Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brother X-Squared, Black Radical Genius, Speaks on The New Black Panthers, Voter Intimidation, and the Obama Administration

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) in partnership with the website The Intersection of Madness and Reality is proud to bring you the latest installment in our recurring series of interviews with Brother X-Squared, president of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party. As you know, Brother X-Squared has become a legendary force on the Internet following his stunning debut on WARNNN last year. In this latest installment in our series with Brother X-Squared, The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network has decided to hand the reigns over to Brother Rippa, founder of The Intersection of Madness and Reality for a special expose on Brother X-Squared's relationship with The New Black Panther Party, President Obama, and the Department of Justice.

RIPPA: It's good to finally catch up with your Brother X-Squared; it's really been tough. In particular I wanted to have a chat about the situation concerning the New Black Panther Party's Philadelphia chapter. Are you familiar with their voter intimidation case? The very case that has been dropped by the DOJ?

Brother X-Squared: It is good to speak with you again. As I always have to do with that sad respectable Negro Chauncey DeVega, I need to correct your questions as well. You are growing in knowledge, but like many confused captive Nubians you do not understand the power of words. First, what of this "catch up" and "tough" that you speak of? Brother X-Squared is a leader of men. I am in the front line of intellectual battle with the evils of the White Man in America and his colored supplicants--yes I am talking about Obama and his minions--I don't have to catch up to anything. It is the world that is behind Brother X-Squared. "Tough" is a word that implies that there is weakness to be overcome. Brother X-Squared and the other saved New Black Men in America have never been weak.

Weakness is for the sagging hip hop coon show minstrel hoppers and those basketball chasing negroes who follow Lebron James and the NBA...what I call the "nigger ball association" because they are a bunch of million dollar slaves. The fools obsessed with that nonsense are similarly brainwashed! We have black people that know nothing of their history and don't even know how much money they have in their checking accounts who can wax poetic about all manner of stupidity and sports. Most sadly, we have black queens who will lay with these sad humanzees because of their knowledge of basketball or how well they play some foolish sports related video game. All of which is tricknology that the White man has laid for the unsaved Black man in America. You don't need Willie Lynch, another lie perpetrated by the White man by the way, to hold down the captive negro. No, just give him a basketball and ESPN.

I am familiar with the case against the quote unquote New Black Panthers. What a joke, a fraud, a game. And of this, and damn, the white man has so much power in language he even studies it with a field called sociolinguistics--but you simple negroes know nothing of such things--the idea of voter and intimidation being applied to black people is a con. With this country's history of lynching, violence, rape, murder, and the denial of voting rights to the Black Man--the White devils even had to add a clause to their wicked Constitution to give us the right to vote which they then denied for a century or so--the thought that a Black person could even intimidate a white person is a laugh! A joke! A farce!

Once more and again language shows it power. DOJ equals Department of Justice! Whatever. Is there any justice in America for the captive black man and his radical brown, red, and yellow brothers? Answer my question Brother Rippa? Is there! And don't you dare lie...

RIPPA: Well, we can get into a lengthy discussion about "justice" and the black man in America, but I rather not. Instead, let's stick to the subject at hand. I must say Brother X-Squared, you seem a bit more animated than usual. Is this voter intimidation case more personal for you because it centers on the New Black Panther Party? I mean you said a mouthful just now, but let's be honest: this is 2010, I'm not sure if they actually do poll taxes anymore anywhere in America these days. Your thoughts?

Brother X-Squared: Hmmmm, it would seem that your case of draptomania has returned. Especially in your use of evil and twisted language such as "poll tax." You don't even know the history of that word, how the black man was abused as though on a poll by white America and then taxed for having the nerve to even breath the air. Sick. So sick this society is.

But, seeing that we have much to discuss I will defer. This New Black Panther story is the white man pulling the nigger cotton over your collective eyes. You see the white man is a master of strategy and tactics. So many of the devils use what is called subterfuge to get their way. Two of those wicked white Europeans, one named Clausewitz, and the other you know, Napoleon--who had a tiny little penis by the way which explained his megalomania--preached that you have to distract your foe and then you can hit them when you are ready.

Just like with that mess with those Russian spies, you see the white man's FBI and CIA, just like they did with Cointelpro in the 1960s were on to those Russians and let them keep doing their mess. This way they learned about the big plans the Russians had in store. This is why I will not play the white man's game. By presenting all of your information it empowers him to distract, control, and trick you into working for his ends! So deep this is, like the wisdom of the ancient Nubians who invented chess. We must think 10, 20, 50 steps ahead if we are to win. Sadly, so many captive negroes only think about tomorrow while they play simple games like Spades and Craps or sing Karaoke at ghetto bars. Pathetic.

