Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yes Virginia, There Are Positive Father's Day Songs: I Present to You All, "Patches" by Clarence Carter and "Color Him Father" by the Winstons

Happy Father's Day to you all. On this day, where for many the impulse is to the contrary, it should be reiterated that not all us men folk are rolling stones.

In a panel I once attended, comic book writer extraordinaire Mr. Garth Ennis suggested that those who aspire to be creative for a living--writers, authors, singers, playrights, graphic artists, or what have you--go to the local bar, grab a pint, and just listen to the regulars.

Inevitably, you will learn about the human condition and pick up enough stories to sustain and make better your own work.

In my random travels I have tried to follow through on said advice. It has paid many dividends. I have talked to Nazi skinheads (over beer after telling them I would kill their great grand pappies...long story, apparently they liked my show of strength), Nobel Prize winners, failed musicians, cancer survivors, truck drivers, polygamists, and all manner of folks from many walks of life. I truly have dined with kings and queens, I've slept in alleyways and dined on pork 'n beans, and ultimately my work and life are greatly enriched by all those experiences.

One of those folks I have met during my lazy man's vision quest is Brother Daryl. He is a fixture at Bar Louis in Hyde Park. He is a man possessed of a great range of knowledge and talent. Like a playful cherub he rocks back and forth on his bar seat, to and fro to the rhythmic beat of music for hours at a time while he nurses an ambrosia infused iced tea fit for the gods.

He is genuine if not often misunderstood. He exudes peace. Daryl is also a walking encyclopedia of musical esoterica.

Daryl takes his music seriously. In fact, he almost came to blows over the question, "is there any positive music about fathers?" Apparently so, as he began to sing the song "Patches" at the top of his lungs in his uniquely off key, yet somehow melodic voice, to prove the existence of said odes. And don't get him started about who sings the best version of the iconic song, The Look of Love...I said Isaac Hayes, he yelled "Dusty Springfield." A fight almost ensued. I backed down very quickly.

These Father's Day picks are all courtesy of our resident mix master Mr. Daryl. I hope you enjoy them.

One more for the daddies of the world courtesy of The Winstons:

From Johnnie Taylor. A cautionary tale for the cum droppers who drop trow everywhere and have 5 kids to visit by 4 different baby mommas today:

Please be good to each other on this day. And do remember that families--and fathers--come in many shapes, sizes, forms, and arrangements.


Tenured Radical said...

Patches always makes me cry -- do you know the George Jones and BB King duet version on the Rhythm, Country and Blues album? Rips your heart right out of your chest.

Plane Ideas said...


I am glad the universe has you in the world right here right now...Your Dad did some great work...What a son he has!!

BTW I really enjoyed Blow's tribute to his Dad in the NYT

Happy Father's Day...

fred c said...

How about James Ray, I think the one I'm thinking about is "The Old Man and the Mule," about a dad in the countryside who works his ass off to support his son, who is supposedly studying in the city but is actually squandering the money on a good time.

Oh Crap said...
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Oh Crap said...

My father died on June 18 of last year, so these are difficult days for me. I was called by another family member to help him in his infirm old age, after nearly 2 decades of estrangement on his part. I do not regret it, I only regret that an estrangement happened over issues it did not have to.

Almost 2 decades wasted, but at least I got the chance to do something different. Many in my boat do not get such chances.

chaunceydevega said...

@Tenured. Gonna check that out. What other RnB, Blue you got in the rotation? We all have to give love btw to the big man from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band who passed the other day. He is blowing in heaven right now.

@Thrasher. He wasn't a perfect man who is. But as I age I realize how many things I learned from him. Like Obi-wan he is still here watching.

@Fred. Got to check it out. As I said to Tenured, what other songs to add?

@OhCrap. So sorry to hear. We got to keep their memories alive. This is a tough time for me too in its own way--my dad passed on June 6th a few years back--so I do something fun on his birthday and on Father's day that he would have liked.

That includes fattening food, music, fornication, some good beer, and a cartoon or three.

Cassandra said...

Hyde Park, NY? Then let's see, that would mean you teach at either Vassar(my pick), Marist, St Rose, or New Paltz. That's pretty cool, cuz I've been wondering who you are and where you teach for some time, and that would mean you're across the river from me! Hehe, holla back and lemme know if I'm on to something eh?

Anonymous said...

heres another positive