Saturday, May 15, 2010

Resolved: Michael Steele has been Voted Out of the Tribe of Respectable Negroes

It has been decided. For his pernicious, foul, and repeated betrayals of all that Black respectability entails, Michael Steele, cowardly, head slave catcher of the GOP, has been voted out of the tribe. Let his name never be spoken again. All mentions of him shall be stricken from our records.

Always be vigilante and mindful of the traitors in our ranks. Remember, when you hear the call of battle to answer it, for when these traitors raise their heads they must be smote.



Bennett said...

I would have preferred to see the scene when Warf proves his Klingonlyness and kills the real traitor.

Great blog, I've been visiting for quite a while and this is my first 2 cents.

chaunceydevega said...

I know. It is hard because Worf is one of my faves and he is a hero so that hurts the meme a bit, but alas.

thanks for chiming in!

Chauncey DeVega

Anne Baldwin said...

totally unrelated, but I had to get your reaction to this:

chaunceydevega said...

Hi Anne,

We dealt with that here. There is a little Latarian in all of us.