Monday, July 4, 2011

"The Constitution Has Been Highjacked by Vicious People": Michael Dyson's Ownage of George Will and the Constitutional Fetishists

Academics are often too nice. I am not: the Tea Party Koch brothers funded movement is sinister. They are the Know Nothings of the 21st century and should be swept into the dustbin of history with great haste.

Professor Michael Dyson brings some sonnage to George Will on This Week and the onanistic originalism of the Constitutional fetishists. Brother Dyson is sometimes a mile wide and an inch deep in his analysis. But he is never boring or lacking in lyrical dexterity, flow, and more than a few quotables--fitting given that dude is "the hip hop professor" after all.

Harvard's Jill Lepore is also great. She has had her foot ten inches up the Tea Party brigands behinds from jump street. Dr. Lepore's C-SPAN interview from a few months back is also quite good, as is her book on the tea baggers and their misunderstandings of American history and the political tradition of which they are part (but not heir, please make note of the distinction, as it is quite important).

The Constitution is a practical document, authored by imperfect people, and has always been a work in progress, whose fully democratic possibilities still await us. The Framers thought the American people to be forward looking and not moribund by a narrow devotion to the past. The Constitutional fetishists on the Right oftentimes, and in particular as of late, have forgotten that fact.

This can be forgiven: the impossible made real with the election of Barack Obama, the first black President of the United States, can tend to do that to those who are drunk on the white racial frame and possessed of a sick White Conservative Soul.

On July 4, 2011 let's embrace a new maturity. America is at the apotheosis of her Empire. It is now time to grow up and see her founding document as something real and practical. The Constitution is not divine. Moreover, the answers to our collective problems do exist and will be found...but not if the American people embrace a wax museum come to life version of their collective history (and possible futures).


Constructive Feedback said...

My good man, Chauncey DeVega:

What you and Michael Eric Dyson (MEDs) ultimately succeed at doing the best is reminding people that America - at its root is a nation founded on HYPOCRISY.

For some reason, in my opinion, you and MEDs fantasize about how you will appear in front of White men - pro and con - who either don't pay enough homage to the Slave Past of the American Negro or, as in the case of your friend Ed Schultz - make ample use of the aggrieved status - for the purposes of securing the "Equal Black Ballot" - one of the two valued assets that every Black in America has possession of. (The other being our "Black Community Consciousness" - which must be fused to the Progressive Struggle as a means of loosening the ballot from our possession).

Just to give you a peek of how I saw the MEDs interview. I was made to think back about 3 years ago to recall what MEDs was SELLING Black America as to the grand benefit that we were to achieve IF we made the investment of our "Equal Black Ballot" into the larger pot of Progressivism and the Democratic Party.

Having successfully culled the nectar of this possession that blooms every 2 years - Mr Dyson (and you) have no interest in doing any sort of "true up" between that which was sold - and that which we are in possession of at present - a Receptacle that was to be filled with gold coins in the grand quid pro quo that was set up. Instead today it is filled with the water that is carried by the practitioners who used their elocution to convince our people to follow nigh.

INDEED there a HIJACKING of the "Constitution", Mr DeVega.

The CONSTITUTION is not the paper document that you were thinking. Instead it is that of the "very essence of the Black Culture" - our character and consciousness. Instead of having the past constitutional consistency of tempered steel - those who have convinced us that we are the "least of these" and need to remain silent until the leftist coalition's victories where we live in our highest concentrations are able to boil the ocean of a national take over - ONLY THEN should we expect to see the proceeds. If we speak to soon - it is OUR FAULT for derailing the "stimulus".

I hijacking INDEED, sir.

Oh Crap said...

The Constitution is not divine.

The stupid white Christianist bigots in the tea party have confused the Constitution with their own KJV Bibles -- a flawed document written by bigoted men, which is still somehow to be taken and interpreted literally.

Leave it to the dumbest person on the internet, posting above, to clamor to their spirited defense.

They all deserve each other.

chaunceydevega said...

@Oh Crap. Be nice, the bible and the Constitution are perfect, the words of God from on high. Where have you been? Are you a pagan anti-American non believer in American exceptionalism commie!