Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Pitch Perfect Portrait of Narcissism: Herman "the High Achiever" Cain Reflects on His Career and Life

"There is no racism to see here boss! I am shaking the tree, you sees me boss?"

With Herman Cain apparently about to drop out of the race, it is time to have a fire sale. Over the past year I developed a portfolio on the Grand High Vizier of the Black Garbage Pail Kids Black Conservatives. As events develop, I now have to pick some gems from that repository before they transmute into copper.

This interview from the Black Conservative propaganda hit piece "Runaway Slave" is a great distillation of Herman Cain's weaknesses of character. All of the elements that would bring him down are present; all of the elements that would make him appeal to white populist racial reactionaries are also on display as well.

Cain is arrogant, narcissistic, outside of history, and honestly believes that he stands alone, a self-made man. Free rider, Herbie Black Walnut Cornbread Cain, also believes that he is accountable to no one.

Of course, the Civil Rights Movement, and the life and death hard work of black and brown folks, with a few white allies, did not make Cain's success at all possible. Moreover, Herman Cain is the very definition of an "affirmative action baby"--a label that was once worn with pride, but has now been sullied by the Right, a move enabled through a surrender of language by progressives and liberals. While Cain momentarily signals to the old school Conservatism of Booker T. Washington in this interview, he ultimately defaults back to being a race neutral fantasy projection for the White Conservative Soul by its conclusion.

No longer a "raging elephant" or "a runaway slave," Cain is now hobbled by his libido. His channeling of American exceptionalism--as performance art and flim flam artistry in the role of Tea Party GOP candidate--is coming to a close, to now soon be seen exclusively on Fox News.

There are second and third acts in American life. What do you think awaits Herman Cain as he shuffles and dances, exiting stage right, with his sack full of money, and pockets overflowing with duckets? Will he go off into the night, satiated and spent, sleeping off a political bender of sorts while he frolics under the watchful eye of Dionysus and Pan's satyrs?

Or is this just the beginning of The Herman Cain Saga?


Oh Crap said...

Conservatism is pathological and morally bankrupt. Black conservatives are no less pathological or morally bankrupt than their white-bigot peers; I think they're quite desperate to show this to others.

The white bigots are equally as desperate to show they "accept" and "tolerate" pathological, morally bankrupt Blacks into their tent, now. Cain provides, or provided, them with this sick racial-redemption fantasy, which is now blowing up in the faces of both interested parties.

Oy, the progress. Way to represent, Herb.

Oh Crap said...

Moreover, Herman Cain is the very definition of an "affirmative action baby"--a label that was once worn with pride, but has now been sullied by the Right, a move enabled through a surrender of language by progressives and liberals.

Also adding: HC is also serving a third purpose of white bigots, which is fulfilling their supremacist fantasies of the incompetent -- and thus completely authentic -- American Black.

This, to them, is Troo Blackness. After Cain's candidacy is done, it will allow them to say once again, oh, we TRIED to find a "qualified" black candidate, but, it just didn't work out...

parvenu said...

Chauncey, I posted a comment over on Daily KOS (DKOS) concerning Cain's latest white woman's (Ms. Ginger White) testimony on the MSM's big nation wide gossipy stage. My comment just happened to be the first one posted after the author posted a blog titled "Who's Outing Herman Cain's Sex Life?" In my comment I attempted to show that it was to the Republican advantage for this continuous national conversation about Herman Cain's interracial hijinks with a series of white women to go forward as it is severely limiting normal media exposure for President Obama. I also stated that it was part of the Republican plan to use these black man-white woman sex issues to keep the racial animus in America at a boiling point leading up to the 2012 election.

Finally I pointed out that since the Republicans were prepared to put a billion dollars into the campaign to defeat Obama, they will likely use all of the video footage of Cain and his white women in their photoshop video factories to create a new set of morphed image edit substitutions to produce a new set of videos showing Obama and Cain enjoying the sexual pleasures of Cain's white women. I noted that this flood of photoshopped video garbarge would be produced primarily for consumption by low information white male voters.

Well Chauncey I would like to report that my commetary remained posted for less than 5 minutes before it was yanked by the web master and company. It just disappeared from the page, like poof!!

Therefore yesterday I was able to personally validate your complaint concerning the existence of a certain style "liberal" attitude flavored with what I would describe as "passive racialist inhibitions" over at DKOS. In contrast, I have never had this problem posting or commenting over at the Booman Tribune.

IMHO KOS allowed a person of color to create a sub-blog named "black KOS" where all posting involving all matters African American or Negro are confined. Sort of an online ghetto. I have yet to impressed thus far on anything posted under the Black KOS flag.
Maybe that's the way that the DKOS plantation managers want it.

Plane Ideas said...

Oh Crap,

Great Posts!!

Parvenu...Ginger is a Black woman but your comments have merit nervetheless..

I think Cain is history on the national front but will still make a living on the Black apologist circuit for conservative whites..Of course white liberals will also leverage him ...Such is life in the post racial era

millie fink said...

I agree with Thrasher that now that Cain has raised his national profile, he'll go on making millions on the Conservative Chitlin Circuit, continuing to pose as the supposed victim of a high-tech lynching at the hands of the dastardly liberal media.

That video is SO much like Maxwell Smyth in Naylor's great satire on the black middle class, Linden Hills.