Monday, June 27, 2011

Man Bites Dog in the Age of Obama: Black Hoodlums to be Charged with Attempted Lynching of White Teenager

Time for some real talk.

Humanzee mouth-breathing urban troglodyte street pirate highwaymen brigands are apparently using Facebook and other social networking tools to organize coordinated assaults and robberies in cities across the United States. One of these rampaging hordes attacked a young white man and beat him to a point where he was left disfigured and unrecognizable by his own mother.

Why? These barbarians want their gold and loot--the Ipad and other assorted electronic goodies. Thus I must ask, what is the cost of a life?

These repeated incidents of street pirate flash mob assaults have reminded me of an irony and a danger. To the first point, I love etymology. The origin of words and phrases has always been a bit of a hobby as the social history of language tracks the evolution (or is that devolution in some cases?) of a culture.

The phrase "race riot" for example almost exclusively applied to rampaging white mobs who set upon black communities where they would satisfy their blood lust in the name of racial hegemony through rape, robbery, murder, and other wanton violence. "Lynching" referred to any attack by two or more people on a single person.

Of course now solidly linked to the torturous, ritualistic murder of blacks in the United States during Reconstruction and through to some one hundred plus years later, lynchings were also conducted against Jews, Catholics, and other not-quite White immigrants. In sum, lynching was a catchall phrase that later became linked to ritualistic violence against some marked Other.

Fueled by a hunger on the part of reactionary whites to feed the beast of reverse discrimination and white victimhood in the Age of Obama, the "urban" flash mob meme is the newest moral panic, a wilding and Central Park Rape case waiting to happen in the 21st century. Drudge Report and the other media organs of the Right-wing are loving every minute of this ign't, black hoodlum foolishness because it sates their fixation on the myth of the black rapist and their yellow journalistic dreams of "When Giant Negroes Attack." Thus, these mob attacks are the ultimate fulfillment of the black image in the White mind.

The racially tinged, coordinated gang attacks on innocents in cities as varied as Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Peoria, and elsewhere certainly speak to the death of shame, a lack of family structure, and a predatory urban youthocracy that has run amok. They also represent a puzzle for those race men and race women, sociologists, social workers, and others who while trying to explain these behaviors through appeals to structures and theory often give in to the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Consider: When one of these trolls sets upon you, will you respond with a treatise on social disorganization and the decline of two parent homes?

When a group of these thugs tries to curb stomp you for an Ipad, will said scholar/professional offer up an explanation for how young people almost always attack in groups, and consequently a group think mentality creates bad behavior in otherwise "good kids?"

As these street pirate highwayman parade about and riot, will an appeal to structural inequalities in the labor market for black and brown young people provide comfort as they break the bones and put terror in the hearts of good, law abiding citizens of all colors?

We no longer live in an era where the hammer of white supremacy demanded as W.E.B. DuBois famously observed that it makes good sense for black folks to protect even their worst criminals given the greater evils of the white criminal "justice" system. No, we are creeping towards Bernie Geotz, one of those moments when a young tough runs into someone they should not have messed with.

When one of these street urchins are put down for their ill deeds, for death is often the wages of sin, we will inevitably witness an old ritual where grandma or auntie cries and wails that their son was a "good boy" and "didn't deserve to die," all the while knowing that he was none of those things.

In that moment the choice a simple one. Do good folks who know better stand up and engage in a little truth telling? Or do they get behind the excuse makers, and "social justice" types, who wallow in the Pollyannaish waters that are the soft bigotry of low expectations?

Theory matters. Not so much when there is a fist beating you about the head or a gun in your face.


Plane Ideas said...

There are a number of narratives one can offer up to address this latest 'negrophobia' fad..

1. We can ignore the media reporting knowing these crimes are .oooooooooooooo1 of crime incidents

2. We can argue that the rare instances of these crimes does not require Black folks of any sature or credential to extrapolate such deviant behavior of a few is reflective of the whole

3. We can reason that
'shit happens'

4. We can reason that whites and other ethnic groups also engage in such group misbehaving etc.

5. We can reason that these behaviors reflect the decay of the empire.

6. We can reason that our criminal justice system is full of incompetent police officers whose failure creates such incidents

7. We can revisit the tired dogma of good ole negro expert Danny Moynihan

8. We can reason that slow news days in tghe MSM creates these stories i.e read NYT story on 'content farms'

9. We can blame the Tea Party and Herman Cain

10. We can fire up a blunt and give less that a fuck...

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote] street pirate [/quote]

My good man Chauncey DeVega.

