Monday, October 1, 2018

A Conversation With Psychiatrist Justin Frank About How Donald Trump is a Man-Child Adult Baby President Whose Greatest Power is Hatred

Dr. Justin Frank is a former clinical professor of psychiatry at the George Washington University Medical Center and a physician with more than forty years of experience in psychoanalysis. He is the author of the bestselling books "Bush on the Couch" as well as "Obama on the Couch". Dr. Frank's new book is "Trump on the Couch". Dr. Frank's work has appeared in Time Magazine and at the Daily Beast. He has also been an expert commentator and guest on such media outlets as MSNBC, CNN and PBS.

Dr. Frank and Chauncey discuss Donald Trump's various mental pathologies, how they are rooted in his childhood and the fact that Trump is the first American president who is an adult baby. Dr. Frank also explains how Donald Trump's greatest power is the permission he gives his followers to hate their enemies and to show disgust and contempt towards civilization and normal society. And Dr. Frank warns the American people and the world that Donald Trump exhibits signs of sociopathy and will never change his temperament or behavior.

Chauncey's friend and one of the co-founders of this very blog, the once-named "We Are Respectable Negroes", also stops by the virtual bar and salon. Gordon Gartrelle shares his thoughts on Bill Cosby the now convicted sex criminal, the weaknesses of the Democratic Party, and Donald Trump the circus freak. Gordon also updates Chauncey on his various food adventure travels around the world while they both celebrate the greatness that is the King of the Hill TV show.

Chauncey also makes an announcement: There is now a voicemail number for The Chauncey DeVega Show where you can leave a kind message, ask a question, just say hello, do impressions, confess your love for him, read a poem or just share the power of The Love Train!

(262) 864-0154

During this week's podcast Chauncey reviews how America's rape culture was put on trial by the United States Senate. The result? Brett Kavanaugh and rich white elite male privilege won--again.

Never forget. In the tumult of chaos that was Kavanaugh's elite white male privilege temper tantrum before the world Chauncey also reminds everyone about how the Republicans passed another 3 trillion dollar tax scam bill and more then 10,000 Hispanic and Latino migrant and refugee children are still in Donald Trump's concentration camps.

This week's podcast with Dr. Justin Frank can be downloaded or listened to here.

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