Friday, April 15, 2011

Tax Day Analogy: The American People are to the I.R.S. as Christopher Walken is to Zangaro in The Dogs of War

The Dogs of War seems oh so fitting on this day.

General Electric and other mega corporations pay no taxes while the rest of us have to stomach the burden. In the age of globalization the plutocrats and banksters go overseas and screw the American people, yet get all of the benefits of belonging to the American polity--while having none of the burdens or responsibilities. The top one-hundreth of one percent of the U.S. population earn 27 million dollars a year, while the remainder earn an average of 31,000 in the same time period. We are truly a "unique" nation my Tea Party GOP American exceptionalism obsessed friends...yes, indeed we are.

Alas, this is the 21st century United States in the age of declining empire and a creeping, inverted totalitarianism.

Rant away my respectable negro friends and allies on this April 15th if you so desire. My sentiments are with you.


CNu said...

IMOHO - the IRS is much and improperly maligned. That's not to say they're ever going to be mistaken for the "good guys", but when you get right down to it, by-and-large, they're just doing their jobs.

The contemptable crew is sitting up on capitol hill, drilling holes in the Internal Revenue Code big enough for G.E. to drive a truck through.

Oh Crap said...

OT, but Chauncey I'm sure you've seen this by now.

OC Tea Partier Sends Racist Email. More like, another teabagger portrays Obama as a monkey; pearls are clutched.

Nunna the people coming out of their gourd about your Herman Cain article on Alternet will have anything to say about it. Even Hot Air has the wherewithal to put on a public face of faux embarassment.

And watch the Black cons fall all over themselves to make excuses for this Orange County asshole.

Conservative scum.