Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Toure Ethers Megyn Kelly's Silly Talk About the Whiteness of Santa Claus on MSNBC's The Cycle While I Wonder if Jimmy McMillan "The Rent is Too Damn High" Politician is Proof that the "Historical" Santa was Really a "Black" Man

On Monday's edition of The Cycle on MSNBC, panelist/host Toure had the final word on Fox News and Megyn Kelly's silly-talk that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ were "of course white".

In yesterday's promo, Toure ethered Kelly by metaphorically putting her sloppy drunk on white privilege claims about Santa in a submission hold that the WWE's Daniel Bryan would have acknowledged as textbook perfect.

I smiled when Toure linked Santa Claus to the national security state, white privilege, white supremacy, and a fear by some white folks of a black man who is the all-seeing panoptic eye--he who knows if you are naughty or nice, can sneak into your house, and then punish or reward you. Well done. Very smart.

However, there could be an unintended complication in Toure's evisceration of Megyn Kelly's claims about the indisputable fact of Santa's whiteness. In his promo, Toure referenced the following documentary which purports to show what the "real life" Greek-Turkish "Santa Claus" would have supposedly looked like.

Based on some of the comments by white supremacists that I follow online, and who are passionately defending the whiteness of Santa Claus and Jesus--and any suggestion to the contrary as being evidence of "anti-white" and black "cultural appropriation" of white history--they would be mighty disturbed by the fact that the "historical" Santa is a bit swarthy and brown in complexion.

Race is a social construct. It has little to no basis in biology. As such, who is defined as "white", "black", or "other" is an arbitrary distinction with real social power that changes across time, place, and to fit certain political realities and questions.

In this Megyn Kelly "Santa Claus is of course white imbroglio", we may have stumbled upon a fact that many Americans are truly not prepared for. Could Jimmy McMillan, the recently famous "the rent is too damn high" politician from New York, be a direct relation to Santa Claus?

Their shared physical resemblance is uncanny.

Is Jimmy McMillan more proof that Santa Claus is a black man? Will Henry Louis Gates and PBS do a special on Mr. McMillan and Santa Claus's family origins so that we can finally get at the truth about the real "racial identity" of Santa Claus?

Where is Alex Jones when we need him?


Learning Is Eternal said...

Touré put on a light clinic in pathology. This what they do. Hijacking culture for eons then giving it a facelift. If Bruce Jenners' face is any indication we can always see when "work" has been done. Just look @the overrated karaoke singer elvis.

Let 'em have santa and jesus. If both were stolen from us, as people of color, I doubt we referred to either of them as such. You know they have xenophobia about foreign names also.

I didn't see the show. What were his co-hosts reactions to Touré's response as he is the token black on the panel?

Bryan Ortez said...

I saw an article about the Greco-Turkish Nikolaos and I could only imagine the white supremacist teeth grinding about those liberal historian revisionists.

This whole thing is just hilarious. I wonder what my parents think (we don't talk about race anymore).

Black Sci-Fi said...

The whole Santa/Jesus = white men meme is really just an online click-bait trap for the toopid. Rather than waste more precious electrons on a fake issue, why don't we (liberals?) figure out how to increase employment in the USA.
Race Baiting by Fox News is how they've ben able to keep their ratings high. They find no shame in saying the most vile things about our President because it increases viewership, even among so-called liberals. Why? Because they aren't serious about anything except creating "high paying" sensation, not reporting news. Their entire news operation is simply "CLICK-BAIT. GET A CLUE and stop supporting their madness. If you want to stop the madness then stop buying products made by Koch, Inc and other products advertised on FOX. In America, if you want to change something, put your money where your mouth is. Imagine the headlines that would follow a successful boycott of Fox advertisers. Anything less is BS and making a noose for your hangman.

chauncey devega said...

Sometimes you just have to be able to laugh at the absurd. We can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time.

Bryan Ortez said...

It would be tough to boycott their sponsors...


I think though, the 'click-bait' is important as their sponsors rely on their viewership to drive their decision making.

I do agree this issue (non-issue really) is silly, but Megyn Kelly's remark should be seen as one of those microagrressions toward black Americans that white people do on a regular basis. It was perhaps also fodder for that teacher to ridicule his student for being black and wearing a Santa costume.

Black Sci-Fi said...

The newsrooms of our nation CHOOSE to cover the stories they feel appeal to America. But, they are governed by the almighty dollar. If you think you can't live without products advertised on FOX, too bad for the rest of us..
I would suggest AGAIN that braiding the hangman's noose and expecting him to use it for a jump rope may explain the thinking or liberals who are cought-up the latest click-bait from FOX. To be clear, I would rather CDV use his vast talent to inform me about something positive and progressive rather than rehashing garbage that has been over-covered to death. Toure? Yeah, OK. Obama selfie at Mandela's memorial service..Yeah OK. Ms. (Stepford) Kelly AIN'T REAL. She's just a lowbrow entertainer for a highly rated (aided by liberals) freak show called FOX NEWS. We CAN choose to ignore the stupidity and ignorance and make them change their policy. The TV remote works as the ultimate censor. But, then again, what would Americans talk about around the office water cooler. OJ...???

Bryan Ortez said...

I totally agree with you about all of that. Mainstream news will focus on crap like Obama selfies and Megyn Kelly's ignorance.. I can't even count the number of stupid things I have seen media endlessly 'discuss' meanwhile many more relevant and important topics are flatly ignored.

When I said it would be difficult to boycott Fox sponsors I was referring to companies like Bayer, AT&T, BMW Jaguar, Boeing, Proctor & Gamble, pretty much every major car company, Time Warner and Comcast, Wal Mart and Target and some major financial institutions. I already don't have the money to support most of those things, and I already intentionally don't buy from places like Wal Mart or certain brands, preferring to get things locally as I am able.

Many of those companies make money in ways beyond individual consumerism. A sustained boycott would take a very organized and concerted effort at activism hitting individual consumers, as well as contract work through state and local governments.

I know this is such a stupid thing, Santa's race, but it is very telling of the defensive stance taken by people who strongly identify and tie their status to whiteness. Perhaps discussing it is pointless, most who understand her dismissive nature toward Aisha Harris would have seen it coming a mile away, others who agree with her will feel justified by her actions and applaud her insistence that Santa is indeed white.

chauncey devega said...

You know my position on this:

"To be clear, I would rather CDV use his vast talent to inform me about something positive and progressive rather than rehashing garbage that has been over-covered to death."

Start your own website. I mean that nicely. Lots of times if there is something you feel that needs to be done step up--it is free and only costs time and effort. Two, politics is professional wrestling explains much.

chauncey devega said...

Or do you just mean human beings' investment in distractions? Pretty old part of our monkey brains.