ALL of my terms are "Open Sourced".

I just wanted to let you know two things.

1) I was PROUD to see you use the term "Street Pirate"

2) I have altered the term to "Street Pirate Social Justice Violator"

Please allow me to explain on two levels

A) A "Street Pirate Social Justice Violator" is not a term of SLANDER. It is a FUNCTIONAL description. A young male OF ANY RACE - who should have been molded into a PILLAR of his community - lifting it up to a desired level has instead suffered from BENIGN NEGLECT and thus operates as a key security threat that consumes RESOURCES to protect - old ladies walking down the street, HVAC Units and mothers crying from the loss of a loved one

B) I am working desperately to try and fuse "Organic Uplift" with the promotion that SOCIAL JUSTICE can also be INTERNALLY GENERATED inside of a given community.

Get this Brother Thrasher - I even maintain that if YOU are charged as the steward of a FRESH WATER POOL by the ocean-side where your community members enjoy good times and family bonds - IT IS INCUMBENT upon you to keep the SALT WATER from that massive ocean that is beside you from CONTAMINATING YOUR COMMUNITY POOL.

Do you see Brothers Thrasher, DeVega and Nulan - MANAGEMENT SCIENCE says that for a management team to ultimately succeed in developing a given parcel of land, people or capital resources -they must first STAKE OUT THE DIMENSION of the PROTECTED SPACE, walk the 4 corners to assess all that they are working with - and then doggedly work to define a FUNCTIONAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY that will one day bring them to their desired end.

After being successful inside of this particular box - THEY REPLICATE the system onto other plots.

Thank you Mr DeVega. Your blog assists me tremendously in my appraisal project.

Plantsmantx said...

People who visit unprovoked violent attacks upon others should be punished. Is there anything else to be said about this?

chaunceydevega said...

@Thrasher. What about horrible parents, failed families, and broken communities where this ignorant behavior is explained away and enabled?

@Constructive. I can't win for losing can I brother? I try to give you some love and you keep biting my hand. Not nice...bad bad Constructive!

@Plants. Give it a few more attacks and the racial victim sad soul hand wringing police will be out in force. Also watch the supposed cover up with the good mayor he in chicago regarding why the beaches were closed a few weeks back because of "heat stroke", i.e wandering gangs of ign't highwaymen.

Plane Ideas said...


Yes there are horrible parents, failed families and broken communities and ignorant behavior is explained away and enabled but is this the norm? Please provide me with a documented study and metrics that provide proof that the bulk of Black life is horrible parents, families etc..

BTW please don't insert good ole Danny's tome..if you care to reply ..jusy saying

fred c said...

I didn't see any generalizing about the horrible parents, but it happens (in all communities). And there are some kids that are ruined by circumstances, and others that are just born bad, that happens too. The fact, though, is that the overwhelming percentage of kids in even the worst-off communities turn out okay, and many really wonderful citizens arise from difficult circumstances.

Whatever we may call this behavior, isn't it just the old "wilding" thing from the '70's? Most of the kids from that time turned out okay, in spite of the country being generally adrift in the '70's and afflicted by crack and AIDS in the '80's.

This pack behavior by teenagers is certainly nothing new. I participated in a good deal of mass hysteria style hell raising myself when it was my privilege to be young. Albeit, we never hurt anybody (we saved that for our many fights), but we made a right mess and a lot of noise, and damage was done.

I'm not suggesting that "boys will be boys," or making excuses for individuals who do real harm, but I would point out that most teenagers by far, in any of the affected neighborhoods, remain essentially good boys and girls and never hurt anybody.

As for the "excuse makers and 'social justice' types who make misguided allowance for the bad eggs, they do much more harm to the communities than the bad eggs themselves, now don't they?

