Friday, September 9, 2011

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey DeVega Will be on the Our Common Ground Radio Show Tomorrow Evening

You know I love me some Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The race narrative is deep on that show and often goes uncommented upon. Consider for a moment the following: Where else can you see a white frat boy dirty white baseball hat wearing Master Shake, a responsible African American scientist and inventor named Frylock and a lovable Mexican child with the moniker "Meatwad" all living in communal bliss?

I will be on the blogtalk radio show Our Common Ground with Janice Graham tomorrow, Saturday, September 10th at 10pm Eastern Time. The show has some good history with folks such as Melissa Harris Lacewell (now Perry), Louis Farrakhan, David Neiwart, Matt Taibbi, Mark Anthony Neal, Time Wise and others having appeared there in the past.

The interview will be about 90 minutes or so. I wonder if I can fill that much space with my wind bag mouth utterances and failed efforts at punditry? We shall see. Please feel free to call in. It is always fun to chat with folks who are part of the WARN extended family and you all can make or break any show.


Constructive Feedback said...

You might want to update your link bro.

Has Papantonio ever expressed an opinion about Black people that caused you to revert into angry disagreement?
OR does he only need to keep focused on his "racist" White conservative brothers to keep you appeased?

bondear said...

I love the phallic symbolism of Black Master Shake's straw.