Monday, November 28, 2011

Well Lookie Here! Will the Wonders Ever Cease? Herman Cain's (Alleged) "Mistress" is a Black Woman

Cain attempted to get out in front of the news Monday afternoon in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, in which he revealed that the woman will accuse him of an extended affair. According to a preview story posted by the Fox affiliate in Atlanta, the report is scheduled to air at 6 p.m. and will include an interview with Ginger White, a local woman who claims she had a 13-year affair with Cain. The preview promises "records that [White] says back up her story."

On CNN, Cain denied the charge. He acknowledged knowing the woman, whom he characterized as an "acquaintance that I thought was a friend." But he said there was no affair.
[Well damn! I stand corrected. Herman Cain's "mistress" is a black woman. Dude is so old school--he marries a black woman, has a sister for a long term "secondary relationship," and harasses white women. Herman Cain needs to start writing blues songs. Seriously.

I will let this post stand as originally written, for it is a testimony for how wonderfully surprising life can be.]

Time to invoke the mercy rule for Herb Cornbread Bojangles Cain. A month or so back, I offered an over/under for Herman Cain's sexual peccadillo count. For humor's sake, I prayed that at least one of his many accusers of sexual harassment would be a big, fat, white woman (the jury is still out). Now, Mr. Cain's supposed side piece, lover, partner to he who is a sexual dynamo and tyrannosaurus pizza maven and troubadour, is scheduled to appear on Atlanta's Fox News affiliate this evening.

A month or so ago I had a theory about Herman Cain's relationship with Sharon Bialek, the woman who accused him of forcing her head into his lap, and of putting his hand up her dress. I slept on this one because it was missing one or two bits of confirming information. With the most recent accusation, I feel a bit more confident in playing Negrodamus.

When Herman Cain was a lobbyist, he lived apart from his wife for months at a time in a "corporate apartment" in the Washington D.C. area. By itself, this is not a sin; for many people, such an arrangement would be practical. Moreover, these apartments are a perk of the job to be enjoyed.

Herman Cain also kept his wife out of the spotlight (I do suspect that they may have an "arrangement" regarding outside relationships; at present, she is without a doubt, none too pleased with him putting business out in the street). Again, not common for someone running for high office. But by itself, his wife's absence is a factor that is neither a death knell, nor especially problematic, when viewed by itself. However, when you factor in the accusations that Herman Cain has sexually harassed (at least) five women, the plot does become more interesting.

I believe that Sharon Bialek was Herman Cain's lover. One does not generally presume to put their hands up a woman's dress, and to force her head into your lap to perform fellatio, unless there exists a general understanding, some history between you. Cain and Bialek had an intimate relationship, and during the infamous evening when he supposedly assaulted her, the latter was calling in a favor that Cain summarily refused. In fact, there are photos of them being quite friendly and familiar with one another taken some weeks after Cain supposedly assaulted her.

Ultimately, Bialek was pissed at Herman Cain and took the moment afforded by his presidential run to get a bit of sweet revenge. But, here is what I cannot figure: why wouldn't she just come out as Cain's mistress? Was it a fear of ruining her own marriage? Or did Bialek reason that she could do more harm to Cain with the sexual harassment charge?

We are creatures of habit. Thus, at this point in the Saga of Herman Cain, it is anticlimactic to speculate as to Miss Ginger White's race--but with such a name, laughter would immediately and rapturously ensue if she were a beautiful, dark complected, black woman. But, I do eagerly await how Herman Cain and his supporters will excuse-make for this most recent accusation of moral behavior perfectly in character with not at all befitting a "values voter," Tea Party GOP, candidate.

Herman Cain's white populist base gave him a pass for pursuing 5 white women. Will the sixth be the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back? Will the Right's inner racists, and anti-miscegenation credo as projected through the White Racial Id, finally come out to put Herb Cornbread Cain in his "correct" place?

As Limbaugh and other conservative bloviators are so fond of saying about President Obama and the First Lady, me thinks Herman Cain is being a bit "uppity" with his obsessive pursuit of the decadent delights and sweet pleasures of Caucasian yoni...and he is gonna get checked for it, sooner, rather than later.


Shady_Grady said...

Did someone say "blues songs"?

If you got a good woman/you better pin her to your side.
Cause if she flags my train brother/I'm bound to let her ride.

I've got women in California, New York and in between/It's a full time operation trying to keep my business clean

Matthew Hubbard said...

Are you sure? The pictures of her are very light skinned.

chaunceydevega said...

@Shady. You know you ain't right.

Cain is the mack daddy of Atlanta sold his soul at the crossroads carrying a big stick and swinging his pizza for the ladies to freak.

chaunceydevega said...