Plane Ideas said...

fred c,

Ditto!!...I think part of CD's profolio(BTW which he as a right to express) is his posturing about ignorant urban Blacks ..CD indicts and speaks of them in the same tone I see in the typical white elitist liberal script..

I think it is a part of his socialization and class rites...In saying that I don't disagree with part of his laments about this bandwidth of people but it also rings hollow for me especially after reading your take on this reality..

You nailed it for me whereas CD's protrayal only continues the narrative of the white liberal academia spin.. Such a posture adds nothing to my tool box and it does not elevate the part of my tool box which is divided in solutions ..

Vesuvian Woman said...

So-then, the evidence of these pre-meditated crimes exist on social networking sites and noone took it as a redflag that crimes were being planned. Clearly those who plotted and planned are guilty. Also guilty, the mediators of the site... No mediator? Why the F*CK is it legal that these sites exist and offer no protection to patrons. But the financiers get their ad. money...even if it only exist on paper!

Plantsmantx said...

CDV@10:46, you're right, there is something else to say about this. For me that "something else" is that as someone who has never laid eyes on an actual jail cell, if someone visits any harm upon me as a response to the kind of incident described in this post, I'm going to blame the person who visits harm upon me.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Yes there are horrible parents, failed families and broken communities and ignorant behavior is explained away and enabled but is this the norm? Please provide me with a documented study and metrics that provide proof that the bulk of Black life is horrible parents, families etc..[/quote]

Mr Thrasher:

Why do you set up a scenario in which you demand that a notion be DISPROVEN before you believe it?

How about a more AFFIRMING question in which I ask you:

Do YOU believe that the prevailing community consciousness that is maintained and enforced within our community is sufficient for ORGANIC UPLIFT to the height of living that we desire as a community?

[quote]And there are some kids that are ruined by circumstances, and others that are just born bad, that happens too. The fact, though, is that the overwhelming percentage of kids in even the worst-off communities turn out okay, and many really wonderful citizens arise from difficult circumstances.

Mr Fred C:

If these were WHITE KIDS that had pummeled a Black male - all else being the face of my good friend Mr DeVega searching out these young White males' "Tea Party Membership Card" with a lipstick imprint of Sarah Palin.......would YOU stand your ground and say:

"Some kids are ruined by circumstances and some are just born bad"?

OR would you seek to provide greater linkage and amplification of this attack to a bigger picture - like Ms Maddow and Mr O'Donnell are known to do on their television broadcasts?

fred c said...

Thank you, CF, for your interest in my humble comment. The simple answer is "yes." Forgive me if I was not clear, but by "kids" I was not implying that only Black youngsters may be "ruined" or inherently evil. That shit just happens, all over the spectrum, and rich and poor too.

And if I may, you should lay off the "my good friend CDV" stuff. Such disingenuous comments are usually received poorly by their victims. It reminds me of a southern gentleman/bad judge that I appeared before many times. When he started to call us "Sir" we knew that we were in trouble. The sarcasm was like a slap in the face. Maybe you should stick closer to the truth, like "CDV, that steaming pile of contradictions," or "CDV, whose career and influence I sincerely wish I had."

gordon gartrelle said...


You're way off. Elitist white liberals may be scared of & patronizing toward poor black degenerates, but they are rarely openly disdainful toward the ign'ants.**

Because white liberals' biggest fear is being called elitist and/or racist, they respond to hyperviolence by poor blacks with precisely the hand-wringing, excuse-making bullshit Chauncey shreds here. By the way, educated, liberal black folks do this too.

If anything, Chauncey speaks like the black victims of these degenerates. He echoes the old black man who has seen these monsters drag the neighborhood culture down with them. He echoes the hard-working, no-nonsense black woman who is disrespected & physically intimidated on the daily by these assholes.

**Unless they are assigning poor black men disproportionate blame for harming other vulnerable groups like women or gay people.

Plane Ideas said...


You must be hiding in the kitchen when liberal white folks spit on the Black poor..Elitist white liberals don't worry about the backlash from ign'nants in any venue..