Have you seen those quote unquote New Black Panthers. Old men with sticks wearing tired uniforms! Brother X-Squared disavows them! They are unwittingly being used as a pawn by the white man.

They get all this mess and controversy started about white people being victims as a pretext to the real evil! Brother X-Squared has foreseen this: there is a white backlash against that halfrican Obama. Those white sick sex freak tea baggers and militia types egged on by those drug addicts Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck...two true deviants who will be caught one day with dead children in the trunks of their cars...are trying to incite violence against Black people. It is called eliminationism. The right wing Fox news types drink it in everyday of their lives. They want to eliminate their foes by any means necessary!

Brother X-Squared is ready. I say come for me, although I know they won't because the white man is a natural coward, and we will settle this in battle.

RIPPA: But Brother X-Squared, the same white folks you speak ill of as it relates to this case are raising hell! They're not too happy that the first Black president and his sidekick Eric Holder took a stand and decided to drop the charges against the New Black Panther Party. Doesn't that count for something? Can America's first Black president at least get some credit? Is he not worthy?

Brother X-Squared: Again, you must be in jest. Do not waste your time trying to figure out the twisted minds of white people. You see for the real power brokers the only thing that matters is money! The color green oh yes! The Bilderbergs, the IMF, all those folks don't care about countries, or borders. They care about power. You see they know, because the White man is my enemy but he is oh so devious and smart...never underestimate him...that he can put those dumb tea bagger conservative white people (with the help of their slave catching coon Republican assistants against each other....never trust a Black Conservative! Never! They are sick in the way that Frantz Fanon discussed) by talking about black people. Then as always, they don't see how their social betters are destroying them. Did you know that the top 5 percent of people own 90 percent of the wealth in the good ol' us of a! Ha! What sort of democracy is that!

The white man, in particular the middle and working class white man, has always been tricked by his racism. Throughout this country's history, starting at Bacon's Rebellion, the dumb white working classes were turned against black people. The white man will cut off his own nose to spite his face by not working with black people on issues of common concern! So dumb they are!

You know what I think of Obama so don't ask. He is a spiritual zero. No energy. A nonentity because his white and black sides cancel each other out. Eric Holder, notice the name, wow this is deep, "hold her" is a punk, one of Obama's supplicants. His energy is feminine and weak. Thus his non-sense on America being cowardly on race. The Black original man is no coward! Never has been, never will be! Those white devils, but he wouldn't honestly say that, are the true cowards, along with any weak negroes fool enough to follow question.

You are missing on an obvious question about Brother X-Squared and the New Black Panthers. Perhaps your mindstate remains blinded by my octahedron Nubian black knowledge that is the god particle walking the Earth in human form as Brother X-Squared--not that fake b.s. science revealed by those European devils and their atom smashers!

RIPPA: Well now that you brought that up Brother X-Squared, I do have a serious question about yourself and the New Black Panther Party. You see brother, I'm a bit bothered. I realize you speak many truths, and it is in itself a blessing to sit at your feet as a child in the struggle. However, I saw the recent tape being widely circulated which shows on the the alleged perpetrators of voter intimidation - he goes by the name King Samir Shabaaz. I couldn't help but to notice a striking resembleance between the both of you. Brother X-Squared, was that you on the tape? Do you really advocate the killing of "crackas" and their babies?

Brother X-Squared: Now you are trying to see the light! Yes, oh yes! Have you ever heard of Operation Mincemeat during World War 2? You see those white British were master spies and they came up with all sorts of tricks. In fact, they even taught the CIA--those devils were called the OSS back in those days--how to be especially devious and evil. To trick the Nazis they took a corpse and put all sort of fake documents on it. The body washed up on shore and the Germans took the body and analyzed the documents. They got bamboozled! The British devils those foul Imperialists that they are told the Germans exactly what they wanted to hear. The result? Those white allied wicked armies that segregated black and brown soldiers successfully landed in France on D-Day. This is the same thing they are doing with that fake King Samir Shabaaz! They have someone who dresses like me and who imitates me to trick you black and white fools! I am the original, the one and only Brother X-Squared. There is no imitation!

Now you need to separate the issue of my wanting to kill Crackas and their evil foul spawn from this New Black Panther mess. The white man is doing a good job killing himself. I only need to sit back on watch as the white man, a product of Yakub's science, destroys his own Earth. Like an owl, only the white man fouls his own nest! Now, I will stare down and destroy crackas wherever I find them. The cracka is a particularly befouled type of white devil who was the poor white trash overseer who died by the hundreds of thousands to maintain a system of white supremacist slavery that they they didn't even benefit from. They are the forebearers of those wicked Glenn Beck dumb tea baggers. Suckers! I line up crackas by the the dozens and immolate them with the power of my black gaze. I am for all time and in all ways a black king, an African Ultraman fighting to free the captive black man in America!

