Wednesday, May 2, 2012

White Criminals of the Week: Arm Yourselves! White Terrorists Attempt to Blow Up Cleveland Bridge! White Barbarians Hide in Bunkers, Others Booby-trap Public Parks!

We are rapidly approaching the Rubicon. Is your powder dry? Are your guns loaded?

White criminals have run amok! Women and children should be kept inside of their homes as white people are on the prowl--killing, murdering, creating mayhem and chaos, and disrupting normal society at every opportunity!

While I was preparing our latest White Criminal of the Week column matters took a turn for the worst. We Are Respectable Negroes was going to inform you about white sex deviants and other assorted petty freaks, when a deluge of events came to pass.

On Tuesday, five White domestic terrorists were arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the knick of time as said brigands were going to kill hundreds, if not thousands of loyal Americans, by destroying a Cleveland-area bridge. The Department of Homeland Security has been monitoring white terrorists for some time--last year they issued a warning about lone wolf Tea Party killers who they suspected of  having a predilection to commit violence deeds against the American people. Given that the Tea Party brigands have a penchant for guns, and that the white nationalist militia movement has reached out to the Right-wing insurgents in the Republican Party, these anxieties were reasonable and warranted. 

Never forget that there exists a nexus of white terrorism in America running back to the KKK (America's largest domestic terrorist organization, one that killed at least 10,000 black people), and into the near present via Timothy McVeigh, and other assorted white killers inspired by Fox News, Right-wing talk radio, and Glenn Beck. Consequently, all good Americans must be on the lookout. White people--white men in particular--are especially prone to treasonous, seditious behavior. Monitor and watch them at all costs. 

While white domestic terrorists were planning a major attack, white people were also actively murdering and killing on a smaller scale. My skin crawls, my hair stands on end, I am afraid as I recite the following news item!    

Peter Keller, was found dead, his body recovered after retreating there because he killed his wife, child...and yes, even his pets! 

 In his cowardice, Keller went into hiding, hunkering down in a hole in the ground--a bunker of wickedness, a redoubt of foul villainy. 

Apparently, part of the same twisted collective consciousness, two white teens, corrupted by a decadent culture and befouled upbringing, decided to lay horrid traps and foul weapons in one of Utah's great public parks. Many innocent people would have been maimed or killed by these instruments of evil! Given that white people to camp and hike, the two cruel white teenagers would have been hurting other white people! What has gone so wrong with white society that they are killing and preying on each other!

True, Europeans do have a long history of barbarism and rapine violence. They brought these habits across the Atlantic with them as they killed, exploited, and murdered the red man, the black man, the yellow man, and the brown man. 

Are they even capable of unlearning such bad habits in the 21st century? 

Is culture destiny? 

White crime is out of control. In the interest of the public good, and in Christian brother and sisterhood, one must ask, as we always do, what can be done with the white people? Can they be saved?


CNu said...

These yo-yos are starved for the savvy guidance of Gaston Nucklett to come along and organize The White Americans....,

Tom said...

Man, that one guy has teh earloabs, damn!

CNu said...

lol, each one of these "peaches" is reassuringly uniformed for full integration into the mainstream economy....,

Tom said...

You said it broski! I'd hire any of 'em in a NY minute.

John Kurman said...

Wow, those five on top just reek of Aryan superiority. Is that last one severely asymmetrically deformed, or is he chewing on something?

Best quote from this news story about the self-proclaimed anarchists was that they had "no organized plan".

Tom said...

THAT'S where I know them from! They're the nihilists from Big Lebowski.

sledge said...

"We are rapidly approaching the Rubicon. Is your powder dry? Are your guns loaded?"

Sounds like good advice to me. Where was our superman, super hero wanna be George Zimmerman while all of this was going on? Isn't this the kind of stuff he lives for?

Oh wait, wrong color and no hoodies.

dtwo said...

Those 2520's are all the same.


Anonymous said...

"Wow, those five on top just reek of Aryan superiority."

I'm feelin it on the first two, but I'm not seeing it with regards to grizzly adams and curly-q. The last one is just plain scary.

sledge said...

I agree with anon. The one under grizzly adams looks like some kind of evil Nazi enforcer. I'll bet he's wearing jack boots.

To me Grizzly looks like the brains (oh, that's amusing) in the outfit. Mr. Gestapo being the number two. And the other three being foot soldier followers.

Is that a mullet Mr. Jeremiah Johnson is working on growing? The story said he had been working on his bunker for several years. Who doesn't want a peaceful quiet place int the country.

And the kid at the bottom under Mr. Lobes has got to be some kind of low IQ mental case. He's smiling like he doesn't have a care in the world.

Constructive Feedback said...

My Dear Friend Mr DeVega:

Not the "delete disagreeable comments" thing again?

sledge said...

@ Constructive Feedback

To be fair CF, most of the deleted posts were repeating the same thing over and over from what I read.

Comrade Physioprof said...

That fucken dude on the bottom right's face is freaking me the fucken fucke out. His nose is skewed to the right and his mouth is skewed to the left.

Anonymous said...

LOL, there's a prize bachelor's list. The dude on the bottom left looks like he was already on the wrong end of a tune up. You'd think he'd be the last one looking for violence. Maybe that is a factor to why white youth join gangs or act out violently. Someone should do a study.

freebones said...

yeah! i'm glad my stretchy earlobed bretheren have made the ranks of terrorists!

Anonymous said...

" The dude on the bottom left..."

Right. Bottom right.

CS said...

Dear CDV,

Why these reductive posts? I understand the rhetorical traction you are trying to get vis a vis "who is scary", but I miss the complex logic of those posts where you get me to unpack something historical, mysterious/enigmatic about my whiteness. I listen. I learn.


chaunceydevega said...


Reductive? Don't see it. Sometimes a simple story is very telling and revealing. I cannot and am not here to teach folks about their "whiteness." They need to help themselves.

Brotha Wolf said...

And they say black people are savages.

nomad said...

CD: I have to go with CS here. Its reductive. So much so that I thought that was the point.
Why deny what it?

makheru bradley said...

Shame on all of you for being suckered by another FBI plot. The only “white terrorists” involved in this plot are the FBI agents who entrapped these fools.

This dude is a better candidate.

Anonymous said...

"This dude is a better candidate."

Or his buddy,

Anonymous said...

White people--- women and children hide in houses.... you mean white men are the barbarians attacking us all. So it is white men who are the problem.

Now let's take a look at who is doing the raping, killing, terrorizing of the world, and it's not women.

Therefore, I say men in general are the barbarians, and how do we make a world safe from them? Answer that and other problems might fade as well.

nomad said...

"Therefore, I say men in general are the barbarians, and how do we make a world safe from them?"

Mass deportation.

Anonymous said...

Great idea nomad, never thought of that!