Friday, April 5, 2013

How Many Ways Will the White Right Hate on President Obama for Hosting the Country's First "Kid President"...Who Also Happens to be Black?

Once more, this is the President I voted for. He has demonstrated his ghetto nerd bonafides once more.

I often qualify my observations about Barack Obama by framing them with the language that "he is a President who happens to black." In moments such as the above, where he took the time to meet with a black 3rd grader who is the "Kid President" and give him a tour of the White House, he is a Black President.

Yes, this is largely symbolic. But, in a country where if for example you were a black person born in the 1970s in the United States, your grandmother's grandmother would likely have been a slave, these small moments are potent: they are made even more so by the artifacts and images of Brother King and others which Obama has chosen to adorn the inner sanctum of power that is the Oval Office.

Obama's cool pose, his language, and code-switching as he speaks with young Mr. Robbie Novack leave no doubt that the President is a man comfortable in his own skin, and how he has successfully navigated the twisted and often perilous route that is blackness and black masculinity.

I always try to understand those with whom I have differences of political thought, values, and beliefs. In a basic way, I can almost, note I said almost, understand how the White Right and worst elements of the Tea Party GOP (with their Birtherism conspiranoid fantasies), can quite literally hate the idea of a black man in the White House, living there with his beautiful family, and being so at ease in that space.

Historically, American governance has equaled white government by law, habit, and tradition. Obama and his family's presence is a smack in the fact of that standing-rule.

President Obama's effortless grace is impressive. How his detractors among the conservative media establishment, the Tea Party brigands, and the racially resentful White Right in mass, will inevitably find a way to smear and detract from a precious and innocent moment when President Obama entertained the country's Kid President will reveal once more how existentially ugly and bigoted those folks actually are.

Again, I understand. When one has power they are forever fearful of losing warps the mind. And when one has lived a life where to be "American" is synonymous with a certain type of "whiteness," the idea of a black man, his family, and guests being n the White House, living as American royalty, is too much to reconcile. The cognitive dissonance among some on the Right about these matters is more than I care to try to understand or process because I love my sanity.

The rage is their fuel and political meth. How many of them are going to hit the proverbial pipe as they watch the Kid President and Barack Obama's tour of the White House?


Paul Sunstone said...

For some people, who they hate, and how much they hate them, is more important than most anything else in making up their self identity. Without someone to hate, they'd feel lost. I suspect a lot of the people who hate Obama are that way. His colour, politics, and position are essential to it, of course, but they'd feel like they were dying if their hatred were lifted from them. They wouldn't know who they were.

rikyrah said...

instead of being happy that this young Black boy is doing positive with his life....the right wing hates on them. it's who they are. They truly understand that this President, for our youth, is shaping their minds in a way that the children don't even understand...and I don't just mean Black kids.

What kills them is when they see pics of this President with all those little WHITE children that look at him with awe, wonder and respect.

THAT kills them.

chauncey devega said...

Hate is a warm blanket. It keeps one warm; it also serves as an anchor for their universe.

chauncey devega said...

Cosign. Maybe that upsets them even more. Remember the rage over his having the nerve to actually give the ever so often presidential speech to young people in school?

Adam H said...

My God his voice is so comforting to listen to. It almost makes uncomfortable. I'm gonna put this on loop and listen to it while I fall asleep.

chauncey devega said...

Do you want to go in the tree of trust with B-rock?

Ben Grim said...

'Approval ratings falling!!! Cute photo op stat!!!'

chauncey devega said...

It is called politics. greatest show on Earth.

Ben Grim said...

It's also called manipulation of the public and mind control. "Here's me with a cute black kid. This'll distract them Negroes while I cut Social Security. My motto? Talk like King, rule like Bush. They'll never catch on.. Ghetto nerd? I'm from a family of bankers. Young feller, this is a nice pretense but the only way you or any other black person will grow up to be president is if you are adopted by the CIA."

Ben Grim said...

Actually, the CIA has to make that decision before you're born. Just for the sake of accuracy.

Ben Grim said...

"Oh, and also, and this may not have been made clear, but, obviously, you have to be raised in a white household. Yeah, I know, we look alike,young feller, but believe me, our similarities are only skin deep. For all my tawny hide, I'm white, pure white inside."

chauncey devega said...

So there is an approved list? The CIA can't get WMD's and Iraq right, but they can predict/select presidential candidate many decades in advance?

Power doesn't have to be that sneaky; it hides in plain sight doing regular day-to-day things. But, the big conspiracy theory is more comforting. To point. I am going to get my KKK Snapple Iced Tea and salt peter laced Churches chicken right now ;)

Anonymous said...

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Ben Grim said...

"So there is an approved list?"

Nope. There's just prerequisites. Being white raised and CIA produced is just the beginning. You do have to have certain skills and abilities. Bottom line,

"Power doesn't have to be that sneaky;" And you know this how? Got some connections to the alphabet soup of intelligence agencies? Hooked up to the 1%? Ever heard of HAARP? Of course not. It doesn't exist. Power doesn't have to be this sneaky indeed. It's sneakiness is likely beyond anything the average person can imagine.

nomadfiles said...

And here's a question for you, Chauncey, while I'm musing bout it. If you were to pass thru the looking glass into a world where black was white and up was down and war was peace and ignorance and depravity were esteemed and celebrated, would you notice? Or would you continue on as if nothing had happened?

PS: Disqus sucks.

nomadfiles said...

This cute bit of fluff is designed to cause Negroes to have positive feelings about Barama. Ya'll need to discard that notion. The people in power are not your friend. Least of all the austerian in the White House. Wake the hell up.

Anonymous said...

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nomadfiles said...

True but you also want to administer large dosages of anesthesia just before you amputate an arm and a leg.

Gee, man, Barama is doing some really nasty things right now. I think it's curious, given these momentous developments regarding a president you were so vocal about reelecting, that you are silent. Otherwise I wouldn't mention it. This is really shortsightedly partisan and irresponsible given, as I say, your cheerleading his reelection. Where's the mia culpas and I'm sorrys? Where is at least a report on how your candidate is performing. There's no need to be a wall of protection around brother Barack anymore. He never has to run for election again, you are therefore free to be honest in your criticism (in love) of the brother.!

chauncey devega said...

You know my position on these things. Start your own blog or website; start a newsletter; get a radio show; do your thing brother.

nomadfiles said...

Would I notice having passed thru the looking glass? Definitely!!! I do!

To point: Where's my other comment? Is it outright censorship now? Was that one too hot to handle?!

nomadfiles said...

Well, I'm doing the blog. This is just part of my outreach to the mind controlled.

nomadfiles said...

95 plus approval ratings? I wouldn't doubt it. I thought it was about 90. Either way that's just an overwhelming majority. And it's sad. The mirror image of the T-party, in that these black supporters of Obama are working against their own best interests. I am one to say 'I told you so'. This is what you were voting for when you reelected Barama. He telegraphed the cuts to Soc Security way back in his first term and throughout. I said, Chauncey, tell the people what they are voting for when they vote for Barama. This sellout of Soc Security and the New Deal. Grand Bargain indeed!

Anonymous said...

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