Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moral Appeals are Nice, But Material Realities May be Even More Compelling: Racism and Sexism are Net Drains on the U.S. Economy

Discrimination isn’t just an insult to our most basic notions of fairness. It also costs us money, because those who are discriminated against are unable to make the best use of their talents. This not only hurts them, it hurts us all, as some of our best and brightest players are, in essence, sidelined, unable to make their full contributions to our economy. 
Over the past half century, America has made considerable strides in reducing discrimination against women and racial minorities. But recent research suggests that we still have a long way to go. What’s even worse: Progress against discrimination – particularly racial discrimination — seems to have largely stalled out. And there are signs that other forms of discrimination are getting worse.
The struggle against social injustice is fueled by a narrative of moral appeals. The logic of good guys vs bad guys, and how the long arc of justice inevitably bends true is compelling and beautiful. In appealing to the heart, the hope is that the mind, and the body politic, will inevitably be moved in the direction of the Common Good, and towards a set of forward thinking and evolved public policies

My thinking about the nature of the Racial State, white supremacy, and social change has evolved over the years. In college during my black nationalist phase, I was compelled by a narrative of "justice" and how certain groups were inherently and deeply tied to various social evils that for reasons of selfishness and self-interest they could not abandon or overcome.

As I have gotten older, read more, learned how much I do not know, and read some more again, I now see how elite actors, working both against and with people on the ground can either serve Power, massage its reach, or change the terms of the social and political consensus.

The New Racism of the post civil rights colorblind era works through impersonal forces. Of course, the ugly hangovers of inter-personal violence and old school racism still exist in such manifestations as police brutality, hate crimes, stop and frisk, and a deep cultural hostility to black people which links us to apes and animals in the American collective subconscious--and which legitimates our murder by either street vigilante bigots such as George Zimmerman or juries that are more likely to give black defendants the death penalty.

The power of implicit bias and the deep veins of anti-black bigotry are topics which remain little discussed in "post racial" America:
Eberhardt described a number of other studies with similar findings. Instead of faces, participants saw a list of stereotypically White or Black names. Then they viewed a video with a gorilla in it. Only 45% of the participants exposed to the White names noticed the gorilla. But 70% of the participants who saw the Black names noticed the gorilla. “This idea of Blacks as apes pulls the gorilla out of darkness,” Eberhardt said. 
Given the findings of these studies—people exhibit a clear association between Blacks and apes—what are the social and political consequences? Eberhardt described an experiment based on the Rodney King case. Participants viewed a video of police officers beating a Black suspect. Participants who saw words associated with apes before watching the video believed the officers’ actions were more justified, compared to participants who did not see the animal imagery.

In a separate study, Eberhardt found that people are more likely to consider animal language (such as “barbaric,” “animalistic,” etc.) appropriate and necessary in court cases of Black defendants compared to White defendants. News articles describing Black defendants are more likely to use animal language than articles about White defendants. 
In addition, news articles of Blacks who received a death sentence contain more animal language than the articles of those with life sentences. “So not only are Blacks associated with apes, but this association is linked to justifications of violence and death,” Eberhardt concluded. “It’s almost as though the rules for what moral treatment is get shifted for Black suspects and defendants.”
Because the inequalities of race (and gender) work impersonally and structurally in neoliberal, 21st century, corporate-democracy "multicultural" America, the most powerful way of overcoming them, is by appealing to a basic, material calculus of shared self-interest in the service of realpolitik.

For example, Dr. King and the other brave Freedom Soldiers he struggled and died with, "won" the Civil Rights Movement because of their pressure on the United States government in the context of the Cold War. Elite interests were served by making some concessions--some basic, others radical--and dismantling formal Jim and Jane Crow.

Thus one must ask, without the Cold War, would the Civil Rights Movement have been successful? The counterfactual scares me.

While not surrendering to a crude materialism, I have long been telling folks that racism's (and sexism's) greatest social evil is how it generates a net loss on the economic and material productivity of the United States. This economic inefficiency has a direct impact (both positively and negatively) on the life chances of all Americans.

Job market and other discrimination limits the returns on educational investment for people of color and women. Wealth and income inequality can also be traced to such "bad behavior" as discrimination in all of its forms. Moral appeals are great. But appeals to more economic growth and shared uplift, are to my eyes, even more compelling reasons for confronting both day-to-day, as well as structural racism and sexism.

