Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It is Spreading Like a Disease: Even Al Qaeda is Calling Barack Obama a House Negro

They are going to give Obama a complex or something with all this "house negro" talk. First, we had Pastor Manning:

Then we had Ralph Nader:

You make the call! Listen to Malcolm, reflect on Obama's candidacy and promised agenda, and ask yourself, "Is Barack Obama a house negro or a field negro?" Be honest:

Funny thing, the Right-wing praised Bush when Al-Qaeda would criticize him. Among the O'Reilly-Limbaugh-Malkin-Hannity cabal (and their mouth breathing followers) these attacks by Al-Qaeda were taken as signs that "we" were winning the war on terror. I wonder if the same standard will apply to Barack Obama?

I do wonder though if the Right-wing echo chamber will take this as a positive sign that the American people made the correct choice on election day?


Anonymous said...

It’s me AGAIN!! I was going to go back to my personal memoirs (hope I am not boring you with them I just want you to know the real me and not the stereotype that the left leaning crowd like to portray us as. I’m not rich, redneck/racist or unintelligent) but your post today made me change my mind on what to write. I read the story on this issue yesterday in the HuffPost, I even thought about you and what you may think of it. I was offended when I read it, even thou I did not vote for President-Elect Obama he is still my President and my nations enemy’s do not have the right of any kind to talk ill of our leaders let alone the man that will lead this country.

Anonymous said...

As for “a positive sign that the American people made the correct choice on Election Day” it is a little early on that call, especially when you want to use a Middle East Muslim racist remark as the scale to assess the November 4th decision . Middle East/North Africa Muslims are the most Bigoted and Narrow-minded place on the Earth. Take a look at their treatment/thinking on Woman, Jews, Christians and Blacks (as I stated on the previous mail I wish you will take the time to investigate the Arab Street mind on this issue).

Anonymous said...

I also took the comment personally. He was also calling my wife and five children a “house Negro” and as my favourite musical duet Hall and Oates once said “I can’t go for that, no can do”. However I do not find Al Qaeda remarks surprising. Since I been working in Nigeria since 1992 a lot of my Nigerian friends that have worked/travel for business to North Africa (99.9% Arab Muslim’s) and have told horror story’s of the way they treat Sub-Sahara (black) Africans.

Anonymous said...

Since I am using a work computer I can not watch the video (all videos blocked) that you use in your blog so I can not see/hear what Malcolm has to say, but with your “Be honest:” I can assume that you are implying that he was calling President-Elect Obama a
House Negro. Am I right. By the way when did Malcolm say what is in the video? During his Rev. Louis Farrakhan loved him days or during his Rev. Louis Farrakhan wanted him dead days. My guess is that the words/video that you used was when the good Reverend Louis Farrakhan didn’t mind that Malcolm has the spokesman for the Nation of Islam. We will get to my Louis Farrakhan thought another day, but let me ask you a two question on him now and I wish you would take the time to give me a ““Be honest:” answer one day. Do you believe that the Rev. Louis Farrakhan had a hand in the Malcolm assassination? If so why does the black community hold such high regard for Rev. Louis Farrakhan knowing that he was responsible in some way with the murder. Malcolm’s family hold Rev. Louis Farrakhan responsible as you already know.

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