Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What if Barack Obama Sent Out an Email Focusing Not on the Victims of Gun Violence, But Instead on the Shooters?

How many of you received an email last week from the Obama Administration about Sami Rahamim and how his father Reuven was killed by gun violence?

The story is so very moving and puts a human face on serious matters of public policy.

As evocative as Sami Rahamim's story about his father is, I was left wondering about the shooter. This is not to minimize the human loss, the destroyed families, and the sheer wantonness of the crimes committed by the street pirates in America's central cities such as Chicago, or mass murderers like Adam Lanza.

There are victims; there are perpetrators. The good social scientist and secular humanist in me understands that there are structural forces which drive social pathology. Individuals are not just born criminals or social deviants: their behavior is a result of complex forces that include both nature and nurture.

The Black Pragmatist in me also knows that the vast majority of people in the same horrible situations do not resort to crime. Nor, do they decide to act like highwaymen brigands who prey on their neighbors.

A question. Is this another entry for the "Black Nihilism files?"

A counterfactual. What if Barack Obama sent out an email which read as follows?
Gun violence is a public health problem. While the government can do many things to help solve this problem, we need individuals to pursue creative solutions to this problem in their own communities. Many of our communities are overrun by street brigands. Mass shooters have also taken too many lives. 
What are you prepared to do about it? My administration is assembling a group of the leading researchers, including criminologists, sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists, mental health professionals, and experts in public health to come up with a list of solutions to the plague of gun violence in America. 
And what if the email added one more sentence:
Given recent advances in neuroscience, cognitive research, and other related fields, we will also be adding biologists and geneticists to this blue ribbon panel. We must use all of the knowledge at our disposal to solve this national problem. 
How do you think the public would respond?

I ask this question because it seems almost inevitable that the causal dimension of street crime and gun violence will have to be dealt with more robustly as part of (what seems to be stillborn at present) any real national conversation about guns and public health. Given the ugly history of race science, eugenics, and other technologies run amok in the United States and elsewhere, I am deeply concerned whenever biology intersects with matters of public policy.

"Biopolitics" is wrought with both great opportunities and great peril. It is not viable in the long term for the United States to keep locking millions of people up in jail as violent crimes costs the United States economy trillions in lost productivity.

What if science could allow us to take preventive measures? What if a vaccine or pill could be made that would that moderate the behavior of those people most prone to violence?

In thinking through these questions I keep returning to two concepts.

One seems well-grounded and worth more discussion as we try to navigate the mind of both the street pirate and the mass killer.

The other is junk science. Yet, it promises a simple, and in many ways beautiful, causal answer for socially deviant behavior.

"Hostile intention attribution bias" is a foundational concept for understanding street violence. Many of us have seen this behavior in our young people who just have to keep their "respect." They fight over having their sneakers stepped on; they shoot up neighborhoods over slights both real and imagined; their impulse control is profoundly limited.

The National Institutes of Health has a great primer on the concept which includes the following helpful diagram:
An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is nihms141490f1.jpg Object name is nihms141490f1.jpg
The following passage from the same article is chilling in its clarity, as well as how it so deftly captures the lovelessness, hopelessness, and nihilism that plagues many of our most poor communities:
The experiences that foster a hostile attributional style might include:Physical abuse. Modeling of hostile attributions by adults and peers. Failure in important life tasks.Rearing in a culture that values self-defense, personal honor, and retaliation.
The ghetto underclass youthocracy of street pirates, Chief Keef wannabe's, and other assorted hooligans have developed a range of adaptive behaviors which have no use outside of a 5 square block area. And in those same limited life worlds, the behaviors themselves are destructive, dangerous, and hurt not just those possessed of that social pathology, but all of the good folks who have to live within the same geographic space.

The question remains, how do you fix these broken people?

The second concept which comes to mind in this discussion is "the warrior gene." Could Adam Lanza have a version of the warrior gene? Could the hooligans who are killing innocent young people in Chicago be similarly programmed?

