will either show up at the match or stay to the end. 
It is our prerogative to demand championship opportunities and we cost others theirs in favour of our own.

The truth is, we can do whatever we want. We are not constrained by rules and regulations. Sympathy and morality are for the weak-willed. There are rules in the world of heels of course but never forget that winning is everything! 
Did you honestly think we were your friend or ally? You are online in the spotlight because we say so. Your sole purpose is to serve the great good: our own. 
Heels are arrogant, self-serving, self-involved, cocky, bold, conniving, calculating and treacherous. 
We will strive to annihilate all competition to ensure victory through careful planning and sometimes, even destruction. There can be only one…better us than them.
We can also be made to appear weak in the face of danger. Often we run away when the odds look impossible but never forget that the objective is to win therefore we will live on to fight another day when the conditions will suit our agenda, not yours.
The ideal way to bring down a heel is to have a champion who through force of will, persistence, and righteousness of cause outlasts, outsmarts, and eventually vanquishes them. The heel should also be brought down in part because of their cowardice and other character defects. Fox News made Donald Trump. But, he has chosen to "go into business" for himself, disobeying his masters.

Who in the Republican Party will remove Donald Trump from the spotlight? Or will he, as some heels do, simply choose to walk away when the challenges become to great, all the while giving a big middle finger to the fans simply because he can?

Politics is Professional Wrestling: Why Did Cornel West go on Fox News to Talk About Black Lives Matter?

The school year began yesterday. I am a bit tired and in need of a nap. I was wondering, as you all likely have some thoughts on the matter, why in the hell does Cornel West go on Fox News?

Moreover, why does Cornel West dignify the blonde haired authoritarian Goebbel's white Right dream fantasy that is Megyn Kelly by wasting his time in a discussion of the "black lives matter" movement with her?

And why doesn't Cornel West quickly dispose of the foolishness offered by reactionary white supremacist mouth-breathers in their dishonest yammerings about "black on black crime"?

Cornel West is a highly trained philosopher would could destroy the Fox News white Right on first principles, i.e. why are white American movement conservatives acting like they care about black people's safety and security when their ideology is motivated by anti-black and brown sentiment and policy? Where is all of this concern about black people's safety when white conservatives instinctively defend white on black police violence and thuggery?

Politics is professional wrestling. Cornel, like the other workers, is just playing a role it seems. Disappointing. Or am I wrong?

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Political Nagilum: Donald Trump's First 100 Days in Office, the Stock Market has a "Correction", and America's Slide Toward Authoritarianism

How was your Monday? Are any other folks including hundred dollaraires like me feeling a bit grumpy as their retirement and other funds took more than a minor hit this week and last?

[Alternatively, are any of you laughing all the way to the bank as you swooped into the global stock market and found some bargains? If so, I hate you.]

There were two great bits of writing and pundit-speculation-entertainment that I would like to share to begin the week.

Donald Trump's run as America's favorite "heel" continues unabated. Financial insecurity, a public that is angry at government for being ineffective--all the while the people they are turning to on the White Right are the very same folks who broke the government to begin with--toxic religion, Christian fundamentalism, the surveillance society, neoliberalism, and a pleasure/distraction machine that is unequaled in human history, are a perfect storm for fascist authoritarianism.

Donald Trump ascendance is the stuff of a bad speculative fiction story. He is not Philip K. Dick's Man in the High Castle. Trump is a 1980s professional wrestler turned President of the United States in the movie Idiocracy.

What would a hypothetical Donald Trump tenure as POTUS would look like? On the Media has a wonderful and disturbing retrospective on Trump's imagined first term in the Oval Office.

In his new essay at CounterPunch, Henry Giroux turns a critical eye to the Right-wing performance art turned quasi normal politics in the America of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. As we simultaneously mock the human zoo that is the Republican Party's 2016 field of prospective presidential candidates, one should never forget that they are shadows of Platonic forms, reflections, and a valence for the rot in our collective political and social culture.

Giroux, as he did when he sat in at the virtual bar known as The Chauncey DeVega Show, reminds us that authoritarianism evolves, changes, and takes many forms.

Giroux offers a great synthesis of this dynamic here:
Historical conjunctures produce different forms of authoritarianism, though they all share a hatred for democracy, dissent, and human rights. It is too easy to believe in a simplistic binary logic that strictly categorizes a country as either authoritarian or democratic and leaves no room for entertaining the possibility of a mixture of both systems. American politics today suggests a more updated if not different form of authoritarianism or what some have called the curse of totalitarianism. In this context, it is worth remembering what Huey Long said in response to the question of whether America could ever become fascist: “Yes, but we will call it anti-fascist.” Long’s reply indicates that fascism is not an ideological apparatus frozen in a particular historical period, but as Arendt suggested a complex and often shifting theoretical and political register for understanding how democracy can be subverted, if not destroyed, from within. 
The notion of soft fascism was articulated in 1985 in Bertram Gross’s book, Friendly Fascism, in which he argued that if fascism came to the United States it would not embody the same characteristics associated with fascist forms in the historical past. There would be no Nuremberg rallies, doctrines of racial superiority, government-sanctioned book burnings, death camps, genocidal purges, or the abrogation of the constitution. In short, fascism would not take the form of an ideological grid from the past simply downloaded onto another country under different historical conditions. Gross believed that fascism was an ongoing danger and had the ability to become relevant under new conditions, taking on familiar forms of thought that resonate with nativist traditions, experiences, and political relations. Similarly, in his Anatomy of Fascism, Robert O. Paxton argued that the texture of American fascism would not mimic traditional European forms but would be rooted in the language, symbols, and culture of everyday life.
Is America on the cusp of an authoritarian regime that has adopted itself to the political culture and society of the United States?

Has a political version of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Nagilum malevolent space entity gobbled up the American people?