Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Judge Chauncey DeVega by His Foes: I Have Been Rebuked (Again) by Establishment Black Conservative Garbage Pail Kids for Saying Herman Cain is a Race Minstrel

My piece on is now up. Please check it out.
The hits just keep on coming. Is there a glass case full of Black Conservatives kept in storage somewhere that is labeled "break in case of emergency?" First, CORE condemned me. Now, Project 21 is playing the victimology card. Question(s): I thought that 1) Conservatives don't believe in racism; and 2) that legitimate Right-wing types don't believe in playing the "boo-hoo," "we are victims," and "let's boycott" game?

Black Conservatives Condemn Left-Wing Blogger's Racial Attack on Herman Cain

Washington, D.C. – Members of the Project 21 black leadership network are condemning a major left-wing web site's blistering racial attack on black conservative Herman Cain, and once again is asking why the liberal civil rights establishment still refuses to condemn racial attacks on black conservatives.

"I find it shocking and an indictment of Herman Cain's antagonist when he is obviously compelled to retreat to amoral diatribe when valid arguments against Cain's record cannot be found. This tactic is the 800-pound yellow gorilla in the middle of the room that progressives like to pretend doesn't exist," said Project 21 çhairman Mychal Massie. "Where are the usual suspects who are so quick to find racial insult in the acts of the tea partiers?"

Cain, a prominent conservative activist and former corporate CEO, was a speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. on February 11. In the wake of that speech, the prominent left-wing web site AlterNet featured a blog post referencing the address that called Cain "a monkey in the window." Cain's speech was called "a version of race minstrelsy where he performs 'authentic negritude' as wish fulfillment for White Conservative fantasies" and "bad comedy." Black conservatives in general were referred to as "black garbage pail kids" who "entertain and perform for their White Conservative masters."

"It would be one thing to critique Herman Cain's politics, but it seems the message was less important than the man. This cowardly, anonymous attack was based solely on Cain's race," noted Project 21's Massie. "It's a problem that all black conservatives face, and it's appalling when such race-based animosity is ignored by the civil rights establishment. Saying nothing will confirm they have a double-standard rooted deeply in a political agenda."

The author of the outrageous AlterNet post is "Chauncey DeVega" — a pseudonym. According to his bio, DeVega's writing has appeared in prominent media venues such as the New York Times, Atlantic Monthly and the Root (a web site run by the Washington Post and Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates). DeVega's post was added to the AlterNet site on February 12. He also has another blog hosted by as well as his own web site.

"I call on AlterNet to immediately withdraw and issue a public condemnation of this vitriolic content appearing in their online publication," said Project 21 member Niger Innis, who introduced Cain at CPAC. "AlterNet's mission statement boasts that it is a medium that transcends traditional journalism and is, instead, intended to 'emphasize workable solutions to persistent social problems.' AlterNet also asserts that their content 'underscores a commitment to fairness, equality and global stewardship.' Such virtues are in direct contradiction to the deplorable and irresponsible commentary they have allowed to be published."

Innis, who is also the national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, added: "This is particularly ironic that, after calls for civility in political discourse by many in the media, they would — through their inaction — encourage such socially reckless and racially insensitive material on a prominent left-wing publication."

On July 17, 2010 on the Fox News Channel, Project 21 full-time fellow Deneen Borelli asked NAACP senior vice president Hilary Shelton if his group would "issue a statement condemning those individuals" who target black conservatives for abuse based on their politics. At the time, Shelton replied, "Why, yes, ma'am… Just give us some details." Despite sending him details and a follow-up letter, no condemnation was ever issued by the NAACP.

Project 21 Chairman Mychal Massie repeatedly challenged Al Shaprton, Marc Morial and former D.C. congressional delegate Walter Fauntroy to a debate, now tentatively scheduled, with or without them, for February 28 in Washington, D.C., to address the trio's past allegations about tea party extremism. Massie has yet to receive any replies.

Project 21, a leading voice of black conservatives since 1992, is sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research (


Plane Ideas said...


Keep it coming...I admire your courage and integrity and your true grit by taking it to these yahoo's

Oh Crap said...

Lol did I not say they'd go running to Project 21/handkerchiefhead central for a suitably indignant response?

