Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chauncey DeVega is Public Enemy Number One in the Conservative Blogosphere Because He Called Herman Cain a Race Minstrel

Apparently, a tree that falls in the wilderness does in fact make a noise...especially when you criticize a favorite black conservative son of the Right-wing reactionary class.

It would seem that Chauncey DeVega is a bad boy again. In the past, I have been mean to Sarah Palin. And in the present, my cruelty apparently knows no boundaries as I have hurt the feelings and besmirched the honor of good Conservative lapdog negro hero Herman Cain. In fact, Cain's feelings are so damaged that he has issued a statement on his Facebook page and asked Niger Innis of the Congress on Racial Equality to publicly rebuke me (as well as Alternet) for daring to feature my piece, "Black History Month is Herman Cain Playing the Race Minstrel for CPAC."

Color me pleased. So my friends, the Conservative horde has been unleashed. From Breitbart, the Washington Times, to Hot Air, Pajamas Media, Townhall, and Power Line the right wing echo chamber is beating its drums. Please enjoy my infamy, as I wouldn't be motivated to cause so much trouble if it were not for all of your support.

What next my tribe of respectable negro friends and allies? Should I lay low or join the battle? And what will the reactionary troglodytes of the New Right do next?


Henri B. said...

Color me impressed!

Plane Ideas said...

I got your back..Send in the clowns..I am not suprised that a Uncle Tom like Cain has a bunch of cheerleaders in white conservative circles ..Nothing new here with Cain or those supporting him..

chaunceydevega said...

@Tanya. Thanks for the love.

@ Thrasher. Thanks, you are worth ten bodies in the battle royale.

Let's see who else hears the call of battle.

Constructive Feedback said...

Mr DeVega:

Please step outside of your Progressive-Fundamentalist comfort zone where you receive stimulation of pleasure receptors in the spirit of "The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend".

When I read your article on "NewsBusters.org" which pointed me over to Alternet I realized that you are merely Oliver Willis minus the paycheck from Media Matters.

Your title above, Mr DeVega should be changed to a more INTROSPECTIVE one:

Where do I stand WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY after looking at a Black man who is a public figure but PROJECTING SLAVERY IMAGERY UPON HIM? Have any of my conscious Black Friends ask me "Will you ever grow to see a Black man with an opinion and NOT A SLAVE or are Black people always doomed to THE SLAVE THEME?"

Herman Cain is a:

* Father of 2 Black children
* A grandfather
* A husband of a Black woman
* A head of a household
* A Christian
* A man who I saw in person, speaking in front of a large Clayton County GA Chamber of Commerce Meeting - where he talked about his STRUGGLES as a Black kid in Atlanta but DID NOT indict anyone about the racism of their ancestors
* A former CEO of a company with thousands of employees
* A prostate cancer survivor
* A successful man by all accounts

Yet because he disagrees with YOU on the political stage his nothing more than a "Slave N-Word" in your eyes.

Per your own disposition you feel emboldened for using these Slave References against your IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY. You don't feel any particular IRONY that some people believe that President Obama and other Progressive-Fundamentalists have destroyed Black people per the GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS that they seek as a "Black Development Agenda" (See United For A Fair Economy)

YET if they applied to Obama or the CBC the same SLAVERY references that YOU applied to your Black Ideological enemy THEY would be called RACIST.

Do you even receive a paycheck from Alternet? You should. If the Snarling Foxes over there penned your same article - you know.........

fred c said...

I'll admit, I couldn't sit through more than a few minutes of the Herman Cain speech. For me, a little of that cheer leading for the power elite's talking points goes a long way, especially from a pet member of a captive group, a type that I usually call "dogs who eat dog." (No disparagement of any particular group intended, except the pets themselves, of whatever stripe, may they get boils.)

I'm with Tanya, Professor, color me impressed! You really scratched a nerve there. Good for you! The Newsbusters article, and especially the comments attached thereto, were most illuminating. These so-called Conservatives want us to believe that they are "post-racial," based upon the presence in their midst of minority members, a few, a very few, who are talented and articulate and who will obviously do anything at all to butter their own parsnips. But the tone of that article, and the comments, betrayed the real emotion pretty clearly, and it was ugly. Mr. Cain "did it all without affirmative action!" Indeed, thanks for telling us how you really feel.

Professor, what I want most for you is that you remain safe, safe in your person and safe in your job. Beyond that, I would love to see you join in this battle tooth and claw, carrying the flag for the righteous. You have real talent, a distinctive and honorable point of view, and a fine moral sensibility. Give 'em hell.