RIPPA: Oh wow! So this is yet another one of those examples of "tricknology" you often speak of? But why you Brother X-Squared? Why do they seek to destroy you? You mentioned "them" killing each other, but yet said nothing about us killing each other. I'm confused Brother X-Squared; confused I am. Is White Supremacy winning?

Brother X-Squared: No, tricknology is the use of techne, look up your Greek Brother Rippa! That fire stolen from Prometheus to make evil machines and technology. Damn that white man. What my enemies are using is called subterfuge. Not all tricknology is subterfuge. Not all subterfuge involves technology. Why me? Why do you think? How many strong true Nubian warriors are willing to stand in the gap and confront the white man's evil armies?

I will tell you. None! Brother Rippa, again, you are blinded by my mental mindstate because you have let your brain and pscyhe become weak like all those other simpleton negroes. The white man is killing himself as I said. The Black man, the new age slave, has been killing himself for centuries. Now, what is going on in our cities, places like Chicago where these young weak self hating negro ign't troglodytes shoot each other by the dozens each weekend is just a culling of the herd. This is Malthus and Darwin in action! Oh yes it is!

We need the weak and the lumpen to destroy each other for only the strong, mentally prepared black freedom fighter like Brother X-Squared will remain standing! White supremacy has already won Brother Rippa. If you can't see that, I cannot help you. I am about playing a new game, once more I am playing in the fourth dimension of knowledge whereas the unfreed minds are living in the White man's Matrix!

RIPPA: Once again you have left a lot on my plate to digest Brother X-Squared. I guess in essence what you are saying is that you're the embodiment of "blackness" and ultimately this "attack" on you is emblematic of the forces of "evil" and their ongoing pursuit and destruction of the black man? As always Brother X-Squared, it is indeed a pleasure to sit at your feet as you share your wisdom much like Black Jesus did on the mount as he traveled throughout Africa.

Brother X-Squared: Hmmmm. You sound suspicious and mocking. But, given that you are trying to overcome your mental drapetomania I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I am not the embodiment of blackness for blackness is omnipresent and all powerful and cannot be contained in one vessel. The evil was done to the Black Man over centuries! It will not be healed in my lifetime or yours! Trust my words. Black Jesus is a mythological figure. I am real. I am here. And I will continue to preach the truth.


OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin said...

Eric Holder can come hold me, any time. He's hot.

Anonymous said...

nature or nurture. x is just as educated in his beliefs as anyone else i see on tv or hear on the radio. he is entitled to his opinion. cant judge him without walking in his shoes.

Anonymous said...

If his speeches were pizzas and every pepperoni was a good point, he would have two pepperonis per pizza. For every 1 good thing he says, he says 17 terrible things. It's hard to look up to him.

I'm confused. So is he the guy in the videos?

Anonymous said...


Brother X is not the guy in the videos.

If he was, Faux News would have had their hands on his funny but intellectually stimulating interviews to go along with their report.

Brother X is a character created by the great brothers who run this site but they used Shabaaz picture for effect and it came back to bite them.

Love Brother X's interviews, one of few gems on the internet.

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

@OhCrap--Hot? Goodness.


@Blacksteve--Those are the mysteries of the universe!

@Anon--We love complements. Thanks.


Batocchio said...

I'd rather watch him than Glenn Beck! Better yet, I'd like to see him crash Beck's show and take it over. From there, he could branch off and start to take over every Fox News show...

chaunceydevega said...

@Batocchio--Brother X Squared is always on the lookout for his allies who work to bring his word to the people!

Stay strong in the struggle!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but that man is delusional. I honestly laugh at these broke ass "Pro-Black" Negros.
If you feel that way than go back to Africa. Stop coming here with that bullshit and making it hard for us who want to make it somewhere in the world but are constantly being connected to these losers because of our skin colors. As far as killing people and their babies, I don't and will never agree with it.

What if the KKK wanted to kill us and our kids all at once? All hell would break lose for them just saying it but were suppose to understand the poor abused slave who says it?

Really though, Go Back To Africa you fake ass want to be "Black African King".

He's trying to lead all us to this fake salvation to full his need to have power and feel accomplished in life. He's nothing but another loser looking to lead us all to hell with his garbage! I refuse for there to be another mass murder because this fool is crazy. If he said drink the kool aid, half of you would.

What's next, There is no god and you shouldn't believe in him because he's white?

I agree Black Steve, he says one thing right and their 20 other bad ones to follow. It is him in the video, no one can mirror him the way they did. He's a coward who doesn't want to own up to his words in fear of retaliation from the same people who worship him so he makes this "alter ego" who surprisingly has the same Tattoos as him and looks like his twin brother.

Oh no Conspiracy! Get the hell out of here. You can't pull your fake ass Shaza Cotton over my eye,.