For the uninitiated:
"While gangs typically have been regarded as a sociological phenomenon, our investigation shows that variants of a specific MAOA gene, known as a 'low-activity 3-repeat allele,' play a significant role," said Beaver, an award-winning researcher who has co-authored more than 50 published papers on the biosocial underpinnings of criminal behavior. 
"Previous research has linked low-activity MAOA variants to a wide range of antisocial, even violent, behavior, but our study confirms that these variants can predict gang membership," he said. "Moreover, we found that variants of this gene could distinguish gang members who were markedly more likely to behave violently and use weapons from members who were less likely to do either." 
The MAOA gene affects levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin that are related to mood and behavior, and those variants that are related to violence are hereditary. Some previous studies have found the "warrior gene" to be more prevalent in cultures that are typified by warfare and aggression.
The idea that biology is destiny could be comforting--and perhaps be a path to a solution for street violence--if treated in a neutral way. However, in the real world, science is part of a broader "regime of knowledge" that serves particular interests over and above those of others.

In the case of the much speculated upon warrior gene, the idea that DNA could influence one's propensity for impulsive violence is also considered piss poor science in many circles:
McDermott’s study provides little to no evidence for the warrior gene, because the difference between carriers and noncarriers was minuscule. McDermott et al. examined 70 subjects, half of whom carried the warrior gene. The researchers found that 75 percent of the warrior gene carriers "meted out aggression" when cheated—but so did 62 percent of the noncarriers. Moreover, when subjects were cheated out of smaller amounts of money, "there was no difference" between the two groups. 
Obviously, the warrior gene cannot possibly live up to its name. If it did, the whole world—and China in particular, if the racial statistics cited above are remotely accurate—would be wracked by violence. The warrior gene resembles other pseudo-discoveries to emerge from behavioral genetics, like the gay gene, the God gene, the high-IQ gene, the alcoholism gene, the gambling gene and the liberal gene. (See my previous columns on the liberal gene and gay gene.) 
The abysmal record of behavioral genetics stems from two factors. First, the quest for correlations between thousands of genes and thousands of traits and disorders is prone to false positives, especially when traits are as squishy as "aggression" and "childhood trauma" (the variable that helps some researchers link MAOA-L to violent behavior). Second, the media—including respected scientific journals like Science and PNAS as well as shows like Dr. Phil—are prone to hyping "discoveries" that will attract attention.
Gun violence, with its mass shootings, and random street crime brigandry, must be addresses from multiple directions. There needs to be an honest conversation about reasonable gun control. There must a serious discussion of the victims of gun violence and what measures can be taken to make sure that fewer people, especially children, are victims of the country's gun fetish rum amok.

While it is not fashionable in some circles--primarily because of reasonable concerns about the disparate and unfair intersections of race, crime, and the prison industrial complex--folks of good conscience and sense who care deeply about the Common Good must speak truth to power. Here, the truth-tellers must not be limited to discussing structural elements of deviant and criminal behavior, as they will soon be preempted by dishonest parties who want to resuscitate the discredited claims of The Bell Curve and other pseudo race science claptrap to find solutions to the country's plague of gun violence.

If Black Pragmatists and others who care sincerely and deeply about the Common Good do not engage in some real talk the relationship between street crime, and the personal responsibility which the shooters have for their foul deeds, others will step up to the plate.

Let's get ahead of the curve on this one good people. How would you confront the spawn of Black Nihilism, broken communities, semi-existent opportunity structures, and a regressively deviant youthocracy?


Cain S. LaTrans said...

We were sent to Inner city Chicago while I worked at the Work Group for Health Promotion and Community Development as a Research Associate not long after the killing of a child by 3 other children who pushed the child out of the window in the mid-90s.

I looked at the photos of the schools, the apartments, the projects, and everywhere there was lead.

Lead is pernicious, and is a gift that keeps on giving, as both plants and animals metabolize the lead as a calcium - which is then passed by mother's milk to infants.

Gardens grown in contaminated soil will give you lead poisoning in the fruit and plant tissues.

Calcium is a neuro-transmitter, required for brain development, and even small doses in children causes permanent learning disabilities, and a predisposition for violence.

The effects are permanent.

in the late 90s, with Detroit, I overlaid a map the EPA had generated on lead contamination, overlaid the map of children tested for lead poisoning, and then overlaid the map over failed schools.

same map.

I don't know that anything can be done. Perhaps stem-cells may someday generate new tissues in folks whose neurological development were stunted by lead poisoning, but it's going to be an problem that will be with us for generations to come, even after we clean up all the toxins in the soil and in the environment.

Shady Grady said...

