Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Fun: How Would You Caption This Photograph of Corrupt Clarence Thomas and Honest Abe from The New York Times?

Ethically embattled corrupt mute black golem who sleeps during Supreme Court hearings Justice Clarence Thomas is at it again.

Apparently, he is not content to get kickbacks via his wife for making decisions favorable to her business interests. When not looking at the TV show 24 for guidance on how to write Supreme Court decisions, Uncle Justice Clarence Thomas is getting goodies for a museum that will highlight his relationship to the town of Pin Point, Georgia.

One of the gifts Justice Clarence Thomas has received from a Conservative booster includes a 15,000 dollar bust of President Abraham Lincoln. Together the two cut quite a profile in the above photo, do they not?

Let's play the caption game. Given the kindness and professional comportment of The NY Times, they couldn't take advantage of such a great juxtaposition.

But we are some of my opening parlays:

1. What unintended consequences the emancipation of the slaves has wrought.

2. Clarence, embarrassed, caught once more pilfering chickens from massa's chicken shack.

3. In the foreground, a profile in courage; in the background; a profile in cowardice.

What captions would you offer?


Constructive Feedback said...

Greetings brother DeVega.
I hope that God will continue to shine his blessings upon you and your mission. (Whatever your agenda is).

Do you mind if I challenge you with a particular framework through which I can gain a better understanding of you (and Ed Schultz? )

It is clear that you have an issue with Black males who don't think according to some preconceived notion that you believe is standard. I would accuse you of "racial profiling" but that would not take us deep enough to assess your condition.

I am thinking of the notion of a "POWER INDEX" - the measure of FORCE upon the interests of Black America.

It is made up of:

* The QUANTITY(Q) of Black people professing this thought
* The POSITION(P) that this individual hold
* The ACCEPTANCE(A) of other Blacks
* The PROXIMITY(X) of this individual and his position to the Black community's core

On the one side we have the "clear and present danger" of:
* Clarence Thomas
* Michael Steele
* Herman Cain
* Condi Rice

-all of whom have received a special call out on your prestigious board AND the subject which - "Friend of Black People" Ed Schulz has called you into his radio show to comment upon.

If we set up a formula of:

Impact On The Black Community = Q^2 * 2P * A * 4X

I am curious, Mr DeVega - as an (apparent) resident of Chicago - in which NOT ONE OF THESE TYPE OF NEGROES hold any office in your "Mission Accomplished City".......what is the "carbon footprint" of the FAVORABLE BLACK Progressive Democrats who never appear to receive much scrutiny on your prestigious blog and appear to escape the review of your good friend Mr Schultz.

*Has Herman Cain ever presided over any schools in Chicago?

* Has Michael Steele ever promised Black people that they would receive "HOPE" if they invested their "Equal Black Ballots" in him?

* Has Condi Rice's image appeared on the T-SHIRT of a single Black person?

* Has any of the racial insults directed at Brother Justice Clarence Thomas triggered "Color Of Change" to rebuke the BLACK PERSON who inserted it into he public domain?


Unknown said...

1. Suggested caption "I signed the Emancipation Proclamation and died to preserve the Union for this guy?!
2. To:"Constructive Feedback" You clearly do not listen to or understand the well deserved critiques delivered by Mr. DeVega regarding Clarence Thomas. Clarence Thomas has shown himself to be corrupt, incompetent, vindictive, lazy and horribly sexist. When he hid behind his "high tech lynching" statement in his confirmation hearings he dishonored and defamed all the real victims of lynch mobs.
3. Keep up the excellent posts, Mr. DeVega.
Sincerely, Reader Bob

BBJ said...

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt, yes. But I didn't mean that you should sit on the Supreme Court and not say anything for five years at a time."

Oh Crap said...

Stupid blather

Impact On The Black Community = Q^2 * 2P * A * 4X

Yes, people are criticizing all those people you are over-identified with.

Get over it.

Worthless much longer do we have to endure your crap until Jesus finally brings his laggard butt back here to get you?

Anonymous said...

"Two gaudy pieces of crap, at least one is iconic."

@constructive criticism . . . did Chauncey write this comment? Off the wall man! off the wall! Could have been Rand Paul's crazy ass!


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Clarence Thomas has shown himself to be corrupt, incompetent, vindictive, lazy and horribly sexist. When he hid behind his "high tech lynching" statement in his confirmation hearings he dishonored and defamed all the real victims of lynch mobs. [/quote]


It is YOU who have the LITERACY problem and issues with PROPORTIONALITY.

Identifying CORRUPTION or, as you say "Incompetence" is an easy feat.

If you notice I challenged the good Mr DeVega to attach his ruminations to the PREVAILING set of problems that the BLACK COMMUNITY that he claims to prognosticate in support of suffers.

We all know that Mr DeVega believes that Thomas, Cain and Steele are no better than that which can be found on the bottom of one's shoe. I am ASKING Mr DeVega to look out over his metropolis of CHICAGO - at the suffering that Black people face in a multitude of areas and LENGTHEN his list of INDICTMENTS beyond the notable pattern of Black Conservatives.

I want to see someone with ACTUAL POWER over the key HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that are not sufficiently lifting our people up.

chaunceydevega said...


I have given you two chances to write something for me as opposed to trying to get me to parrot whatever position you think I should. Once more, I extend the offer again.

You are skilled at being the mortician for all that ails the black body as you sing spirituals as the corpse is lowered into the ground. I don't always want to do that. Sorry.

In Japan there were a class of people equal to the untouchables in India who were positioned as such because they were tanneries, morticians, handled dead animals, etc.

They were necessary for Japanese society. But, said untouchables could be cut down at will by a samurai as they were non-people. I am the samurai in this conversation, riding by and deciding not to take your head...this time.

So please take advantage of my generosity and step up and show us all what you can do outside of blogging by proxy.

If I recall correctly, Norman Mailer was challenged by Gloria Steinem to bed her and really show her what a man he was.

Predictably, he could not perform when the time was right. Be sure that is not you.

Anonymous said...

proof that mr thomas is corrupt