Can conservatives get any more transparent?

Plantsmantx said...

Here's the thing- the whites who spoke at CPAC didn't present themselves as, say, the "white Ann Coulter" or the "white Dick Cheney", but Herman Cain absolutely did present himself as "the black Herman Cain". Yet, when Chauncey DeVega responds to Cain according to the frame in which he presented himself, he's the "racist". If Cain had followed the conservative "we're all just Americans" rhetorical line, he would have refrained completely from referring to his blackness. Why didn't he?

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

@Thrasher--I keep it coming. They are a sick lot. But sometimes you need to beat the proverbial bushes.

@Ohcrap--What prognostication.

@plantsmarx--Great catch. Funny how they miss that part of the oh so obvious equation.

ish said...

Where did these right-wingers learn to play the victim so readily? It's such a transparent bully's trick. Does anybody fall for it?

Abstentus said...

Fork black cons! Keep up the fight!

Constructive Feedback said...

A more "anatomically correct" ANALYSIS of your won minstrality:

@Thrasher: WHAT COURAGE do you speak of?

IF Chauncey had COURAGE he would do a sampling of the articles that appear on this blog and note the low correlation to the number of PEOPLE WHO HOLD ACTUAL POWER OVER THE BLACK COMMUNITY. COURAGE would be to go against the BLACK ESTABLISHMENT that has POWER over DETROIT yet who continue to retain their power.

Black people like you (Thrasher) appear to love your ideological THEORIES about how things SHOULD work more than you are willing to see the DAMAGE TO BLACK PEOPLE when these theories are applied in the institutions that you now have control over.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Where did these right-wingers learn to play the victim so readily?[/quote]

* NAACP of North Carolina feels VICTIMIZED as the White people dare to ask them to attend their LOCAL SCHOOLS. They have a "Fear Of An All Black School"

* In South Carolina they walk past the Young Jeezy Concern at the auditorium and instead protest outside of a Confederate Ball which is a party of White folks who celebrated the start of the Civil War. They are concerned about WHAT'S GOING ON INSIDE but don't care about what Young Jeezy is saying.

* The latest mass FEAR that is being spread in the Black community is around what FEDERAL BUDGET CUTS will do to those who thought that "Racial Equality" would be achieved via GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS (See "United For A Fair Economy" where the Snarling Foxes lay out the plan for Black people to follow along). Instead of seeing the massive FLAW this strategy is - they need to wait until the debates about budget cut proposals shifts from OBAMA over to the House Republicans and THEN they will use this anger against the GOP as grounds for voting for Obama but this time only at 94% - showing their disappointment that HOPE and CHANGE didn't come yet but they sure it will over the next 4 years.


The Roving Reporter said...

Don't back down in the face of their attacks!

Hermain Cain is--and he knows this--a mascot for the political right and does indeed represent their fantasy of the black man in America--oblivious to racism and indifferent to the political right's latent use of race to de-legitimize President Obama and other moderate-to-liberal black politicians.

He's the token black man they can point to and claim their fear tactics, mired in racial overtones, aren't problematic just because he says so.

I loved your piece in Salon, by the way. Keep up the good fight!

DMS74 said...

Stay on the plantation nigga. Nancy Pelosi wants you to dance for her.

uptownsteve said...

It never ceases to amaze me how thin skinned and hypocritical black conservatives are.

They make their livings slandering and demonizing their own people for the pleasure of white racists but as soon as there is any pushback from black folks, the minstreal whine like children.

Check out any of the online Tom sites like BookerRising, Digital Publius, or Conservative Black Woman and you'll see an non-stop relentless assault on the black community by black conservatives.

I for one am always ready to do a virtual beatdown on the Uncle Ruckus'

CNu said...

lol@online Tom sites....,

40 said...

Chauncey & The Rest of the WARN Crew,

As a long time reader of your site and sometimes commenter I've always admired and often sided with your blogging here at this site. As a brother tired of the emphatic embracing of fatalistic niggornance in pop culture and music but not ready to PayPal CPAC a check, WARN provides a balance, a middle ground so neglected in the subconscious (and very conscious) extremity in Black American culture.

