Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Not a Lie if You Believe It: Rick Perry Defends His Fight for Corporate Tax Cuts as Part of Dr. King's Dream and Legacy

Apparently, Rick Perry is operating from the George Costanza principle of history and politics where it's not a lie if you believe it.

We know that the Right-wing and the Tea Party GOP is operating in its own world, writing their own history, and shifting the terms of reality to fit their ideology. The shift is Orwellian. It is also a threat to democracy long in the making.

A healthy democracy requires some sense of a shared consensus on values, the meaning of history, the Good Life, citizenship and the Common Good. The more the Tea Party GOP's Christian Dominionist Right Wing Populist truncheons such as the Bachmanns, Palins, and Perrys speak, the more clear it is that shared values and consensus have apparently exited stage right.

But even in their reframing of reality there has to be some limit, some place they will not go. Why? Not because of the Right's nobility or that their embrace of anti-intellectualism as a virtue demands some feigned hold on the truth. No, Rick Perry and his kind should know to tell lies that are not so easily exposed and refuted. It is a bad strategy because eventually you get exposed.

Then again, I am working through an assumption that the public cares for truth tellers and that the press will do their job and hold Perry and company accountable for their repeated rapes gang bang santorum laced bukkakes of history. Alas, we know that will not occur.

For those with sense, and who care, at least we have Dr. King's words and wisdom to act as a check on Rick Perry's lie:


Oh Crap said...


DebC said...

cd...Thanx for the, "This-is-what-a-Black-leader-looks-like" clip of Dr. King. It was more than timely.

My Gub'na, what can I say but, "That sh*t right there?" - is an abject lesson in White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy. Not only did he have no clue about the Rock Hill Nine - he didn't give a sh*t. "Conflates" is way too nice a word for that performance (but I'll remain "respectable" and not go there)!

Back when I was "smart," and trying to decide where to go to college (I credit my Mama for her perseverance, cuz I really didn't know sh*t! [And No, there was no father in the home, Mr. President, but he lived 7 blocks away.]) - I was considering Winthrop College in Rock Hill, SC because: 1) they'd pretty much offered me a free-ride far enough, but not too far from home (to include work study of course), and 2) because I knew about the Rock Hill Nine (I'm sure their "Jail, no bail" strategy pissed of many a Perry, "economic" ancestor).

Couldn't go; way too white for me back in 1974, particulary because I knew - we had a history (ended up at an HBCU - in Alabama!).

Just this little display of Perry's ignorance of any real history outside of America's "exceptionalism"...:

"It needs to be about freedom from overtaxation, freedom from over-litigation, freedom from over-regulation. And Americans regardless of what their cultural or ethnic background is they need to know that they can come to America and you got a chance to have any dream come true because the economic climate is gonna be improved." a prima facie case for not voting for his a** (unless you one of those people feelin' him, of course).

I'll bet you a nickel, there's a ton of brothers/sisters and "Others" - wantin' to feel, as Perry says, "freedom from overtaxation, freedom from over-litigation, freedom from over-regulation." But I promise you - he ain't talkin' 'bout dem!

(Lawd! Sometimes these people just make me feel - tired!

Unknown said...

Please help me for Christ sake

Constructive Feedback said...

Mr DeVega:

It appears that the subject is "Hijacking Of The Civil Rights Vernacular". This is the case despite you using your Anti-Republican blog that poses as a "Pro-Black Community Information Service" to posit your latest bit of chum feeding.

Let me ask you - as I was listening to a Black-Wing talk radio show last night he indicated that he got this news about Perry from Media Matters. What was your source?

So (racist) Rick Perry is guilty of taking the framework of the "Civil Rights Struggle" and hijacking it for present day right-wing agenda items?

Mr DeVega this would indeed be a legitimate point of outrage as you seek to protect the INTEGRITY of the movement that allowed you to sit in close proximity to White talkshow hosts like Schultz and the other guy (the lawyer) EXCEPT for one thing:

YOU AREN'T PROTECTING THE INTEGRITY OF THE "CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT". The movement's honor is getting molested everyday by people who have assumed the mantle of "Civil Rights" but are in truth Progressive Political operatives - like your buddy Sharpton.

When the MSNBC crew trekked up to Wisconsin recently to try and get 3 Republican seats so that the State Senate could be returned to the state of "Social Justice" was this really CIVIL RIGHTS sir?

Or was it showing that you and so many others are merely starters on the "Special Teams" of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game"?

You know, brother Chauncey - strong than their will to end racism - the football teams in the SEC saw that they were at a disadvantage in the early 1970. While other teams accepted Black players because of their superior speed and agility - the stubborn SEC teams lumbered along with losses. They stuck to their "All White" mandates and lost games as a result.

Do you think that you are on the "Cheshire Fox's Special Teams" line up for some intrinsic quality or for your foot speed?

Have you ever mentioned protection of the integrity "Civil Rights" when you see Black people being gunned down today and the Civil Rights Pharisees REFUSING to label the killing a "Civil Rights Violation' despite he fact that the Black man today was shot in the back by a Black Street Pirate as he was reading the historical market on the side of the road documenting that spot as a place where a lynching had taken place in 1942?

Why do you pretend to be OFFENDED and thus maintain the INTEGRITY of something that you are a conspirator in its usurpation and molestation?

Werner Herzog's Bear said...

This is hardly surprising considering he presided over a state that turned its high school history classes into sites for right-wing indoctrination.

Violence is being done to the past on a daily basis for the worst motives. To my fellow historians: get off your asses and start contesting this stuff in public.

Chris Sharp said...

Werner, I have often preached on this blog about the value of knowing our history and I couldn't agree more about our obligation to contest some of the crap that passes for historical truth these days among the Tea Party crowd.

This Dominionism movement is frightening indeed and Perry is caveman that wants to take us back to the Antebellum South. Have you seen his seven ideas for changing the Constitution? One is to allow Congress to override the Supreme Court with a 2/3 vote and he makes no bones about the fact that he believes in the right of secession, even 150 years after the Civil War. The Founding Fathers would have tarred and feathered him if he showed up in Philadelphia in 1787 spouting his crap, yet those Constitution loving (but not reading) Tea Partiers think he is some sort of Messiah.

I hate to think how this period of our history will be viewed 100 years from now, but by then, all of our schools will have been privatized and all of our history books will probably have been burned at a Tea party rally.