Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sacrilegious Sunday: George Carlin on Why He Worships the Sun and Not God

On the most segregated day of the week, when the lemmings flock to their megachurches, tithe when they cannot pay their own light bill, riot and kill when their holy books are desecrated, claim that god told them to invade Iraq, and/or speak in tongues at the altars of TD Jakes and Pat Robertson, some laughter seems both needed and necessary.

My God has a sense of humor, thus I don't think that Crom or The Most High would mind this classic Carlin routine as if we cannot laugh at the absurdities of life--and religion especially for those of us critically minded but not necessarily of the religious mind--how can we get through the day?


Genius slowly going Insane said...

Awesome post George Carlin was the man. Also, my favorite joke by him was I think the ultimately ridiculously true joke by him called simply "stuff".

chaunceydevega said...

Thanks for chiming in. Chappelle? Pryor? or Carlin?

Anonymous said...

LOL, this guy is going to sacrifice his own soul upon his alter of human perfection.

Basically what he's saying is that he's mad that God ever gave him the choice to obey or not to obey because it's that choice that we all have is the reason for all the suffering.

Think about it, you have a choice to lust, steal, have premarital sex, or whatever and you have the choice to do it all God's way. However, lets say you choose to take the more selfish route, but nothing important comes of it. However, you're son was influenced by that choice and will inevitably take a bit farther than you did. You're friend, encouraged by your willingness decides to take that step as well, but takes it a little farther. He influences somebody else.

Now, lets talk about you. Maybe your were influenced by somebody and merely another chain in the link, like everyone is in one form or another, but you can choose otherwise just like you can choose to be that link.

Everyone who suffers, all the children that suffer, all the innocent that suffer, all suffer because of us. Because we decided not to live for God.

Think about it. This comedian right now is influencing a number of people to disregard what God or any religion teaches. Anyone who is influenced by this who was already on the verge of doing so will likely do so if they are influenced by such comedy. In the chain of people who decide to disobey God eventually a child will suffer somewhere along the way, and it will be indirectly due to the jokes this comedian is saying right now.

Think about it, a man who uses porn to gratify his sexual desires is finding it more and more difficult to actually be gratified by porn, but for some reason that forbidden fruit of a girl or boy too young, but interested seems to tempt them.

Well, perhaps, likely, such a man was putting any such temptation out of his mind for the sake of what's right, and perhaps if God does exist. Perhaps, upon hearing these jokes today, it will inspire him to also flippantly disregard the will of God, after all, for the world to be such a failure, God must not exist. Then the last thing keeping him from going down that route is now psychologically removed.

What I would think about more is how before, when so many in so many free-world nations, primarily, regarded God as above all things. Even if they didn't all necessarily live a life of obedience, they at least resisted more fervently allowing themselves down certain paths of behavior, and many avoided, if at all possible, influencing their children towards such paths of behavior.

But now, since we've gone through a couple decades of rejecting the notion of God, and religion, more particularly rejecting the notion of Christ and Christianity, our world's rate of turning bad has accelerated dramatically from worsening by bits every generation to worsening by scores in only a single generation.

That is a bigger red flag than any failure of a religion or the seeming failure of a God.

But the simple fact of the matter is that God has not failed, God merely created perfection and then gave that perfection the choice to be their own gods or to humble themselves before The God.

Children suffer, the innocent suffer because of us, because we choose to do what we want and eventually those that are innocent will pay the price. In fact, when you suffer because of your own choices, do you're children not suffer? Of course they do. Did you not suffer due to the selfish choices of others, more particularly the selfish choices of those closest to you?

It is not God who has failed, but us.

Anonymous said...

This guy is only wrong because of a simple fact. He's is reflecting the failures of people onto God.

God creates us perfect, and we decide to disobey God and because of it people suffer, the innocent suffer. We cannot then rightly decide that because we caused someone to suffer that it was God's failure.

This comedian's fault is that he won't be humble before God. He says that he tried, but I wonder how much of his effort was he praying, studying, and trying to understand who God is and how much of his effort was merely religion such as going to church every Sunday and Wednesday, repeating words rather than praying, ie.going through the motions rather than actually trying to understand and grow a relationship with this God that he had then decided to follow.

I wonder if he had decided to hold onto a sin during this effort, which would mean that it was a half-hearted effort that doesn't really mean anything because God demands perfection. A sin out of one of God's children should be nothing more than a mistake, a moment of indiscretion that the person did not mean to commit and will no longer commit it.

It's a constant battle between our desire to obey God and our desire to gratify our own wants. Who will be the god of your life, God, or yourself. The choice is given to all, and it is a constant battle that is waged until the day you die for those that choose to obey God. Failures are certain, but as we all understand, try, try again. We humble ourselves before God and seek strength and wisdom to obey Him, and the failures themselves can even turn into positives, in time.

I have to wonder, how much did this comedian actually humble himself before God and seek out a greater learning to avoid his failures.

I cannot know, but God does, and understand, God is truly just, in the truest form of justice, all will be made plain, nothing will be hidden, and no amount of deception, personal or otherwise will be maintained because all will be exposed.

Then, for whatever reason, his effort did not succeed, he will be held accountable.