Frylock said...

Sounds like Cain is an intelligent, sophisticated, hardworking, honest man. It's no wonder Chancy is so afraid of him. After looking him up I've concluded that he's one of the more successful people I know of. What have you accomplished, Chancy? Play the victim your whole life? Use your eloquence to cover up your lack of actual intelligence? Use these two attributes to start a blog? How hard is that? You're getting more publicity than you deserve and I think I've wasted enough of my time on this joke of a site.

The Dean said...

"Professor"? Ha!

fred c, It's only posts from liberals, I've noticed, that consist of paragraphs and paragraphs of fluff that say nothing. Your post is a prime example.

"Fine moral sensibility." Where are you picking this up?

Oh Crap said...

So...how long until the ignorant conservatives (redundancy) around here start yelling about Lincoln while waving their confederate flags?

jfxgillis said...





I just saw that noted NeoConfederate/White Supremicist Robert Stacy McCain has leapt to defend his respectable negro from your loathesome verbal assault.

Thus, I vote that you not join the battle. Never interfere when your enemy is committing suicide.

Constructive Feedback said...

Fred C:

As a White male, upon seeing one Black man using "Slave References" against another Black man who is their IDEOLOGICAL/POLITICAL adversary - can you at all empathize that a "nerve" was struck?

OR are you inclined to be thankful that Mr DeVega has done what you could never get away with?

Crispian said...

Mr. DeVega,

There is no need to disparage Cain on racial terms because of his point of view. Of course, you ignore his point of view and instead talk about his shirtsleeves and his diction. Perhaps he should have spoken more "whitely" so as to not betray his working class roots in Georgia. Perhaps he should have kept his shirtsleeves unrolled. No matter what Cain would have done, you would have seen him as a "minstrel" and a "monkey" because his skin color doesn't determine his political thought. That makes you a racist.

You obviously have a large ego and your political point of view doesn't stray far from epithets. Conservatives actually get much joy in being able to paint liberals as racists.

Mr. Constructive Feedback was a bit more tactful, but it is my hope you are able to exercise a bit of introspection and realize how wrong-headed you are and how little you add to productive political dialogue. You ask if you should lay low or join the "battle." It's certainly hard to go much lower no matter what you do.

CNu said...
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CNu said...


de Vega, you got all them dopamine fiends hella fiendin at Alternet.

Dr. John Ratey, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard has explained the nature of this fun. “Each comment you make gives you a little hit of dopamine, which you associate with satiety. But it’s just a little hit. The effect wears off quickly, leaving you wanting another hit.”

My boo ohcrap is over there just wearing the little wah-wah peddle out - getting hit after hit of digital dopaminergic fun.

well done son....,

Franklin said...
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Anonymous said...

Herman Cain is a:

* Father of 2 Black children - and so is President Obama. What's your point.
* A grandfather - So are lots of African American Democrats. Again what's your point.
* A husband of a Black woman - So is President Obama.
* A head of a household - and so are a few million other Americans. many of them actually work for a living. Cain is currently on the Wing-nut Welfare circuit regurgitating the same cheap by the dozen right-wing talking points. So much for is assertion that he thinks for himself.I've done some business consulting. Cain used to be a fast food executive. Lots of pressure to produce profits, but hardly hard work.
* A Christian - So are millions of other people around the world.
* A man who I saw in person, speaking in front of a large Clayton County GA Chamber of Commerce Meeting - where he talked about his STRUGGLES as a Black kid in Atlanta but DID NOT indict anyone about the racism of their ancestors. - Obama and Clinton are from working class families. Most Democrats are. They're flawed as most humans are, bu Democrats work hard to support themselves and make a good life for for their children. If Cain gets a gold star for that so do millions of Democrats he has called dumb or "hezbocrats"
* A former CEO of a company with thousands of employees - Most of Americas professional class - dentists, engineers etc who make over $100k a year vote Democrat. Most Scientists vote Democrat. In other words America's best and brightest are Democrats and they are also pretty good at capitalism.
* A prostate cancer survivor. - A naked appeal to pity. Good him Cain, he survived a disease which afflicts thousands of Americans. Cain would allow many of those Americans to go without health care insurance whose costs are spiraling out of control and is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in America. Cain's solution? he has none. The wealthy like him survive, everyone else can drop dead. Cain is a typical conservative social-Darwinists.
* A successful man by all accounts. - Among, once again millions of Americans. Though by successful you mean he has made a lot of unearned wealth setting behind a desk. While good for him at playing the system and coming out with loads of cash, he has not achieved anything thousands of other Americans could not have achieved if given the same opportunities. Like most wingers Cain, while bright, hates the idea of giving luck its fair share of credit. And you do know that in the past Cain has advocated affirmative action.

