Friday, November 2, 2007

Gordon Gartrelle says: You disappoint me, Brother Chauncey

You’re getting old. You do realize that you sound like the nostalgia pimps who start every sentence, “back in my day” or “these kids today,” right? You’re one step away from shaking your fist at “whipper snappers” for walking on your lawn.
Kids of all generations dress like clowns. Don’t make me post an old picture of you rockin a hi top fade and Hammer pants.
[You have to admit kids everywhere wanted to wear Hammer's outfit from the Turn this mutha out video. Actually, I was rockin the Ellesse sneakers (or multicolored boat shoes), with some Cavarichi pants and a Cross Colors jean jacket--I was so beautiful, sort of like a cross between Prince and Carlton. When I had a date I would wear my high cut Italian dress boots, with my cardigan sweater or a turtleneck under my Colin Powell desert camo jacket. I really wanted an S curl or a high top fade but my mom wouldn't let me, she said I would look to 'hood--Chauncey]
This whole thing reminds me of a Jimi Izrael piece on Black Enterprise’s Earl Graves, a negro with some fucked up porkchop sideburns, forcing an intern to cut his dreadlocks because they convey the wrong corporate image.
Why is it that folks who look busted always feel the need to judge other people’s appearance?
[Granted the White T/Saggin pants ign't kids don't necessarily look any better than the people judging them, but the consequences for their mutual lack of fashion sense are quite different, don't you think?--Chauncey]
And how is saggin’ holding anyone back? You act as if brothers are rolling into Fortune 500 job interviews with their pants around their knees. Let’s address real problems, please. Focusing on superficial shit is the job of the media.
And I'm glad that you mentioned the Cos'. Now there's a brother who knew how to dress for success!

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