@Matty. Trust me she may be an octoroon trying to pass, but me and Cain both know that Ms. Ginger White is a sister.

Oh Crap said...

I think she's pretty.

Anonymous said...

From a female perspective: it's certainly not at all unheralded to have someone try to force fellatio after only knowing a woman for a few hours; ditto under-skirt feeling-up. But really, I don't think I've run into that "forcing the head down into the crotch" thing after about age 25. You're just a nicer guy, CDV, and thus must not know of such goings on.

Plane Ideas said...

Of course Ginger is a Black woman before and after the 'one drop rule' of racial reality in America..

Why now is she stepping out? Does she care about the pain she is bringing to Cain's wife and family?

Must we as Black folks in America react and perform and engage our existence based upon the script America has demanded of us?

I am disappointed Ms.Ginger decided to play a role in this cluster fuck of a saga...Clearly Cain's campaign was in a meltdown..

At some point the 'no snitch rule' has applicability in situations where politics, power and culture are in play...

Plane Ideas said...


I felt the same way about Thomas & Hill our community needs powerful Black folks in positions like the SCOTUS and it was my belief that Thomas was playing the game to get on the SCOTUS like OBAMA played the game to become President yet many progressives hated Thomas and did not see the long term movie we got caught up into the snapshop photo..

Reality will turn people like THOMAS, POWELL, RICE CAIN & OBAMA and countless of other Black folks in America's power grid this is a universal law of being Black in America

When I was a child Detroit hired s a few Black cops we knew they would have to be law and order types to validate white folk's agenda YET we also knew that they would be our advocates on the streets....We were right then and now

Oh Crap said...


our community needs powerful Black folks in positions like the SCOTUS

Yeah but not just any old Black folk, how about some normal Black folk. This reminds me when white women scream at me IT'S TIME FOR A WOMAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE and I say, ok, put Margaret Thatcher in there, and they start steaming.

Thomas was indeed validating conservative white's agenda - had it been any other SCOTUS justice who died besides Marshall, they would have laughed a candidate like Thomas out of the room.

What stood him in such good stead was being a protege, and in the pockets of, the Danforths and ruling in their favor in IN.

Something similar happens with Cain - had the incumbent not been Black, there is no way a Black man with zero political experience save for being a protege of Neil Bortz and the Kochs would ever be considered by these bigots.

Rice and Powell I can come up with a defense for, but what has Thomas done for anyone, except line his pockets with kickbacks from white benefactors?

Oh Crap said...


Re: a "no-snitch" rule, tell these jackasses to keep it zipped so that there's nothing to snitch about, and there won't be a snitching problem.

Anonymous said...

But her last name is White- you weren't specific enough in your prayer. He did have an affair with a "White" woman after all.

chaunceydevega said...

@Anon. God is a trickster!! So grand and great. My prayer was sort of answered. Will you be one of my apostles?

Plane Ideas said...

Oh crap

I agree with some of your talking points Yet being on the SCOTUS warrants patience even from souls like Thomas it is a lifetime appt unlike the other jobs Powell, Rice and others had

Regarding "no snitch' funny retort but you missed my larger point lol

nomad said...

Yep. Having conservative blacks in high positions is a great benefit to black folks. Look at all Rice and Thomas and Obama have done for us.

Plane Ideas said...


Your vison is so limited..Thomas has a life time appointment he can be turned given a situation or circumstance..

People like you and others who create a firewall against thomas only harm the potential of what he CAN DO for the benefit of black folks..

Your formula for thomas shuts down the possibility of possible...keep hope alive has real currency in a post racial era even when it applies to people like Thomas and company..

nomad said...

"Thomas has a life time appointment"
Thrasher, you say that like it's a good thing.

I have no firewall against Thomas. I like him just as much as I do Obama.

Plane Ideas said...


A life time appointment is a reality when we are talking about the SCOTUS...

My point remains a SCOTUS justice has the ability and power to alter the reality of many people including Black folks by the mere insertion of a word, comma, phrase, ommission etc...The idea that we should preclude this possibility because it is Thomas in the seat is anal..

The Black Community needs as many powerful people in decision making positions as possible 24/7..

Whenever our interests are in play we must be in the room...

Anonymous said...

Right, when Thomas stops sucking at the teet of Scalia, Roberts and Koch, I might consider him a benefit to blacks. The question is, wu hat harm will he do until then? Cain needs a Caddy, a full length fur, and a gold handled cane. Then his true view of women will be more transparent.

Plane Ideas said...

With regard to Thomas I think both postures are important what he does now and can do ...This is a more progressive plane than dismissing his value completely..

As a Free Black Man in a nation like America...I am married to the construct of "Keep Hope Alive"