Wednesday, July 18, 2012

George Zimmerman on Fox News: I Can't Imagine What it is Like to Have the Killer of Your Child Praying For Your Peace of Mind

George Zimmerman is a contemptible human being. In court, Zimmerman apologized to Trayvon Martin's parents because their child ran into the bullet that he fired. Doubling down, Zimmerman, appearing on Fox News at 9pm this evening, has the unmitigated gall to offer up the following statement:

“My wife and I don’t have any children… I love my children even though they aren’t born yet, and I am sorry that they buried their child. I can’t imagine what it must feel like, and I pray for them daily.”

Zimmerman is possessed of a type of self-righteous narcissism and faux-empathy for those people whose lives he has ruined. In keeping with his belief that he was a tool of prophetic vengeance, Zimmerman also suggested that it was "god's plan" that he killed Trayvon Martin.  

I do not know who is worse: Is Zimmerman the true villain here, a killer, perhaps mentally unbalanced and a child molester, with a cop fetish priapism who played Dirty Harry because he couldn't let one of "the blacks" get away again? 

Or are those Right-wing reactionary conservatives like Sean Hannity who worship, coddle, and protect Zimmerman doing so because they wish that they were him, a trigger man, one who got to engage in the most dangerous game, hunting down and killing an innocent person of color for sport? 

The role of George Zimmerman as an idol, victim, and martyr for the Right is both absurd and freakish. 

Unfortunately, for many people who live in a society where political ideology and racial attitudes form a type of Gordian knot, they see justice for Trayvon Martin through a lens which views all people of color, and young blacks in particular, as perpetual suspects whose lives, citizenship, and safety are contingent and not absolute. 

Criminality is a precondition of our existence for folks like George Zimmerman and his allies. This is especially true when black folks are confronted by White authority...and those who are overly identified with it.

 In all, Zimmerman is likely surprised that he was arrested for the murder of Trayvon Martin. He intimately understands that black life is cheap in America. As such, what is the fuss over shooting dead a black teenager in the street? Zimmerman still does not have an answer to that question. Likewise, his supporters also do not have an answer to that question either. 

This is the source of their love for Zimmerman, and sincere rage at his arrest and prosecution. If anything, the murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman should have just been a minor inconvenience for all involved--except of course the victim, his family, and community. He is just a black anyway, so what's the big deal? They die everyday in America and no one cares either way.

Consequently, how dare anyone suggest that legal and personal accountability should interfere with George Zimmerman's fantasy play and rent-a-cop, amusement park, joyride of death.


Brotha Wolf said...

Just when I thought Fox News and the Right couldn't get any more ridiculous, this shit happens. I can't think of a word that describes this brand of "thinking."

Is this ultimately a mental illness? Or is this proof of what I call Reverse Race Realism that shows whites not only have an inability to see people of color human beings. They generally don't care whether they live or die. Even worse, some want them dead.

Razor said...

Just when I thought I was out, for at least a while, this depraved idiot and his attorney "pulled me back in". "God's Plan?" WTF

CD, You see I have high blood presure which had been well controlled until you made this post. I feel like I quit taking my medication a week before consuming forty pounds of chitterlings in one sitting.

CNu said...

The role of George Zimmerman as an idol, victim, and martyr for the Right is both absurd and freakish.

Your projective fetishization of George Zimmerman as a racist demon is both absurd and freakish - and - serves no useful purpose.

It will neither convince a single one of those who support and sympathize with Zimmerman of the error of their ways, or, rally those sympathetic to the dysfunctional Martin "family" to do anything about the systemic errors giving rise to the late young master "no limits" who untimely discovered his limit.

CNu said...

Florida grandpa with a gun tried to put in work on these two young wannabe street pirates.

He will not be held legally and personally accountable for trying to plug these two young punks, nor should he be.

Frank said...

I notice the whack jobs love to shift their blame to God.

Anonymous said...

"Florida grandpa with a gun tried to put in work on these two young wannabe street pirates."

Yeah. It's obvious that this is very comparable to the Martin/Zimmerman case.

chaunceydevega said...

@Brotha. Our lives are cheap--yet, ironically very valuable. Riddle you that one.

@Razor. I do not know why his attorney allowed Zimmerman to do that interview. His answers would not help him with a jury.

@Cnu. I didn't say he was a racist demon. I said he is a totem and fetish object for a certain type of conservative. He is a victim/martyr/celebrity.

You know that to be true as well as we went through this before a few months back. Zimmerman broke the law, is a vigilante, and deserves his comeuppance. He also has some serious mental health issues by all accounts.

Again, as I said a few months back Martin could stomp bunnies on Sunday morning for fun and it has no impact on Zimmerman's decision to hunt him down and kill him. He could be the biggest ign't in the world--apparently an ign't who liked to skip home (what an image)--and Zimmerman has no right to kill him for that fact.

Why your change of mood on this matter Cnu?

Your example is apples and oranges to the Martin case. Big reach on your part.

@Frank. God made me do it. Run. Fast.

CNu said...

No change of mood CDV. While not a fan of George Zimmerman, I have never been a fan of Trayvon and the now opportunistic absentee assholes calling themselves his parents. Had they paid the boy a fraction of the attention they've paid their lawsuit and the media, Trayvon would not have gotten shot that night.

