Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Ironies of White Supremacy: A Black State Trooper and a White KKK Toddler Meet

Lots to do here that I missed out on because of the earthquake mess.

I like my money quick, just like Bernie Mac in Kings of Comedy. The phone rang today and there was money involved. So for the last 12 hours I was putting in some work for the powers that be. When one of the head muckety-mucks asks me to do something, and they ask nicely, I always say "yes."

The dogs need their medicine. I need my comic books and Chimay. Good deal I figured.

So much to discuss though. I have a great guest piece on the Tea Party and the Gadsden flag from one of our allies that I will post soon. There is a contest also in the works. I will also be posting an annotated exchange with a colorblind racist that I have been indulging for a month, there are other assorted things bubbling up to...such as highlighting one of the great salons that has been happening in our comments section.

We are growing and doing well. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

As a place holder, here is an image I have been thinking about for months, ever since I picked up Dr. Goldberg's book The Threat of Race. The troubling and problematic intersections of race and neoliberalism are embodied by President Obama. We can be in denial. But, the facts are increasingly obvious on that matter. Thus, we can choose to deny or engage.

How much has changed? How much has stayed the same? Questions I ask when the old school is turned into near absurdity as it encounters the reality of black folks with (local) power.

Crom/God/The Most High/The Force/JC Soul Brother Number One/The Blessed Exchequer does indeed have a sense of humor.

As I shared upon his election, I cried, yes I cried when Barack Obama won. I always knew there was a deeper game going on that would lead to inevitable disappointment. Not totally his fault, but he is much responsible and should take agency for his actions and deeds. He is a great man who has shunned away much of his potential greatness.

And on any day I would sit down and build with the brother. For whatever we/they say, he is a first ballot hall of fame entrant dealing with forces that all of us cannot even imagine. Nor, would most of us want that obligation.

President Obama is still a legend. And oftentimes legends are just people who make compromises that we do not like.


Anonymous said...

Mazel tov on the book chapter!

I also have one coming out in an OUP anthology, hopefully no less twisted than yours.

vt whitey said...

We also have to remember that Obama is human, and not perfect. There could be many reasons for him not "living up to his potential," but that is all put on him by external forces. And it is a lot of pressure. I always try to remember this and cut him some slack.

and great photo.

nomad said...

Looking forward to it. I'd just like to say I cried too when Obama was elected. But for a different reason. (No I didn't. But I should have. Had I known what was coming, I would have.)

nomad said...

"And on any day I would sit down and build with the brother. For whatever we/they say, he is a first ballot hall of fame entrant"

Not every black first is a hall of famer. Chauncey, he sold out the social safety net! The Bush tax cuts? The phony healthcare reform. What is it about this guy that makes him worthy of such favor? Legends, I would say, are only sometimes compromisers; and even then only when necessary. Mainly legends stand their ground.