Cain's speech at CPAC only distinguished itself in not being the most shallow and most offensive. Cain said nothing of substance, simply proclaiming "stupid people are ruining America." Would that be the Republican majority in the House or the conservative Supreme Court Justices doing the bidding of the Koch Brothers. Cain does believe in discrimination, he has advocated reinstating DADT and has proposed that all judges must pass a religious litmus test ( they must believe in his particular brand of Christian-ism).

Shady_Grady said...

Chauncey, to answer your question
Should I lay low or join the battle?

I quote from The Godfather...
"Let's get them all. Let's hit them all now while we've got the muscle"


A depressingly high proportion of conservatives, especially black conservatives can dish it out well enough but they can't take it.

Let em have it...

Toby said...

Well Chauncey, you done did it now! massa sho don't cotton to you sassin' one o' his overseers!

You knows dat you ain't allowed to has no pinions lessen massa has approved dem firs! Damn boy! Didn't ah eva learn you nothin'?

Lordy Jeebus, what we gon do when he cuts off our ration of pigs feets an chitlins? What ahm is gon eat? Why you field negras always causin' trouble fo de res o' us?

An you? You best be runnin' for freedom boy, 'cause de whip sho gon find yo back! I'll pray fo you boy. Now run! Run lak de wind!!!

Swing loooooow, sweet chariot...

Anonymous said...

Haha, somehow someway you just got Breitbart to reach waaay deep down and unleash his inner anti-racist crusader. Did you see how he got all, "You DO NOT objectify and degrade a precious black brother!" Hell may have just frozen over. Wouldn't it be funny if he unleashed that his crusading beast all over the conservative blogosphere instead of using to make a black guy stop picking on a conservative darling? That would be the day.

Chris Dominguez said...

Nicely done, Chauncey.

chaunceydevega said...

@all. Thanks. I am enjoying the troll parade here and all over the Internet. I am entertained but disturbed.

If you look at some of the comments--the violence, racism, and rage--it once more points out the crisis and serious mental illness that lies at the heart of the White Conservative Soul. There is some serious projection going on here by the Right, real sick variety of white supremacy in denial--and we best take note as these people are dangerous.

I am obviously going to come back with something longer here and elsewhere. And thanks to folks like OhcrapIhaveacrushonPalin who have been fighting it out--quite exhaustively--with the knuckledraggers from Breitbart and elsewhere on Alternet and other boards.

Plantsmantx said...

"Haha, somehow someway you just got Breitbart to reach waaay deep down and unleash his inner anti-racist crusader."

He probably didn't have to reach too far down to unleash his fake-assed inner anti-racist crusader.

CNu said...

Well Chauncey, you done did it now! massa sho don't cotton to you sassin' one o' his overseers!


If you look at some of the comments--the violence, racism, and rage--it once more points out the crisis and serious mental illness that lies at the heart of the White Conservative Soul. There is some serious projection going on here by the Right, real sick variety of white supremacy in denial--and we best take note as these people are dangerous.

do you suppose you have more to fear from this nutter minority than the egyptians had to fear from their government?

Crispian said...


You're welcome. And thank you for bolstering the conservative cause. Stay "respectable."

FGFM said...

Dave Weigel claimed that this was a big win for Herman Cain. Of course, Weigel also claimed that the press took it easy on Obama because he's black!

Herman Cain Shall Overcome

Plantsmantx said...

"Now: There is nearly no safe way for African-American progressives to say this stuff about African-American conservatives."

Pardon? Well, we know what point of view he made that statement from, lol.

Plane Ideas said...


I agree with your comments about 'Oh Crap' she has been a trooper for you..People think were are your cheerleaders ..lol,lol,lol
They don't know anything about the integrity of this site..

Oh Crap said...

...annnnnd just like clockwork - they cutaway to Project 21 for the shot/reverse shot.

These same people have been eschewing "racism" "sexism" blah blah blah for the past 20 years....now look just how politically correct they get when the cameras are rolling.

Anonymous said...

All of this reminds me of a proverb. "A drum beats loudest when it's close to bursting."

fred c said...

CF: What are the truths that the Professor can speak but I cannot? Do you see a problem in my inequality? And by the way, how's that dog sandwich? The real nerve struck here is the nerve of a reasonable Black man who was rightly offended by Mr. Cain's shameless display of self-hatred.

