Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Joy and Spite of Fundraising with White Supremacist Hate Mail Part 2

I will be posting this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show with special guests Ned and Constance Sublette later today. They are the authors of the essential new book The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave-Breeding Industry.

They are amazing. Our conversation is one of my favorites among so many greats in the almost 100 episodes of the podcast known as The Chauncey DeVega Show.

But first, I would like to offer the second case in my "fundraising with white supremacist hate mail" series.

[I also want to thank the kind folks who donated to the December annual fundraiser this week. I am so very surprised and touched. I am 60 percent or so to the goal for this year's fundraiser for December. If you can, appreciate what I am trying to do, and have the resources, please throw some love into the donation bucket that can be found at the Paypal link on the sidebar. It is an added bonus if these Right-wing hate mails are motivations to encourage your generosity during the fundraising drive. With a few more donations we can get the video podcast going for next year.

As I said before folks, we are in a war between the forces of good and evil. We are the former. They are the latter.]

The following email from an up and coming Right-wing sewer dweller who is desperate to join the Fox News-Breitbart ranks is very instructive. He is using some new-old white supremacist scripts in his communique with me.

Yet, for all of his efforts at doublespeak, said person is unable to hide his racist motivations. I get several of these types of requests a month--often quite a few a week given the news cycle--and I almost never play along. These white supremacists who are striving to get more attention in the Right-wing hate media echo chamber often become very hostile, rageful, and deranged when you refuse to play their game.

When I told this agent of the Right-wing propagandist that I was going to use his email during my fundraising drive, he became apoplectic and started sending me messages with lots of capital letters and big legal sounding words that he does not fully comprehend.

I have removed his name from the email correspondence because said Right-wing propagandist does not deserve the attention.

This email is a version of the children's game "Where's Waldo?"--but one that uses Right-wing talking points and accompanying twisted logic.

How many tells and signals can you pick up on? What logic is being deployed here? What are his assumptions? Do these Right-wing troglodytes actually believe what they are writing?


Hello, my name is XXXX and I am a writer and editor at My articles are also republished on sites such as Infowars and sometimes linked by Drudge. I am sure you consider me a "right wing" conspiracy theorist but I can assure you that although I definitely do not share political beliefs with you, I am also not a Republican. I do not believe in the left right paradigm as I consider it a form of control by the establishment. I also wanted to mention that while other writers on our website may support Trump, I do not.

I bring this up in the hopes that you do not just ignore this email and instead decide to respond.

Anyways, I am writing this email because I am working on an article about liberal news coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement and how you in particular are blaming Trump and his supporters rhetoric for the recent horrific attack on the BLM protest while at the same time totally ignoring the dozens of documented examples of violent rhetoric coming from BLM as well as the fact that at least one BLM activist listened to that rhetoric and then went on to shoot a cop. 

It is a straight up LIE to claim that violent rhetoric is not coming from BLM activists and its also a lie to claim that no BLM activist has ever gotten violent with cops or the public.

This article confirms without a doubt that at least 1 blm protester who was at Mike Browns funeral has shot cops. I didnt hyperlink the article in case u are worried about clicking links in your email. I strongly urge you to try and ignore you bias of immediately not believing something on our site and READ the article as well as look at the photos that simply cannot lie.

There are also dozens and dozens of examples of BLM activists chanting for cops to be killed and screaming and cornering white people about how bad they are because they are white. The vast majority of the public has seen the videos so I find it pretty freaking crazy for you to claim otherwise. And just so you know, I am not saying that one BLM activist shooting a cop invalidates the entire movement. I do not believe that at all. 


1. Do you acknowledge that some BLM activists have used violent rhetoric?
2. Do you acknowledge that a BLM protester who attended mike browns funeral shot a cop?
3. Why are you claiming that BLM has never been violent or used violent rhetoric when there are dozens and dozens of videos proving otherwise?
I think its important that you answer these questions especially because Im doing an article on this regardless and it would be alot more fair to include your responses. Whatever response you give me I will quote 100% honestly and not take your words out of context at all. That is a PROMISE. Although I totally disagree with you, I am dedicated to at least trying to hear the other side and provide their response if I get one.

I am going to be publishing the article by 6am tomorrow so I know that does not give you very much time. If you do not respond tonight I can still add your response to the article when you do.

Note: I just read some of your most recent Tweets and I can see you just attack and make fun of people who disagree with you rather than actually debating. I am hoping that because I am not being a jerk and am honestly trying to get a response from you that you will be serious and give me a legitimate response. Despite what you clearly think, a large portion of the alternative media is anti police state as a whole and would have supported BLM if it weren't for the anti white and violent rhetoric coming from them. I have spent YEARS rallying against the war on drugs and its disproportionate  affect on African Americans. My nephew who lives with me and who I take care of most of the time is half black so I have seen directly that there is racism in this country and that is something I have NEVER denied. I have also struggled to explain it to my nephew because being white I know I cant actually fully understand how it feels.  At the same time I also know that attacking all whites and screaming filthy white fucks to random people studying in a school library is not the way to go about getting real change.

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