David Futrelle, writing in Time magazine, would seem to agree where he offers up the following analysis:
Before we get to the recent research, let’s look at the ways discrimination hurts us. Economists see discrimination as a form of economic inefficiency – a massive, systematic misallocation of human resources. Those in the discriminated-against groups can’t bring their full talents to the table, languishing in jobs that are in many ways “beneath them,” while less-talented members of more privileged groups take high-powered, high-paying jobs that are beyond their abilities, dragging down everyone with their relative incompetence. 
Economists describe this, drily, in terms of “human capital frictions” that impose “a group-specific tax for each occupation on the inputs into human capital production,” as one recent paper puts it. 
But the costs of discrimination are depicted in a much more memorable manner in the show Mad Men, particularly in its earlier seasons. The show, as many of you no doubt are aware, takes place in an ad agency in the 1960s that’s basically one big boys club, in which talented women are relegated to being support staff for ad men who are in some cases little more than amiable drunks. 
Much of the drama of the first couple of seasons centers around the rise of a new hire named Peggy Olsen, who starts working at the firm as a secretary and whose considerable talents as a writer are only noticed by the men of the firm essentially by accident. And it goes without saying that the boys club is also an all-white club.
[Given their love of "free markets" and their worship at the altar of unrestrained greed, one would think that true conservatives and Republicans would be the fiercest proponents of anti-racist policies, as they would unleash the American economy by removing market inefficiencies. 

Maybe contemporary Republicans do not really believe in free markets, and would rather engage in rent seeking behavior, as well as getting paid of off other scams?]

Systemic white racism has served as one of the greatest subsidies from one group of people to another in the history of the United States. While many of them, especially on the Right, may complain and cry about how black and brown folks (and women) are "protected classes," white men have collectively been given trillions and trillions of dollars in wealth transfers, stolen land, resources, and other benefits which were denied to those not in that cohort.

In America, affirmative action (as viewed through the lens of its most pernicious caricaturizations by contemporary conservatives) has truly been white...and male for centuries. Thus, a great contradiction. The White grievance politics of the Right are prefaced upon a sense of white disadvantage: the insecurity felt by many white men is a direct response to a sense that they are "losing" the most in today's economy.

However, many on the Right are ideologically driven to deny the empirical fact that racism against people of color exists and profoundly impacts our life chances--even in the Age of Obama. Yet, there is a deep sense that the unearned privileges that come with being white (and male) in American society are being stolen away by the "undeserving" minorities, immigrants, and women.

I would suggest that this anxiety, hostility, and fear is understandable. White men as a group have been subsidized by the State for centuries. Ultimately, the mediocrity of Whiteness, and white men in particular, has been cultivated and encouraged by the Racial State from slavery, through to Jim and Jane Crow, and in the colorblind racism and institutional discrimination of post civil rights America.

As such, for decades even semi to low skilled white men in the labor market could buy a home, get promoted, move up, accrue resources, and eventually retire at a reasonable age, because of an insular and restrictive labor market in which they did not have to fully compete with women and people of color.

It is still a white man's world as demonstrated by the racialized and gendered nature of the top tiers of the finance, banking, entertainment, and government sectors. It is still a white man's world for rank and file white folks too. However, they sense, as they should, that their position is slipping in an increasingly globalized and diverse America.

In an age of austerity, will elites pursue a strategy of fully mobilizing all of the human capital in American society in order to have greater gains for us all? Or will there be a White backlash, where an alienated and aggrieved group of human mediocrities on the White Right and the Tea Party GOP work feverishly to keep their share of a shrinking resource pie?

If anything the Tea Party was/is a herrenvolk organization that wanted to keep resources for white folks like them, at the expense of any other group not considered part of their particular "real America nation." Did they have the right idea at the wrong time? Or did they just overplay their hand?


CNu said...

blah, blah, de blah, blah, blah-de-blah...., when all this proxied white female lip-whoopin is said and done, there will remain two classes of male deciders, those men who have guns, and those men who do not.

everything else is merely conversation....,

chauncey devega said...

always so dystopian. i think you are waiting for the end if not hoping for it. you are an unapologetic patriarch? do you have your conan pics up and a battle ax ready... but he was pretty egalitarian in his own way too.

I love "white female lip-whoopin" by the way. You don't?

Dave said...

I fundamentally agree with what you are saying. Although I think that you might be missing your ability to throw sutures into our collective fabric far beyond where you were going. From my point of reference I see plenty of tribalism in the caucasian fray, so following your thoughts I was left with "holy sh#t we're screwed". I do not believe this to be the case, although I find it useful to remember that we are all funny "animals". Thanks for tweaking my amygdala.