When people in one community eagerly consume music that uses language which degrades themselves and are in fact so indignant about their right to do so that even people outside the community feel entitled to start doing so it's not surprising that this same group of people evince self-hatred in other ways.

Confront it? I honestly think the time for that is past. If people really want to walk around in a negative state of mind, if people really want to pretend that they don't know how birth control works, if people wish to insist that marriage is not very important before having children, then I'm not sure what the rest of us can do other than move as far away as we can afford and insist on our right to defend ourselves.

If I had the power to change people's minds I would raise expectations of success within the family. That's what works. If your parents want to know why you have a 3.3 avg and not a 3.8 or 4.0 it tends to focus the child's mind on success in the right way.

Obviously we still need to confront external racism/environmental issues but it seems (and I have not done the research) that this level of intra-community violence is something new and post-civil rights era. I don't know where it comes from.

chauncey devega said...

Environment inequalities, food deserts, crappy schools, and bad food. If you have that map do forward it or put a link online to it, I would love to feature it with some commentary from you if possible.

Great stuff.

chauncey devega said...

I would also end graduation ceremonies from kindergarten, middle school, pre K, and all other assorted silliness too.

That is an empirical question though, I do wonder if black on black rates of violence were higher or lower in the era of Jim and Jane Crow. I bet the answer could be a counter-intuitive one. Maybe someone will chime in with the necessary info and perspective.

Cain S. LaTrans said...

I no longer have it them. It's easily reproducible.

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chixie1023 said...

How petite bourgeois of you; telling the proletariat how to celebrate their educational milestones.

Anonymous said...

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SabrinaBee said...

We can look outside ourselves all we'd like. And yes, there are some justifiable events with which to point the finger. Not to mention those systems that are still in place that generally work against us. But, when we are killing each other to the tune that we are, such as in Chicago, those are inherent problems. It's as if our youth can not see the value in each other.

How did we lose that vision from the times of wanting to be free and equal, until now?

Seems we've been fooled into thinking, all things are equal and that we no longer have to work for our collective betterment.

I wonder if it is due to a societal shift. Two pivotal events in history the successfully drew Americans into a collective entity, and inspired nationalism, The Great Depression and World War II, in terms of reaping the benefits of those periods, blacks were excluded. When we finally won the right to partake in "the dream" it began to shift. We emerged in a country that was steadily becoming nationalistic in words but not in deeds. The emphasis has increasingly gone from "ask not what your country can do for you" to the freedom to be selfish.

There was a report on HP today showing the huge wealth disparity between blacks and whites beginning in the Reagan years, not that far from the Civil Right's era. Of course, Reagan was the policymaker of the "rich need to get richer so they can, trickle it down" pablum. The manufacturing jobs that maintained the 60s and 70s, and provided a more economically secure class of blacks, began drying up and disappearing altogether. I think that was the beginning of an "every man for himself" psyche. In the country itself, but especially deeply felt among blacks and it has only grown.

The situation has led to more and more justification for the culture that was developed form these societal changes. If one has to live on welfare, they justify it to make it more palatable. If one has to subsist by selling drugs, they create a culture out of it, which, in some cases, proves profitable. On and on. It become ingrained in the culture and accpeted as circumstances and until THAT can be shifted, there isn't much that can be done to approach the problem.

chauncey devega said...

Seems like pretty low expectations to me is all. I am not celebrating anything until the kid (if I have one) graduates college at least. Was same way in my house. Simple dinner with a few folks for High School nothing huge, then the same for College. You must set up high expectations. But to each his own.

chixie1023 said...

I won't argue with you any further but, you referred to graduation ceremonies as opposed to celebrations. Although my experience was more like yours, I would never think of additional celebrations as hindering a child's achievement down the road. Your stance on this in particular has no place in an analysis on apathetic youth violence. Reminds me of Obama's infamous Fathers Day speech.

chauncey devega said...

What was infamous about it?

chixie1023 said...

Obama basically used this celebratory day to address all of the African American "pathologies" he could list within the time limits of his speech, rather than, honor fathers within the community. I believe he echoed your sentiments about graduations.

Infamous because:
Mr. Obama was dressing down an audience of seemingly responsible men and women to appease his non black constituency. He does this quite often. Obama's disdain for his most loyal supporters does not exist in a vacuum. Sadly, the audience applauded their own unjustified castigation.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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