Anon: Thanks for giving the lie to that list of Mr. Cain's accomplishments. A pretty lackluster list if you ask me, I'd hate to try to defend it to St. Peter, as in, "okay, but tell me again, why should we let you in here?"

The Mr. Cains of the world remind me of African recruiters around West Africa back in the day, singing sail away with me to Carolina! It's great! You'll love it! They were, and the Mr. Cains are, the enemies of Black people, and they deserve to be identified as such in the strongest terms.

akw said...

Well, as someone married to a black man, I can tell you that at the end of all of this, I would very much like to meet Mr. Cain. I think I would like him as a person. I can't say the same for whoever this author. What a pity that you put so much energy into hatred and viciousness and focus on a man's skin color. I suppose that's why Mr. Cain is a success in life and you write blogs under a made up name. Your mama must be ashamed, and I know the Lord doesn't approve of what you have done.

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

@Crispian. And how did I do that, given how low they have sunk they would seem to need a leg up with Cain, Palin, Beck et al. are the best they can do.

@Cnu--Be nice. These thugs don't have have the courage of the people of Egypt to stand against power.

@FGFM--I got something on that when this settles down.

@Oh Crap--Like clockwork. So predictable.

@Fred C--Are black conservatives colonial overseers or slave catchers or slave drivers? Or some combination of all three?

@Anna--You are colored by injection, just like Miss Ann lurking behind the slave quarters on her knees performing fellatio on Big Jim the field hand? What the hell does who you are married to have to do with your legitimacy to participate in this conversation. That is almost as silly as when Cain list grandfather as an accomplishment. Irrelevant. Unimportant.

chauncey d

fred c said...

Honestly, the overseers were only slightly better off, many of them were Irishmen who were "indentured" themselves. Lots of Black Americans have Irish names, for one reason or another. The slave catchers in America, catching runaways I'm assuming? Maybe that was an "economic crime," they got a degree of relative freedom, maybe some pocket money, probably ate better too. "Nothin' personal, brother." Hard to hold it against them. I don't know about slave drivers, except metaphorically.

But those recruiters out in Africa, they were feathering their nests on the sale and exportation of their fellows as chattel, albeit fellows from other tribes. They made money on the misery of other Black Africans. That smacks to me of these Mr. Cains.

It might be something else. It might be the old "Queen Bee" theory (sure, I'm a bee, but I'm a QUEEN BEE. Some minority people get the impression that although they are of the minority, they are somehow different, somehow better). Who knows? This shit is hard. Thanks, Professor, for giving us a forum for some meaningful discussion of these matters.

uptownsteve said...

You're alright with me Chauncey. Keep giving those buckdaning ministrels hell.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed...oh and you did cause some butthurtness judging by the wingnut "Constructive Feedback" coming on here to post his resume like your blog is monster.com or something. Which, Anonymous over there has done an excellent job of rebutting this idiot. I agree entirely with what you're saying...it's really sad when you have a minority willing to legitimize a hateful majority in exchange for the aquisition of money or power.

Let's deconstruct the Tea Party, which I've done before for my University political science professor...though I lost the paper so I cannot attribute each point at this moment...anyway, ahem:

The Tea Party is:

89% white (not a representation of America Demographically)

80% Republican
around 65% male
over 90% Christian
over 90% conservative
and a VAST majority is middle-aged or old (I can't remember the exact figure off the top of my head)

So you have so far: white, male, Christian, conservative...I know, big surprise right? Now we go into a couple other interesting factoids for review:

Tea Party approval of George W. Bush= 73% (so much for that deficit shit)

Oh and somewhere between 77-80% of Tea Baggers agree that minorities recieve a great deal more social services than they (the teabagger answering the question) do or are entitled to.
There's some more questions about minorities and violent crime...but I can't remember the phrasing used and therefore I won't post those numbers...let's just say teabaggers very much buy into racial stereotypes of black folks and hispanic people. Not to mention their curious obsession with Michelle Obama's looks and her body type which is hilarious because A) she's beautiful...President Obama is a lucky man and B) she's got a SLAMMIN' body...but the way I've seen conservatives handle her figure and form is from the "Aunt Jemima" stereotype while juxtaposing the Snowbilly Grifter of Alaska as being superior...but I cannot quantify that with figures...it's just an observation from everytime I read anything about the First Lady and then read the comments, particularly noticeable when that Alaskan Reichs Fetish beotch attacks her.

So, looking at sophisticated polling (from Gallup) your characterization of the function of Herman Cain to conservatives has a lot of basis; therefore the derision in your post at alternet= thumbs up from this man.