Ted Parker said...

Teach Brother, Power to the People

chauncey devega said...

I am a horrible seamstress. I am even a worse surgeon. But I hear you...

chauncey devega said...

You teach too. I bet you got some wisdom. Offer it up.

!!! said...

Oh of course, one day soon you will get to be The Decider, with the biggest guns and the most toys, as all the feminist bitches cry out "Oh please CNu, forgive me! Please protect me! Now that I have no more access to SSRIs I understand... my depression was only trying to show me... how much I truly needed a man..." And you will laugh and laugh and blow up those frigid, slutty women with a rocket launcher, and then a banner reading Mission Accomplished will appear.

If societal collapse doesn't come today it will surely arrive tomorrow, and if it doesn't come tomorrow it is coming the day after. And then finally, you will be able to wield the power to which you have always been entitled by dint of your gender. Count on it!

CNu said...


On topic, prior to the peak of available net energy, where were all of these fantasized, diverse human capital productivity gains?

On the other side of peak available net energy, it seems like the most foolish and magical thinking fantasy to suppose that imbeciles who can't even get urban agriculture together to overcome their own food deserts, or, who can't organize any kind of business outside of cultural production and the dope trade - will somehow magically produce a renaissance of productivity.

No, magical-thinking is too generous a characterization. The chicago youth-ocracy is a clear indication of the totality of what one may expect from "fully mobilized human cattle" in the age of austerity, and to that mobilization, there remains a single and obvious cost effective solution. http://www.dreamandhustle.com/my-fellow-black-americans-we-got-a-serious-black-youth-problem-in-chicago/

Synonymous said...

Sorry, man. Emotion trumps reason. No matter how materially beneficial it might be to abandon racist practices, it cannot outweigh the desire to punish black and brown people. Racists would cut off their own noses to spite black faces.

chauncey devega said...

I heard about that. Ford City is to be avoided at all costs.

My position the ign'ts is well known. I watch Cops for sport. Greatest show ever.

If you haven't seen the update of Judge Dredd do check it out for the first 15 minutes alone. The chase is great but the uav's interfacing with facial recognition software to id perps was prescient.

Your man is doing great stuff on his site for the most part. I really liked his post on Steampunk and urban renewal. I may send him an email as he would be a great guest on the podcast based on that last idea alone.

I understand the sense of self-destiny you are speaking of. But, those solutions take both material and human capital. A certain class of black people can't even control the political economy of hair in their own neighborhoods. You are expecting them to figure our urban farming and hydroponics. Good luck.

Shady Grady said...

Have you read Claud Anderson's books?

CNu said...

No Mr. Bond, I'm expecting them to DIE!!!

which is precisely why I responded to your essay with a dismissive blah, blah, de-blah, blah..., because if southside brothers of unimpeachable black partisan motive fully expect them to DIE, then I'm thinking to myself, self, why is anybody bothering with the pretend, make-believe, and just-so story which holds that currently useless and non-productive human cattle is going to magically sprout wings of creativity and productivity and suddenly do something useful?

It's simply not.gonna.happen.

What will instead happen is that killer-ape impulses will take on greater collective urgency and the political dividing line will be quite clearly drawn between those who have guns, and those who do not. This is all.

Constructive_Feedback said...

My Beloved Brother Chauncey DeVega:

ON MY LIST, topping "Racism" and "Sexism" are:

1) Convincing people that by INVESTING their CONSCIOUS ATTENTION upon the "*.ISMs" while failing to build up "Governance Competencies"

2) Upon latching upon their "Consciousness" compelling them to VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION

3) Upon taking over their "Human Resource Development Institutions" based upon grievances - but having no "Governing Competencies" to lean upon when THEY BECOME the "Establishment Power that fails to provide Social Justice". (The evidence of SUPERIORITY of the enemy that has exited)

4) Compelling the people to STRUGGLE OUTWARD - using the failed "Institutional Governance and Controls" (OR maybe this should be promoted to #1?)

5) RACISM and SEXISM that is regulated by legal and statutory sanction - BUT remains on the people's minds

6) Memories OF THE DAYS when RACISM and SEXISM went unchecked

7) TODAY'S Racism and Sexism that is NOT checked

Your commentary and critical analysis is much appreciated on this alternative list.

