Monday, November 17, 2008

Time to Go to Sleep: Randy Couture Meets Brock Lesnar's Fists

I have always been a fan of Brock Lesnar. His amazing speed, explosive strength, and awesome physicality are a near perfect combination. Now, Lesnar just needs to add some more experience and he will become the total package. I will forgive good old Brock for repeating the silly comment that some people think that he must be on steroids because "Brock has muscles like a black guy." I guess I didn't get the memo that black men are so powerful and naturally well muscled--this belief must be a cousin to the White racial psyche's fixation on "giant negroes" that Undercover Brother posted on sometime back.

Brock is going to do great in mixed martial arts. But, we would be in error if his impressive, and much missed, run in the World Wrestling Federation went unacknowledged. For the uninitiated, here are two classic bouts:

Brock versus the late, great, Eddie Guerrero (we miss you so much Eddie). Point: Brock lost, but in the world of professional wrestling, often the greatest performances come from putting over one's opponent:

Brock versus Kurt Angle. Three words: Brock Lesnar moonsault!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Random thought: For all that is good and just in the world, Kurt Angle should not transition into mixed martial arts. To do so, would be both dangerous and life threatening for the former Olympic gold medalist. And how long will it take until TNA's management, Kurt himself, and those sad marks out there (as opposed to smart marks like you and me) start clamoring for this "dream" match up?

Brock, We Respectable Negroes wish you the most enthusiastic of congratulations on your well earned victory!


gordon gartrelle said...

Who are these people?

Vee (Scratch) said...

Brock earned his win, although there are many people who still bemoan his WWE background.

Kurt Angle will probably do permanent damage to his neck if he enters MMA, however DO NOT sleep . . . he may also be extremely good. Right now, he's just all talk and continuing to perform in the circus but probably making millions.

Bobby Lashley has an MMA competition coming up in December, I'll check out how well he performs. If that's not a roided up brother, then I don't know what is.

If anything else, you must watch UFC92.

Anonymous said...

gordon gartrelle is alive

Anonymous said...

Gordon don’t pick on Chauncey . Man does not live by politics alone

chaunceydevega said...

Gordon is too busy listening to NPR and drinking shiraz to slum with the real people. I am an organic intellectual and have never forgotten my roots. Gordon on the other hand is a product of the negro monied classes who vacation at Martha's Vineyard, thus his aversion to our "low" culture.

chauncey d

Anonymous said...

Gordon I have 50$ tax free that says Chauncey would take you down in the ring. You will not be the Undertaker but will need an undertaker. If you don’t get the wrestling terms let me put it in political terms. By the time Chauncey gets done with you Gordon the Congress won’t even be able to bail you out.

Anonymous said...

I got $1,000 that Chauncey will out blog Gordon for the rest of the year.

gordon gartrelle said...

Chauncey, please.

Your people come from New England afristocrats. Mine, on the other hand, come from the Mississippi Delta.

I like "Man vs. Beast" and ODB as much as the next guy; I just don't get wrestling. I mean, I loved it when I was 10, but I'm all grown up now. You can watch greasy, roided up dudes in draws all ypou want.

And Chauncey can handle himself in a fight. I'm almost positive he did some kind of martial arts training. Sleep on my boxing skills at your own peril, though.