Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gordon Gartrelle’s Haiku Movie Reviews

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I apologize for my extended absence, folks. Chauncey has done a commendable job holding it down dolo. I know from experience how tough it is to lose one of your writing colleagues (Zora, come back!).

I thought I’d ease the burden on Chauncey by offering reviews for the last six black movies I’ve seen. I’m extremely short on time, so not only am I bundling the reviews in pairs, I’m doing them in haiku.

35 Rhums & Killer of Sheep

silent, lyrical
black splendor in the mundane
fell asleep on both

Precious & Medicine for Melancholy

White liberals' dream
ham-fisted, patronizing
black folks wrote this shit?

Black Dynamite & Diary of a Tired Black Man

low budget as fuck
funny for different reasons
best movies ever?

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Lola Gets said...

Ok, your haiku were funny as hell!