Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey Devega on The Ed Schultz Radio Show This Thursday

I am scheduled to be on The Ed Schultz Radio Show this Thursday at 2:30pmish EST. As always, please listen in and offer up some constructive criticism--and praise if deserved. The topic is pretty open, but we (meaning me and kind patron benefactor Mr. Mike Papantonio of Ring of Fire Radio who is sitting in for Ed Schultz) will likely talk about Mr. Black Conservative Victimologist Herman Cain, my piece on the Democrats' misplaced fixation on the white working class vote, and whatever else happens to jump off.

Our last interview was a good one. Hopefully, my second appearance on The Ed Show will be worthwhile. Fingers crossed, this should be a fun 15 or so minutes.


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]will likely talk about Mr. Black Conservative Victimologist Herman Cain[/quote]

Mr DeVega:

I humbly submit a question to you.

As much as Herman Cain has never had an elected position
* Does not presently hold any power
* Has never received 50%+1 of the Black Equal Ballot
* Has never presided over a Black school that has not lived up to "Annually Yearly Progress"

WHY is it that you are so much more inclined to focus your passion on HIM than you are any of the 9,000 other Black people with elected power - after having received the confidence of our people?

If someone were to suggest that you and Mr Schultz has some force within you that prevents you from focusing upon the PEOPLE WITH THE POWER but which are failing our community - would this person who is observing the both of you be totally erroneous in his assessment of you?

What is the plan of you and Mr Schultz for actually DELIVERING the reforms that you promised to our people?

Haven't you collected enough "Equal Black Ballots" and fused our community consciousness to your agenda for us to expect better results by now?

What am I missing sir?
Did Herman Cain molest you some how in the past?

Dorothy Potter Snyder said...

@ Constructive Feedback : I am very interested in Chauncey's response to your question and will await his wisdom on the topic. Race politics is not my specialty.

I would question your notion that Herman C. has no power. Any rich person has power.

My own reaction to Cain is similar to my reaction to all of his class of political "leaders" and wannabees that have become common as fruitflies these days: that is, the businessman that thinks making lots of dough qualifies him to run the country. This is a fallacy. Being president of the United States, or a congressperson or senator is not the same as being a successful capitalist, and being a rich person does not neccessarily endow you with the qualities of wisdom, vision, compassion and a broad view of world cultures and politics which need to be on your resume for me to get enthused about you as a leader.

Let me repeat: The USA is not like pizza chain. Wars are but should not be businesses. Jails are but should not be businesses. Schools are not businesses, but many would like to make them businesses. Fire and police are not businesses. Health care is currently, but should not be, a business. In other words, not everything is or should be a business or judged by how much money it make, and just having business skills doesn't qualify one to be a leader in our society.

From what I have heard of Mr Cain, he has an extremely limited, though not quite Palin-like, lack of knowledge about the world outside of this country and his own sphere of activity. I didn't mind his idea that bills should be short enough for people to read, but from the way he speaks I do not think he reads much, either. That is why I do not want him to be my President.

THat said, he does seem like one of the less virulent of the Republican offerings.

Anonymous said...

This should put you guys on track

fred c said...

Now that's three interesting comments right there. "If you ain't for the halo, you're for the horns." How cool is that? Urban Exile's place is worth a visit too. Professor, you are blessed!

RiPPa said...

Where can I listen to the broadcast today?

chaunceydevega said...

@Constructive. Yawn. This is a multi-threat environment. Some of us are going to fight street pirates, others focus on the blackfaced front men of the new right neo-liberal order ayn randians. Some want to focus elsewhere. There is room enough for all.

@Urban. Of course the USA is a pizza chain, where have you been? More seriously, the neoliberals want to destroy the social safety net and reorganize the State and the social contract around a profit/loss model...where the profits are real monies and resources maximized for the elite's gain. This has been in the works for decades.

@Anon. Thanks.

@Fred. I will check out his site for sure.

@Rippa. Been in and out of town and not able to be as prompt in my responses or posting as is my norm. That should resolve itself this weekend. On the show, unfortunately I got bumped. Happens. I will be on next week or the week after.

Thanks for the love though.