Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Funny: Notes on the Barack Obama Trial in Harlem, the Public Sphere, and Baboons Jumping on Trampolines

This is what a truly dynamic public sphere ought to be--folks fighting it out on the streets over important issues of public policy.

With the spirit of a a baboon jumping on a trampoline, the erstwhile Pastor Manning had promised to bring 30,000 people to Columbia University for the sedition and treason "trial" of Barack Obama. As detailed by Salon's great coverage of the event (be sure to check out the indictments against Obama and Manning's creative jury selection process), sadly it seems, maybe 80 or so "patriots" showed up for the event.

If Pastor Manning's conspiracy theory is any indication, the trial must have been great theater:

Say it one time with me folks, Boom Shakalaka! ATLAH! Why? Because that is what God says! Or at least that is what Pastor Manning says God says.

**Insert random moment of self-approval as that last sentence was like wiping my behind with silk.**

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Walkr said...

Poor theatre, but great TV