CNu said...

bears repeating;1) Convincing people that by INVESTING their CONSCIOUS ATTENTION upon
the "*.ISMs" while failing to build up "Governance Competencies" or even just basic self-sufficiency competencies...,

Invisible Man said...

Racism and Sexism is a net drain on the US economy???? Where you been Bat Man? I've been flashing the Bat Signal I guess Com Ed done cut the power, again. Nahhhh The game done changed. The U.S economy is gone Straight Predatory like that garish Pimp Named Slick Back. It aint even about pretending no more. Just snatch and grab yo! The New Economy thrives of racism firstly from the Prison industrial Complex( which all roads lead) on down and Charter schools leading to the prisons. Sexism as well. Like the The Roots said in Pussy Galore "Lorraine know it's real and sex control, AmericaTurn the TV on, it's in the open on the regularYo, what the freaks in the video for?Fuck a song, give me a thong and Pussy Galore"You see, life's about marketin' and Pussy GaloreEvery time I turn around it's more Pussy GaloreNations goin' to war for the Pussy GaloreEither the cash, the raw or the Pussy Galore"
Ya Heard???

jemand2 said...

Thanks, this article is wonderful.

I don't know that I would have been capable of seeing its truth a decade ago in high school...

I think the way the economy has been arranged by the elites so that so many white formerly middle class US citizens have been losing their financial security due to societal wealth increasingly going to the top 1%, even .1%, they don't feel privileged even though they still ABSOLUTELY are.

I think this is especially true of white men... although I think even the ability to feel like they *deserve* to be "successful" has become something of a mark of privilege. Our society HAS enough resources, that, distributed fairly we could all be "materially successful," but the people who society allows to keep believing this fact about themselves, personally, on an emotional rather than rational level, are typically very privileged already.

chauncey devega said...

Can we use emotion then to manipulate reason?

chauncey devega said...

How kind. How can we work together towards shared uplift when in a time of diminishing resources it is all about getting mine?

SabrinaBee said...

This is assuming that the titans of economy give one hoot about the capability of America, the country. Gone are the days where their ilk actually had pride in what they produced. Now, it seems the idea is to monopolize companies, seriously undermine the quality of the product by replacing quality labor, products and ingredients with cheaper substitutes then selling it at over bloated prices. No,what they want to leave behind is enough money so that their kids and grand-kids won't have to worry about innovation or talent while being able to purchase seats on whatever governing body they would like.

They are not worried about the loss of potential because the loss of government subsidies and favorable tax structures are more pressing than whether America can fulfill it's potential. Should their incompetence appreciate sooner than they thought, there is always favorable bankruptcy laws. This while poor whites are pointing the finger at black and brown people as to the cause of the ills in the country. Sure it hurts us all but, why should they care? So long we don't ALL wake up at the same time...

CNu said...

You can't, it's contra-natural, surrounded on all sides, and the gunned-up wolves who want to see the end of unsustainable liberal, progressive, democratic, feminist politics and social engineering - have have an aim, have quiet patrons, and are comparatively well-organized and global - and frankly need only bide their time now as the foundational cracks (austerity/sequestration) begin further breaking down the tenuous political and cultural fabric of the provably and uncontroversially non-productive.

Lest there be any confusion, the self-same volk to whom this hot mess appeals, are themselves entirely devoid of value, which is precisely what has left them susceptible to buying into all this hogwash.

Be that as it may, they are comparatively well-organized, they are not particularly closely scrutinized, and they are waiting for a long-heralded opportunity to swing into action.

The intransigent lack of competence and excellence, and the decline of a culture of competence and excellence among formerly striving black folk, have left sincere black partisans with scant little to work with.

Constructive Feedback is correct in the overwhelming majority of his hyper-graphic socio-political critique.

Synonymous said...

"I don't think that most folks, who are privileged in any way, in the in-group in this society want to "punish" out group members."

R U kidding me? Member austerity? Member a president who wants to cut SS even though it would do nothing to lower the deficit? Instead ofrepealing the Bush tax cuts, the real cause of the deficit (along with perpetual war). Sounds like the elites want to punish to me. Member a gummint that will not provide universal healthcare like every other advanced nation in the world. The desire to punish is strong among 'who are privileged in any way, in the in-group in this society". Effin asset holes!

Synonymous said...

” Neoliberal economics…a weird religion of austerity that actually takes pleasure in causing suffering…” Bill Black

Guess what? Obama is its most influential exponent. These folks take pleasure in causing suffering. Effin asset holes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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