Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boo Hoo Conservative Victimology: Glenn Beck and Family Attacked by "Violent Liberals" in New York City's Bryant Park

Cue up the violin for a sad, sad and familiar song: Conservatives are victims once more in the Age of Obama.

In New York City's Bryant Park, with "patriotic" blanket in tow, Glenn Beck was set upon by "bloodthirsty," "hateful," liberals that wanted to "lynch him" because he is a Conservative.

[Insert finger into mouth to induce vomiting]

Question: How long until the Right wing media and blogosphere are going to call for Eric Holder and the F.B.I. to investigate this egregious violation of Glenn Beck's civil rights as a white conservative?

Second question: Is Glenn Beck a liar, liar with pants on fire regarding this whole attention getting episode?

Let's just file this one in the capital "I" irony file. Glenn Beck is a political thug and provocateur who calls for violence against his ideological foes. Now, he has reaped a minuscule bit of what he has sowed. Thus, the rules governing the conservation of energy apply once more, even in the world of political theater:
Energy can be converted from one form to another, though. Mechanical energy, such as the kinetic energy of motion, can be converted to heat energy, for example in the heating of a car's brakes when it slows down. Chemical energy in the gasoline of the car can be converted into both heat energy in the exhaust and heating the engine, and into mechanical energy to move the car. Potential energy, such as the gravitational potential energy stored in an object which is on a high shelf, can be converted into kinetic energy as the object falls down. Electrical energy can be converted to heat or mechanical energy or sound energy in a variety of useful ways around the house using common appliances.

It is often the conversion of one form of energy to another which is the most important application of this rule. Often predictions of the behavior of physical systems are very much more easily made when using the idea that the total amount of energy remains constant. And careful measurements of different kinds of energy before and after a transformation always show that the total always adds up to the same amount.
What say you all? Is this just a little bit of poetic justice? Or is Glenn Beck, crocodile tears on full display, a legitimately aggrieved person, and "victim" of a Liberal/Progressive "lynch mob?"


Anonymous said...

I don't care for Glenn Beck. It's not that I think he's hateful. I don't think he even believes the stuff he spews. He discovered a need in the media and he exploited it and he's gotten very, very rich from it. I really wish this phony would just go away. But assuming this is true, and I'd love to see if anyone there would corroborate or dispute his version of events, even HE doesn't deserve this kind of treatment in a public place with his family. If Rachel Maddow were treated this way in Alabama there would be an uproar.

chaunceydevega said...

I really have no pity for the guy. He is a liar and a hypocrite of the first order. You may be nicer than I am, but I think the difference between Beck and Maddow is that the latter doesn't call for armed violence against her political foes and then sit back with a "little old me look" when caught.

Oh Crap said...


Anonymous said...

And it begins…


Dorothy Potter Snyder said...

And with this slow, agonizing almost eventless sob story, he takes up 10 minutes of airtime? He wants Americans to keep hating the Eastern Elite, that's all.

As of yesterday, I am an ex-New Yorker, but I still have a pretty good ear for the dialect and "We hate conservatives here" is simply not what any New Yorker of any race or persuasion would say.

Therefore, Glen go get your little boy who cried wolf outfit on, because I don't believe anything you say, ever, anymore.

Anonymous said...

As has been pointed out, his Fox News show ends tomorrow, and his new show (I don't know or care where) begins the next day.

Constructive Feedback said...

Mr DeVega:

Have you stepped back and made an analysis of how UNCIVIL BEHAVIOR BY WHITE FOLKS is judged so differently - all based on the TARGET?

* White folks seeing Glenn Beck in public and acting ignorantly - the TARGET of their attack is attacked

* A old White man who is part of an Anti-ObamaCare rally on the steps of a government building - he releases SPITTLE as he yells with cupped mouth at a Black elected official - HE is damned as having SPIT on a Black elected official

* Violent and destructed hooligans in Greece are seen throwing bottles at the police to protest austerity cuts - they are said to be warriors of SOCIAL JUSTICE who have decided to not take it any more

* Wisconsin protesters take over the state capital to protest against the Republican governor and state legislature. They are asked to leave for the weekend while the building is closed - they protest their removal - the POLICE are faulted

* Townhall attendees face Republican Paul Ryan to give him a piece of their minds on his proposed shifting of Medicare to a state voucher system - their raised voices are called PROTECTING THEIR INTERESTS and Social Justice

* Townhall attendees face various Democratic Reps who are pushing for Obamacare and when their are seen with raised voices they are attached to a RACIALLY HATEFUL "Tea Party Movement" who is only angry because the President's White mother chose to copulate with a Black man

Is there a pattern her Mr DeVega?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]the latter doesn't call for armed violence against her political foes and then sit back with a "little old me look" when caught[/quote]

Mr DeVega - aside from that strange fella in California that initiated a shootout and then late blamed it all on watching Glenn Beck (which doesn't pass the smell test) can you detail ANY act of violence that you can attribute to Glenn Beck's prompting?

Please note - the talking point from the left which claimed that Obama had more threats than the last 3 Presidents combined was proven to be a LIE when the head of the Secret Service testified before congress.

Why is it that the music form that I call "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" is not believed to be the motivator for violence when they talk so much about "Choppers" (assault rifles) and other violent-prone images?

Abstentus said...

At least according to this source, Beck so exaggerated the facts of the incident that he was telling flat out lies about it.


Anonymous said...

Check out the cell phone footage of the liberal attack here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dVmwoR24rc

chaunceydevega said...

@Urban. The sad thing is his audience, is not grounded in reality and his narrative of victimization resonates with them. A friend and I were talking about this last night, Beck is a dry alcoholic. Mormonism is one part of his new addiction. This TV show pundit messianic mess is the second part of his addiction. While Limbaugh will one day be found with boy tied up in his trunk, Beck is likewise going to spectacularly self-destruct. Mark my words. He is unhinged.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that Constructive Feedback is defending Glenn Beck?