Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chauncey DeVega says: Our Suggestions for Barack Obama's New Cabinet--Introducing the Bureau of Ign't Affairs Part 1

Barack Obama is mixing the old (established hands and experienced political operatives) with the new (a pledge to close Guantanamo Bay; a series of executive orders to role back Bush era fiats; and a review of the 750 billion dollar credit bailout plan). In keeping with his campaign slogan of "change," Obama's recently announced plan to create an Office of Urban Policy is of particular interest to respectable negroes everywhere. Hallelujah! So many of our central cities are virtual war zones, victims of a changing economy and a diminished tax base, that a sustained approach to renewing these communities has been long needed.

As supporters of Barack Obama, we are always willing to offer suggestions and guidance. Accordingly, we believe that the Office of Urban Policy represents an amazing opportunity to embrace a dynamic and forward thinking approach to helping American cities. In keeping with our commitment to fighting ignorance and stupidity wherever we may find it, we respectable negroes are officially launching The Victory at Home initiative. The cornerstone of the V.H.I. is the establishment of The Bureau of Ign't Affairs. We propose that this new government agency should be immediately created. Organizationally, we suggest that it be housed under the umbrella of Barack Obama's newly proposed Office of Urban Policy (or alternatively under the Department of Homeland Security).

The Bureau of Ign't Affairs will have as its mandate the elimination of ign't behavior, and where elimination of this behavior is impossible, to work towards the reduction and/or mitigation of ign't related negative externalities. We respectable negroes believe that effective leadership and agenda setting are inseparable from one another. In keeping with this core belief, we propose that the following person be named Secretary of Ign't Affairs:

The Leadership

The 'Cos. Was there any other option? He has longed struggled against ign't behavior. The 'Cos's recent and most valiant crusade against self-sabotaging behavior among the ghetto underclass was met with great resistance. Yet, the 'Cos persisted in this battle despite the formidable forces arrayed against him. From deft speeches on the dangers of pound cakes and teen sexuality, to impassioned pleas that ign't parents stop buying their children video games and expensive sneakers instead of Hooked on Phonics, the 'Cos has distinguished himself as a leader in this war. Moreover, for any leader to effectively lead and win in battle, he or she must understand the minds and hearts of the enemy. As the creator of the Cosby Kids, and a key innovator in the art and science that is black English, the 'Cos has a deep understanding of the struggles faced by the Bureau of Ign't Affairs. There is no other option: the 'Cos is the first and best choice to lead this most auspicious undertaking.

A Preliminary Agenda

The Pull Up Your Pants Project. Saggin' must stop. It is an eyesore. It is embarrassing. It signals a callous disregard for one' s appearance and a marked lack of self-respect. Sagging pants have become such a plague that many communities have enacted local laws and ordinances to curb this threat. In an age of Obama, where a dignified, proud, Black American is now president, the cult of sagging is a direct stab at the heart of what Barack Obama represents. Sagging is also a public health issue. Studies have shown that sagging pants lead to back pain, an increase in accidental police shootings (because sagging pants have to be held up by the ign't offenders when they are arrested by local law enforcement), and injuries related to falling pants as ign't men run to catch the local bus. Those who sag also face unforeseen consequences. It is ironic that while many ign't men see incarceration as a right of passage into manhood, little do they realize that saggin' entices prison rapists. To deter this behavior, we now present a man who will most certainly become a key official in the Bureau of Ign't Affairs: Behold the Booty Bandit, Undersecretary of Booty Affairs!

The Pretty Ricky Initiative
. Youtube is an untamed hinterland for ign't behavior. At any moment of any day ignt's are plying their craft and spreading their particular brand of teen (and adult) degeneracy to children--the most innocent and vulnerable members of our society. State's evidence number 1:

This outbreak of teenage grinding, booty poppin', and other miscellaneous, shameful behavior such as horrible freestyling and online hip hop battles, symbolizes a breakdown of family values and social order. Where are the parents? Where are the other responsible adults? The Bureau of Ign't affairs has correctly identified this public foolishness to be the direct result of an absence of fathers in the homes of young male ign'ts, as well as a total lack of shame by ign't communities. Young men need guidance. They need older responsible men to explain that respectable young men don't grind on ottomans or other household furniture (however, as Ghostface Killah and Jocelyn Elder have both explained, bed grinding is an acceptable outlet for the sexual urges of teens and young adults). Most important, the Pretty Ricky video (and others like it) are a clear indication that these young ign'ts don't seem to grasp the inherent homoeroticism of simulating group sex with defenseless furniture. Ottomans don't have the power to say "No!" And in what is an inevitable move from ottoman grinding to bathroom booty poppin', these young adults almost always escalate to other more dangerous, risky, and deviant sexual behaviors.

No Bottom Left Unbeaten. Many studies have condemned corporal punishment as damaging to the development and emotional well-being of children. However, many upright, virtuous parents believe that spanking is essential for the raising of disciplined and well-behaved children. Rather than stand against the wisdom of parents, the Bureau of Ign't Affairs supports caregivers in their struggle to raise healthy, strong, disciplined children. To that end, we propose that public schools offer weekly, government subsidized spankings to children in all grade levels. These beatings will motivate, encourage, and harden these young respectable negroes (and others) against the temptations of ign't culture. The "experts" are wrong. Rather than fewer beatings, the Bureau of Ign't Affairs firmly believes that we actually need more beatings in our most under-served and under-resourced schools.

Disrupting the Baby Mama to Prison Pipeline. Prison is a right of passage for many young ign't men. An equally frightening prospect, rather than be marginalized within the ign't community, these felons earn social prestige from "doing a bid." They become local "celebrities" whom are flocked to by young ign't women. Unfortunately, the criminal ign'ts imperil the health, safety, general welfare, and economic well-being of the communities in which they live. The Bureau of Ign't Affairs's solution: disrupt the source of this ign't wellspring at its source. To accomplish this goal, we need a comprehensive education program for the women who choose to lay with these young men. This proposed educational program will feature comprehensive access to birth control, life skills counseling, and training in critical thinking skills. These young women will be offered a simple decision making rule. If a young, ign't, ex-con wants to lay with said woman, she should apply the 3 point rule: no job, criminal record, and baby mamas equals no sex:

If a young woman must indulge, she should apply the 2 point rule--birth control pills and condoms are mandatory. The Bureau of Ign't Affairs also believes in the power of deterrence. In keeping with this, the bureau will offer an updated version of the infamous, Scared Straight Program. However, in lieu of tough, 1970s era thugs, the Bureau of Ign't Affairs will follow Chris Rock's brilliant suggestion and use the Tossed Salad Man as an ominous disincentive to criminality:

What is your pleasure? Syrup or jelly?

This is the first installment in the white paper that we are completing on suggested policy initiatives to be undertaken during the first 100 days of the Obama administration. What other initiatives should the Bureau of Ign't Affairs put into motion? What are some other bureaus that Barack Obama should create? Who should staff these new organs of government? Should the Office of Urban Policy be expanded to include the Bureau of Ign't Affairs? Or is this new government entity deserving of independent standing?


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

oh so true
and oh so funny
he announced the pants stuff on mtv

Anonymous said...

Wow I get Fleece Johnson and The Tossed Salad Man in the same drop? Hilarity has ensued on a Friday.

Sincerely Serious said... true..LOL

Vee (Scratch) said...

Awww man, this is on point.

The Cos all the way!! I have something that works with this post. An enforcer for the Bureau of Ign't Affairs . . .
Murda Brown, the new Brown Hornet.