WARN provides echoes my perspective of being in the midst of the Negroe range of knowing professors and prisoners, millionaires and murderers and embracing that range as part of our successes and failures in this nation. Working to advance, but understanding the need to leave those behind who just "don't get it", but leaving a proverbial trail of crumbs in case someone wants to move on and catch up. The tact that WARN works with skating this line (and sometimes swerving) I thought is often way too over looked here, or you have one huge lurker community that are still finding the words to add on to the discussion.

Alas I will begin to conclude my soliloquy here with the following. Kudos to the growing audience to your work. May it foster conversation and discussion in a political world which has been reduced to the oratorical acumen slightly above sandbox blathering. However may these new readers and critics not shape or influence an already steady voice(s). The siren song of winning the crowd is truly the great derailer. Finally to reference my favorite all time film "A Soldier's Story", continue being a Colonel Davenport. It is an unpopular and often lonely existence, but if it affords you the ability to evaluate and understand, but not judge in haste from the CJ Memphis' to the Vernon Waters of our people here. Then you will out last and prevail over the du jour knee jerkers out there.

A Respectable & Respect Negroe and WARN Supporter.

chaunceydevega said...

@40 damn. those are sincere words and much appreciated. i will always be me. i follow the professional wrestlers credo of being myself with the volume turned a bit up, but what you see is ultimately what you get.

our community is growing. and as you said some folks are still figuring out what WARN is about. we have no ideological litmus tests--which is why this brouhaha is so entertaining to me as so many want to put black folks in a box. when they get straight talk that they don't like then there is shock and surprise.

as much as the gold and silver would be nice, i will not sell out or let the tail wag the dog.

thanks for the reminder because that can happen as some want to write and speak for attention as opposed to a commitment to the truth.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]It never ceases to amaze me how thin skinned and hypocritical black conservatives are.[/quote]


I am forced to agree with you.
As I think back to how Rev Ralph David Abernathy and Hosea Williams were called the "N-Word" by the "White Citizens Council" who ALSO were trying to retain the status quo by going on the verbal attack of the Blacks who dared try to disrupt it - instead of being "thin skinned" they merely ignored the racist verbal assaults.

We Black Conservatives need to learn how to ignore such RACIST assaults. They are not RACIST when a fellow Black mouths these same words.

CNu said...

We Black Conservatives need to learn how to ignore such RACIST assaults. They are not RACIST when a fellow Black mouths these same words.

Steve, do you know if IBM produced a Watson prototype called "Ruckus" - and - then turned it loose on the public Interwebs to spam Black blogs with advanced jiggaboological metaknowledge?

Anonymous said...

Black conservatives want to have their cake and eat it too. They whip out The Race Card when it serves their purpose, then hypocritically condemn Black leaders like Al Sharpton for same. Mychal Massie is a crazy pseudo intellectual egomaniac who has even fabricated an N word quote (See his Ugly is As Ugly Does" article) and falsely attributed it to me. We never met in person. He gathered I was white from my name, and maliciously libeled me because he didn't like my email disagreeing with his pro life stance, but what sent him over the edge was I refused to be intimidated by his egregiously unprofessional and somewhat histrionic intellectual attacks. So he blatantly fabricated quotes to smear me as a racist. Read the article. Once you know the N word quote is fabricated you can see its all about malicious defamation. A lawyer I talked to said "this article should be in the defamation chapter of a law textbook..." Sixteen members of Project 21 were informed of Massie's malicious hypocritical libel via certified mail and did nothing. They're a bunch of amoral phonies.

E.C. 2 said...

Feigned racial indignance is the standard M.O. for the self-hating, anti-black, colored coon-servatives.

E.C. 2 said...

If we are to judge people by who their enemies are, Chauncey De Vega is definitely on our side. He is disliked by racist white supremacist conservatives and their self-hating, anti-black, colored conservatives.

E.C. 2 said...

Intellectual and Mychal Massa, I mean, Massie, can NEVER be used in the same sentence together. Unless you are talking about the critical trait that Massie and other black conservatives are sorely lacking.

The self-hating, anti-black, colored conservatives are the only "allowed" to be alleged "victims" of racial discrimination when they are told to play their hypocritical race cards by their racist white supremacist conservative Republican slavemasters to call themselves "victims" of racist discrimination by white liberals and/or black columnists who speak against their coonery.