Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chauncey DeVega on Ring of Fire Radio Discussing the GOP's "My Best Friend is Black" Strategy

Sharing as always in the interest of improving my game.

Here is my interview from a few weeks back on Ring of Fire Radio that is a followup to my "The "GOP's My Best Friend is Black Strategy" over at Alternet. This was a solid 15 or so minutes--of which the above clip is the first half--where I covered a good amount on Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, and the other assorted low hanging rotten fruit that comprise the black face of the Tea Party GOP.

It was fun, and fingers crossed, there is more to come. I was a radio host for many years, and as I do more interviews I am reminded of how I miss the format. Perhaps Crom will smile down on me and an opportunity will make itself available in the near future? We shall see...


Plane Ideas said...


Well Done..Your speaking pace was fluid and you are now displaying a sense of timing and pause in your cadence ..I also note you are listening more and not spitting out to much information ..We know your are a superior talent so no need to convince and compete with the host or audience anymore-:)

You are ready for PrimeTime!!!!!

Constructive Feedback said...

Mr DeVega:

It is abundantly clear that these White Liberal Snarling Foxes that you keep company with NEED you as a tool.

How does it feel that you are the "Called Upon Negro" to speak about Herman Cain? This at a time when the Black community is suffering from:

* Failed Education systems run by local progressives
* Massive unemployment in Mission Accomplished Cities
* Violence - not at the hands of Tea Party Militias but by those who received their CONSCIOUSNESS about themselves and the value of Black life - from a prevailing culture that LOVES what you are doing.

Did you ever see the movie in which the Black guy wearing the makeup that made White folks laugh decided to wear face paint that made fun of THEM? Those who once laughed at him then grew angry.

Mr DeVega I would love to see you go off script with Schultz and Papantonio and others who love to hear you run down Mr Cain - but this time you speak to THEIR:

* Access to WHITE PRIVILEGE and force them to make a DIRECT PERSONAL payment to you - rather than merely struggling with you to CHANGE THE SYSTEM.

* Enumerate exactly how much their WHITE SKIN advantages them over YOU and agree to give you HALF - to nullify the effects of White Supremacy

* Ask them to take out financial loans, send in a Black decoy to figure out how much more the Black guy is forced to pay AND INSTEAD of them protesting outside of the bank as proof of their love for you - HAVE THEM TO PAY THE HIGHER APR.

I think that you agree - that if you did this, Mr DeVega - you would not be called up to run down the Black guy who has no power - any longer.

chaunceydevega said...

@Thrasher. So kind. When the format is longer, i.e. the solid fifteen or so minutes it is much easier for me to turn off the verbal gattling gun.

@Constructive Masturbator. A little bit of haterade in your voice? Given your premise, i.e. that there are folks who are "used" by white folks to parrot their ideological positions, why are you not more popular? I can think of any number of Right-wing reactionaries (and others) who would love to give you shine.

Que paso negro?