Sunday, March 28, 2010

Everybody Has a Price! The Wonderful Joys of Political Incorrectness with WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase

I am all set for Wrestlemania tomorrow. As per my tradition, I am watching the hall of fame induction and I was reminded of just how great the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase was both as a worker and on the mic. In watching his speech and video package DiBiase reminded me of just how inconvenient life is. Some of us--not me--try to live according to some mantra of "political correctness"--those things not politically orthodox are not worthy of pleasure, joy, smiles, embrace, or laughter and smiles. Supposedly, politics trumps pleasure. Being the hedonist that I am, Chauncey DeVega can't/is incapable of/and has never lived according to that rule. Nope. Aint' gonna happen.

Life is about ambiguity. DiBiase's gimmick as the rich, racist, million dollar man with a black house slave named Virgil who famously bought Sapphire (Dusty Rhodes' special Negress) is not politically correct. It never can be. But you know what? It was damn fun to watch. And the pleasure was no less sweet.

Some great moments.

Ruining a child's day and kicking away his basketball:

Buying a slave:

Going shopping with a slave to buy the million dollar belt:

Congrats Mr. DiBiase. You deserved it.

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