Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey DeVega Talks Donald Trump, Fascism, and the GOP on the RT Network's "The Big Picture"

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Sharing, as is my habit.

I had the opportunity to do a guest spot on the RT network's show The Big Picture last evening.

In that segment, we talked about Donald Trump, the GOP, fascism, and the Right-wing public. I think I hit my marks. As I alluded to last night, I am not worried about Donald Trump winning the election. He will not. The really concern is where do all of his worked up and now politically engaged (and validated) racist supporters go? White supremacist organizations? American brown shirts? Terrorism?

Plus, how often do you get to make a reference to C.H.U.D.s and zombies while doing a guest spot on the TV machine?

For folks who have been following my journey, you will notice I let two speech affects slip out into the conversation. I did this on purpose so that I would seem more "approachable" and "real". Some folks have told me that I am too polished, and this could actually hurt my ability to connect with viewers. I also let a whee bit more of my thinking aloud and searching for an idea come into play during a spot I did an hour ago for The David Pakman Show (this will air tonight on the Free Speech Network).

Do you think this makes me more or less effective? I also tried to speak more slowly. Positive or negative?

All feedback is appreciated. I have gotten these opportunities because of the kind support and good energy of all of you. Your criticism and suggestions have been part of that process.

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