Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a Day: Chauncey DeVega Says No to Fox News and Also Gets Herman Cain to Say "Race Minstrel" on the Erick Erickson Show

Listen to Uncle Ruckus Herman Cain's interview if you dare as there is some deep racial Stockholm syndrome victimology going on there. Notice how he talks about "white patriots," but diminishes black folks in mass.

This has been a whirlwind few days. I am still processing everything and am appreciative of your support. Regardless of what happens I got a Right-wing conservative talk radio host to quote Transformers: The Movie. Score points for the ghetto nerds with that one. I also had the pleasure of having Hermain Cain quote me calling him a "race minstrel" and "black garbage pail kid." And now I was condemned by Pulitzer prize winning journalist Cynthia Tucker as "sophomoric" and "vicious." It would seem I am moving up to the high rent district with the enemies I am making. Oh the joys of life.

Finally, I was invited on Fox News to debate Juan Williams on the Sean Hannity Show. I politely declined for a variety of reasons. But, if the venue and timing were a better fit I am more than willing to do an appearance...hint hint, if NPR or others want to chat I am ready, willing, and more than eager and able. I am also going to make a surprise appearance on blogtalk radio in a few minutes. Sometimes folks should be careful who they mention as the devil may in fact show up.

Stay strong in the struggle.


Plane Ideas said...


Cain's margainal posturing towards Black folks is what really pissed me off as well...

With regard to debating Juan Williams I would like to encourage you to do that interview..Juan is the media mascot version of Cain...

Abstentus said...

Good call, passing on Hannity. Those bastids will just pot down your mic, if you make too much sense, say to many facts.

But I hope you can go toe to toe with Juan, in a fair and honest forum.

Plane Ideas said...


I am listening to you right now...I also called in..I was the first caller....

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

@Thrasher. Thanks. And funny they don't ever answer the question do they? Folks who are not conservatives are somehow confused I guess.

Sad, I guess they don't have any obligation to stand against white racism and power. They are getting their butts kicked (or not) and don't have the courage to defend themselves.

Plane Ideas said...

They were not prepared for your depth and your presentation was superb BTW..

Nevertheless I did find some value in a few of thier talking points and I don't think those young sistas were as lethal or backward as Cain, Steele, Sowell, McWorther and others..

I have matured enough to find value even in igorance, hate speech and other insanities..

I also realize listening to you and the woman how old I am as,lol,lol

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

It was a good dry run. I need to have a quicker talking point for their tired what has "liberalism" done for black people silliness. But they couldn't answer some basic questions. If they would just own it, i.e. that some black folk don't identify with the black community that would be great. But alas, no such honesty. We are trying to help those sad souls as they are in bed with their enemy and just don't know it.

I hated to talk over them, but I wasn't going to all the setup for some of their tired talking points.


Plane Ideas said...


Got it.

Let me add I could tell often your genius overflows and you will need to calibrate and make tighter talking points if you decide to take your show on the road..

That is my only problem with Cornel but I understand why such Black genius flows like that so did Miles, Coltrane, Biggie, Ella, Thurgood etc..

BTW I do hope that you evolve and become another great black public intellectual like Cornel..

He is my role model and here in the D I have tried to cultivate the role of the rappalutionary as well..

Super dry run..I am looking for me forays..

Go for it CD

ervgopwr said...

Been reading for a long time, great pieces, and now you're reaching the national stage. Keep it up. A thorn to the conservatives, they react so stongly because they see their weaknesses exposed.

Constructive Feedback said...

As I opened this posting window and then looked to the right I saw a link that allowed me to understand you better Chauncey:


He must be proud of you.
You said about Herman Cain what HE could say in a room full of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists. When Tim Wise calls out a "Conservative Enemy To Black America" - you are able to "context switch" - noting WHO he calls an otherwise racist word, noting that this is a common enemy and then you applaud.

chaunceydevega said...

@Ervgopwr. Thanks for the love. It is appreciated. Love to hear more of your voice.