I take for granted a baseline level of killer-ape background radiation that is a very far cry from anything ever experienced and adroitly handled by my father or his contemporaries.

I also take for granted the complicity of Trayvon's dysfunctional "parents" - to me, Tracy Martin is damn near as complicit in the death of his son as George Zimmerman is.

I see no prospect for shaming Zimmerman and no memetic upside in the effort to try. OTOH - I see tremendous potential benefit in reinstituting a black culture of shame in which 70% OOW birthrates are intolerable and absentee parents are held to accounts for their failures to discharge their parental responsibilities.

chaunceydevega said...

@Cnu. You know how I feel about Moynihan and the culture of shame.

We have created a culture where moral degeneracy is rationalized. I just don't know what home training has to do with Martin getting killed by Zimmerman. I think Zimmerman is a kook and a nutjob and I can see him killing a kid raised properly who also happened to just be walking down the street.

Much is going to be coming out about Zimmerman in the trial that will paint a full picture of his mental health issues. That interview should be deconstructed by a licensed mental health professional. Dude has some DSM-V issues going on.

CNu said...

I just don't know what home training has to do with Martin getting killed by Zimmerman.

Home training teaches "cool head - main thing". Come home in one piece and don't engage verbally or physically with randoms unless you have the tactical upper hand - at which point - you do your level best to maim or kill them because this is a rootin-tootin gun-toting society.

Trayvon engaged with Zimmerman and brought fists to a gunfight.

Now 99 times out of 100, the above indispensable piece of contemporary home-training applies to would be assailants in public spaces and on public transportation - who are young, loud, and black - rather than wannabe vigilantes with a concealed carry permit.

Anonymous said...

"Tracy Martin is damn near as complicit in the death of his son as George Zimmerman is."

In case someone might skim it without acknowledging what it is, I simply point out that this is utter nonsense.

CNu said...

Estranged from the boy's mother, who was failing to curb her baby boy's proclivities - Tracy Martin had the boy out in the strange neighborhood on his weekend strange enjoyment expedition.

So...., there is the camp that says everything boils down to the instant George Zimmerman elected to exit his vehicle, and, there is the camp that says that teenaged black boys taking fists to a gunfight in a strange neighborhood have missed out on some crucial home training.

The latter camp is telling a hard truth that makes sensitive irresponsible folk cringe, the former camp is doing everything in its power to deflect away from that truth.

CNu said...

Bottomline, barring no disease, accidents, or other "acts of god" - black men who are present in the home, raise, parent, train, and monitor their sons - get to enjoy their sons lives and accomplishments for a good, long time.

Baby daddies who don't hold down and handle their son-rearing responsibilities -,

Brotha Wolf said...


I hear ya. They need us, and yet, they don't need us. They need us more than we need them.

Brotha Wolf said...


May I ask you a simple question? Do you hate black people?

CNu said...

lol, been a black man my whole and entire life. luvs, luvs, luvs me some genuine, competent, responsible, handling theirs and holding it down black folks.

Matter fact, you could call me one of the preeminent black partisans alive and doing things today.

That said, I despise excuse-making, sorry-assed incompetent jiggaboos.

How bout you Brotha Wolf? Do you hate black people to the extent that you have no shame and no expectations for minimum baseline levels of performance and competence?


Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me how one witnesses a
beating but some cannot be present for the a gunshot?
is this a paid witness or sympathetic to zimmerman. i mean, did a 747 obscure the view.

Brotha Wolf said...


I love black people as I love all people. However, I am not the type to go into a condemnation party with black folks who, for whatever reason, think they are better than other black folks.

I always - ALWAYS believe that there is an explanation behind everything. There is an explanation behind Trayvon's murder, but an explanation is not the same as an excuse just like there is no excuse why you're excusing the murder of a 17-year old by a grown man.

I'm just saying.

CNu said...

Brotha Wolf,

Where you and I differ is that I don't consider murder to be an extreme reach of human behavior.

I consider murder normative, thinly disguised/lubricated/postponed - and I don't struggle to excuse or otherwise rationalize murder - because it is a minimum baseline fact of human killer-ape ethology which I take for granted.

Now, when black folks were surrounded by white killer-apes aided and abetted by government, black folks were racially united like humans as against alien abductor/invaders.

The very instant that threat was legally obviated and practically minimized, black folk scattered hither, thither and yon to pursue our own personal interests.

Matter fact, black killer-apes began to be lionized and collectively evoked to the extent that black killer-ape ethology came to dominate the cultural millieu of the contemporary hood.

Sure as hell black managerial and professional class demographies abandoned the hood generations ago.

There are satisfying explanations for just about every violent murder, however, those explanations are much less rooted in race than they're rooted in human killer-ape ethology.

Trayvon is a poster-child example of a vulnerable youth picked off by a loosely affiliated rogue male killer.

Anonymous said...


Chalice - A drinking vessel, such as a glass, that has a stem and base.
Estranged from the boy's mother, who was failing to curb her baby boy's proclivities - Tracy Martin had the boy out in the strange neighborhood on his weekend strange enjoyment expedition.

Going to the store to get a bag of Skittles; wearing a hoodie and speaking with a female friend on his cell phone does not constitute getting killed by a racist such as Zimmerman or any other racist pig! CNU, you are out of control and you cannot be Black!!

CNu said...

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton were out of control and the consequences of their failure speak for themselves.