Educated Black liberals despite thier shortcomings are never as lethal to poor folks as white liberals elites or working class union types..

Sorry but I am not singing in the same choir you and CD are about the nature of ign'ants..Nor do I give any validation to anecdotal tales about old Black men and Old grannies in the hood ....I got some of the same tales of old Black folks in the hood with a different script..

*** I do agree with your comments about gays and woman nevertheless

Plane Ideas said...


Your question is lacking..Plus my comments are better in any event

Anonymous said...

This is cell phone footage of the supposed race riot and youll see it not that bad

gordon gartrelle said...


You must be hiding in the kitchen when liberal white folks spit on the Black poor..Elitist white liberals don't worry about the backlash from ign'nants in any venue..

Trust me, both Chauncey and I are intimately familiar w/ elitist white liberals, esp. in the realm of academia. You have the wrong idea about them: they don't worry about backlash from anyone; they are concerned only about their self-definition as non-racist populists. The feature that most defines liberal elites is their insecurity about their own elitism.

Educated Black liberals despite thier shortcomings are never as lethal to poor folks as white liberals elites or working class union types..

Wrong. Educated black liberals are often even harsher on the black poor, at least in private. Some of the shit I've heard from bougie black folks makes what Chauncey said seem mild.

You're also wrong to equate white liberal elites to white working class union types with respect to how they respond to poor blacks: the latter has a long history of being openly hostile; the former, a long history of patronizing, white man's burden type "concern." Apples & oranges.

Plane Ideas said...


Again I disagree with your talking points You and CD are in academic circles but that is not the only venue where white liberal elites exist and operate...

With regard to Black Liberals Elites talk is cheap but they don't have the clout or triggers of power like White Liberal Elites to impact the urban poor.. I am sure I have heard some of the same shit you and CD have heard but none of it is anchored in the same hate and contempt as the shit form white folks liberal, conservative or whatever.

With regard to white liberal elites and white working class from my perspective it is a matter of degrees of severity not an apple and oranges equation...White folks with ink pens are as lethal as white folks wth tools..

Just saying..

chaunceydevega said...

@Fred. I am all for youthful foolishness. But you made a great point about injury and harm. These hoodlums of today just strike me as meaner and more unrepentant. They are also a product of a moment and subcommunity where there is no shame. In fact, their antics are valorized.


Sorry for the delay, was in an out of town.

I am not an elitist. Nor do I travel in monied or liberal elite the former I wish I did. As I have often said I have never given any truck or purchase to the b.s. that the urban poor/ghetto underclass/insert label are any more or less capable of acting responsibly. For me it is personal, as a member of the working class and as a black man who lives in these communities they are more likely to attack someone like me, you, or Gordon than the ideal type white liberal you are signaling to.

On your earlier point about evidence and data, just look at good ol Bill Wilson's latest book. Alternatively, ride the bus and take out your notebook and be a participant observer. You are old school and a race man, why defend the ign't classes? They are an embarrassment and threat to you as well...and all of this mess in the Age of Obama.

In total, that is why I go so hard on the intellectual classes who make excuses for this mess. They don't have to deal with the real consequences of where they polyanna theorizing and excuse making brings the rest of us.

Plane Ideas said...


It is exactly because I am an old race man that I reason about the ign't classes not in the mode of making excuses nr theorizing at all..

I am tired of yet the creation of another layer and level and bandwidth of Black folks which you and others have fashioned out to posture and lecture about..

Sorry but I live in and out of Detroit the latest MSM siren of the end of civility and normacy.. just don't observe the danger and urban threat, fear and devolution you and others are now floating as something new

I am not going to support new version of Moynihan's racist themes nor will I ever embraced the noton of niggas as super predators..

Of course I will join you and good hard on the intellectual class and elites that make excuses about tangible and documented decay and decadence but I will part with you and others that offer up a new theories on the nature of poor people in the Obama era that is not accurate and is full of false inferences and broad demonizations of this bandwidth of people..

As I noted earlier I know who brings to my circle danger and terror and fear it is more often folks with ink pens that flex the power of authorit and privledge not flash mobs and wayward kids in saggin pants and smart phones..