Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Friday Afternoon Happiness Pills--Alexyss Tylor's Interview with the Trashman, Pastor Manning's Thanksgiving, and Chris Rock's Good Hair

There is a big brown shark coming. Social science theory in action: key concept--infrapolitics.

The last few posts have been heavy with all this talk about racism, white privilege, and less than respectable negro behavior. To boot, it is Friday the 13th....a two for one blow against this respectable negro's spirits. And don't hate on my fear of Friday the 13th or I will have to ask Brother X-Squared to come back early from his world wind media tour and share some wisdom with you all.

When in need of merriment, crack open a bottle of Youtube, sit back, and relax. Here are 3 videos guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Happiness Pill Number One

Pastor Manning is lecturing Barack Obama for his poor form in not inviting his Kenyan grandmother to Thanksgiving. What is Obama hiding? Is he afraid that his Kenyan grandma will expose the "truth" that Obama is not an American citizen? Is Obama just too cheap to fly grandma Obama over here from Kenya? Hmmmm.....inquiring minds want to know! {I am laughing already} Random thought: I would love to see Pastor Manning perform spoken word poetry with Maya Angelou at Carnegie Hall. Now I would pay five, ten, or even twenty dollars to see that show. Are you with me?

Happiness Pill Number Two

Oh my muse Alexyss Tylor, I cannot get enough of you. A few months back she interviewed "The Trashman." You may know him not by his moniker, but for his crime: The Trashman was the gentlemen who was imprisoned for poisoning Gerber babyfood in a failed extortion scheme. Oh no! Don't you dare sleep on the Trashman as he is much more than a small time con artist. Alexyss's guest is actually an expert on prison culture, booty love, and the pleasures and perils of "the chitterling hole." Be awed by his brilliance and wisdom:

Happiness Pill Number Three

Oh praise the echo effect. I am going to Radio Shack right now to buy a vocoder or some other device to modulate my voice. Everything you say with an echo effect sounds profound. Think about when you are at Wendy's ordering a Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo--with the echo effect--you will sound like God himself preaching from on high. So what in fact does the echo effect enhanced Mayor of Blacktown have to say about black women and their piss colored blond hair? How black women's obsession with haircare products has sapped the political economy of Black America? I bet you know already...


RiPPa said...

This fool called Michelle Obama a dyke! Man this was hilarious as usual - a happy pill indeed.

RiPPa said...

If you could figure out a way that I can make my blog echo like that when people read it lemme know.