Friday, June 5, 2015

40 Percent to the Goal: An Obligatory End of the First Week of Fundraising Update

I would like to thank all of the kind folks who have donated to the annual June fundraiser here on WARN and I would also like to thank the kind subscribers and others who routinely throw some monies into the collection pile that keeps this site ad free, thus freeing me/us to do the type of truth-telling that is so damn needed in this time of tumult and trouble.

Your kindness means a great deal to me.

I am still sending out the "thank you" notes. If you have not received one it is imminent.

We are about 40 percent to the goal for this season's fundraiser. In my best NPR voice, if you can, are able to, find what I am trying to do here of value and use--and have taken care of your own personal responsibilities and those of both human and animal family members--please put some change in the donation pile that can found on the right-hand sidebar at the Paypal link.

Once we reach that goal, the fundraiser will cease.

In addition, to the great conversation I offered up with the indispensable Henry Giroux on this week's edition of The Chauncey DeVega Show, I have other guests such as next week's Ali Abunimah from Electronic Intifada, scheduled for this fundraising month. Since our last fundraiser, I have continued to grow the site, with your encouragement done more TV appearances, and have some other projects in process. The energy of the friends of WARN makes that happen: the kind donations and other material support are helpful aids to said goals.

I also have two forthcoming essays that I believe will contribute an important perspective on justice and the colorline. The first explores the connection between recreation and killing the black body in America. The second is a meditative and more personal essay on the concept known as "racial battle fatigue".

We are doing some good things here on WARN and

I am not part of a great liberal conspiracy. I am rarely compensated for my online work. The twice a year fundraisers are the only material remuneration that I receive for the (at least) thousand or so annual hours I put into WARN and

Again, thanks to those who have already thrown some paper, copper, gold, or silver in the donation begging bowl. Hopefully, other folks among the none too few who frequent this site on a daily basis can also put some change into the pile as well.

Stay strong, be well, and as always, thank you for your support.

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