Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Tea Party GOP Affirmative Action Fail: Herman Cain's Epic Incompetence Exposed on MSNBC

Oh Herman Cain, we love you so. I almost felt bad--for a moment--watching you embarrass yourself on MSNBC after the debate at the Reagan Library.

Like Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas and other black conservatives, Cain is a projection of the stereotypical and incorrect belief by White Conservatives and their supplicants that "affirmative action" promotes less qualified people of color over more qualified white men. Ironically, the Right-wing in America proves their fantasy of black and brown incompetence true at every opportunity with their repeated efforts to put forth "unqualified" upright walking black and brown human chaff who live to give cover to populist Conservatism's most nefarious policies.

If Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh were principled Conservatives they would have called for Herman Cain to step out of the race long ago because he is an "affirmative action candidate" who is taking a space on the Tea Party GOP stage that should be reserved for a more "qualified" white person.

If Herman Cain was a principled Conservative he would step down and admit that he is an "affirmative action baby" who doesn't have the political and intellectual chops to stand with such Tea Party GOP luminaries as Perry, Romney, Bachmann and company.

In sum, Cain is stigmatized by his race, a beneficiary of the soft bigotry of low expectations, and not in a position to succeed because he was tapped on the shoulder by his white benefactors in the Tea Party who wanted a person of a certain color and hue to run for President, and not the most qualified person for the job.

Where is the outrage people? Where is the clamor for justice?


Plane Ideas said...

Cain is no more incompetent than many of the other white GOP candidates..

I reject the premise that Black folks must always be the best and brightest( a fucked up and subjective standard created by who??)...

When I was growing my parents never invoked white folks cultural math of me having to be 3x better in everything thing to measure up or matter...

Cain is to easy of a target to vent against and it is getting old..I thought WARN was moving on??

Anonymous said...

CD, what is the difference between Cain's political antics and President Obama's? Aren't both of them shucking and jiving? Cain has no power.....but the president does so which is worse? I think you use the TP/ GOP as scapegoats instead of providing an honest critique of the president.


chaunceydevega said...

@Thrasher. You got to laugh brother. Maybe I do need a "snark" tag?

Cain is tasty pudding Thrasher. Let me have my pudding pops every now and then.

@Anon. I get at Obama all the time. I am a black pragmatist not an Obamaton. Check the archives.

But still laugh ;) It is good for you.

Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

I can think of at least 5 other more television-friendly and more politically astute Republican candidates other than Herman Cain (not including Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin)

Plane Ideas said...


Gotta be more funnier shit than Cain's nonsense...But WTF don't let me stop ya..I just think it is tiresome..

gordon gartrelle said...

I'm with Thrasher. Cain may be a pandering coon, but he's sharper than most of the GOP bums running. Not saying much, but still.

However, you're right that conservatives patronize his doomed candidacy because they think it proves they aren't racist. Just because his white overlords treat him as a token doesn't mean that he's an "unqualified affirmative action hire."

He got his ass handed to him on this one, though.

fred c said...

What's the difference between messieurs Cain and Obama? Cain's political success comes because he's Black; Obama's has come in spite of it.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote] a beneficiary of the soft bigotry of low expectations[/quote]

Mr DeVega:

When you hear MSNBC's Chris Matthews' focusing on the WHITE VOTER'S loss of support for Obama as RACISM..............but never say a word of the BLACK VOTE - which remains in the high 80% as some strange anomaly - do you feel that this White Progressive Cheshire Fox sees Black voters as EQUAL?