Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The United States Government Has a Plan For Fighting 'Zombies', But It Still Can't Neutralize the White Racist Welfare King Cliven Bundy and His Thugs?

I am under the weather with a cold that is 1) the result of someone getting my toe nails or hair and putting a curse on me or 2) the sudden change in temperature here in Chicago which saw a dip from the mid to high 80's to the 50's today.

There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than a summer cold. Damn its power.

Earlier today, I was fortunate enough to chat with Professor Micheal Kimmel, author of the book 'Angry White Men", for the podcast series here on WARN. We talked about white masculinity and mass shootings, "angry white men", and if "masculinity", however defined, is in crisis. I also have the final two interviews for Season 2 of the podcast lined up--the topics to be discussed will include video games, comic books, and professional wrestling. Ghetto nerd goodness.

For the remainder of the week, I will be sharing short some thoughts on the "good nigger" "bad nigger" logic of Donald Sterling re: Magic Johnson, and also returning to our conversation on the movie Belle and the political economy of the Transatlantic slave trade. There are also two other essays that I have outlined, which depending on my mood and how the cold medicine is making me feel, I will soon finalize.

A quick thought.

Apparently, the United States military has an operational plan for dealing with a zombie outbreak. It is presented as a "fun" way of thinking about an "unthinkable" scenario (I would suggest that is a smokescreen--the United States military must have a plan in place for mass pandemics and biological warfare).

However, contained within the document are some disturbing admissions about how the United States Strategic Command would be hamstrung in deploying its forces against the undead, that the military expects to be overrun, and it will be forced to retreat to the few (two or three) secure bases in the continental United States. The United States Strategic Command also does not have 30 days of food and supplies that it could use to support operations for forces that are behind a barracked perimeter.

Hopefully, the other military commands and elements tasked with defending "the Homeland" are better prepared to deal with a zombie crisis.

The United States spends more than 600 billion dollars a year (in the "white budget") for "national defense". Yet, one of its primary organizational commands admits to being relatively impotent in the face of the walking dead? Worrisome and embarrassing.

Cliven Bundy's brigands are still running amok. They are now taking one of their freedom rides in the spirit of Paul Revere to demonstrate their commitment to liberty defiling and invading a nature preserve by riding their ATV's on "Indian lands" in a mass demonstration of white male gun nut privilege and entitlement. If Cliven "the welfare king" Bundy and his seditious followers were people of color this matter would have been resolved weeks ago. But, he and his minions are allowed to escalate the matter and are now threatening innocent people with harm.

[A question. How are Bundy's brigands able to stay away from their jobs and other responsibilities for weeks at a time? Are they on unemployment insurance, welfare, living off of their wives and partners, independently wealthy, financed by some Koch brothers front organization?]

What matters of serious concern have you been thinking about this week? Any news items or discoveries to share?


Myshkin the Idiot said...

Patriot and Charlie Delta's best white friend set up a gofundme to raise $100,000 to support the abandoned families of these American Patriots. They closed it after about $170 was raised. (Koch Brothers, good suspicion)

Shouldn't Bundy be paying them as mercenaries?

chauncey devega said...

170 dollars? So popular. Follow the money. There are some deep pockets somewhere.

Myshkin the Idiot said...

saw a story that Academi (Blackwater) has about 400 US Marines serving in the Ukrainian Army. I watched a video of pro-Russian activists/militia jumping from the Trade Union Building while it was on fire and being killed and beaten by Euromaiden activists. It's gettin real over there.

Saw a story about Chinese ships ramming Vietnamese ships in the South China Sea.

Raekwon and RZA settled their differences.

Courtney H said...

I hope that you recover from your cold. You're right -- summer colds are a b*tch.
If possible, could you do a story about the kidnapped Nigerian girls? Thanks.

chauncey devega said...

What are your thoughts on the issue? I had something short that was more a link to another story that is not getting the attention it deserves.

Miles_Ellison said...

No wonder Solnage Knowles beating up Jay Z is the lead story.

Myshkin the Idiot said...


Did you all see this? Cop kickin a 6th grader in handcuffs to the ground and choking another in handcuffs.

A scene from the Retrieval?

Myshkin the Idiot said...

I have a couple friends from Nigeria that I met online. They are very disappointed in their governments' response. The situation is very complicated. You can't just send troops in, Boko Haram would probably kill many of the girls.

I had criticized the hashtag "bringbackourgirls" as naive, one of my friends revealed to me that it is more about getting the Nigerian government to get the girls, not imploring Boko Haram to bring them back.

The Nigerian government officials seem more interested in protecting their necks from national/international scrutiny than discussing methods of getting the children back, but who knows what is really being done or what can really be done.

Boko Haram recruits from some of the most disadvantaged men in northern Nigeria. Uneducated, impoverished, unemployed/underemployed. The sexual resentment among them is perhaps a tool used by the leaders of Boko Haram. Nigeria has a poverty rate of 70% whereas a majority of the wealth is concentrated in .001% of the population (not to mention the colonial borders united three completely different major ethnic groups).

all i can say on it for now

lioness said...

And then there's the videotaped underwater murder attempt:

Or for semi-nauseous laughs, O'Reilly's denial of his own privillege.

Stress like that going around, it's no wonder you caught a cold. Hope you get to feeling better.

lioness said...

Didn't Dole start that? Or -- no, you have to go back to the British East India Tea Company.

lioness said...

Outside the limelight, been reading up on the latest in epigenetics. There's a whiff of the same subtext of concerns about IQ-based assortive mating starting to show up that I first saw in The Bell Curve.

Myshkin the Idiot said...

The story about the US Marines comes from Russia Today and the intelligence they are following may be dubious at best. Academi (blackwater) has denied the existence of their mercenaries in Ukraine. Who knows?

Courtney H said...

You're welcome. I hope that you get better soon.

Like everyone has been saying, it took two to three weeks for the mainstream media to pay attention to this story. We all know why. However, now you have major-league a**holes making fun of the hashtag campaign, and I've heard that on message boards, people are coming right out and saying that they don't care about these girls. It's really, really sick!
This is just one example:

Courtney H said...

I read a linked story from Field Negro's blog about this. I read the comments section, and of course, you had a** holes claiming that the one of the kids (being Haitian) would probably grow to become a criminal, and others claiming the kids had been raised by bad parents.

Myshkin the Idiot said...

despicable people who would do the same thing as those cops. I don't care what those two children did, they were handcuffed and probably on their way to an adult penitentiary when they were being choked, thrown on the ground and kicked by 300 pound men.

School to Prison pipeline, literally straight off the bus and into the back of a squad car.

Myshkin the Idiot said...

and actually, it was about that age that my stepdad was treating my older brother with that kind of abuse to "straighten him up"

Courtney H said...

Yup. Speaking of the school-to-prison pipeline, he is really good article about one program at a school in East Oakland that is using a program to help students to possibly avoid that PTP fate:

Courtney H said...

Oops! "he" should be "here." Sorry for the typo!

SabrinaBee said...

Quite true, we can't just go marching in there. We have a sordid history with that region and the locals aren't necessarily feeling us either. We can send drone though, and we will. We'll save what we can...