Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bill Belichick's Stunning Decision to Give Peyton Manning the Ball on the 30--or Bill's Worst Night as Coach of the New England Patriots

I feel like Dudley at the bicycle store right now. Yes, the refs gave Faulk a horrid spot. But, Belichick should have either 1) not blown the timeouts and thus have been able to challenge the spot or 2) simply punted the ball.

I am a New England Patriots mark. I am stunned (now twice, our loss to the Giants being the first) by Belichick's decision to give Peyton Manning the ball on the 30. If I were playing Madden 2009 then surely I go for it, and then I lay down to allow the offense an easy 6 points. This decision then allows me to get the ball back quickly and go up the field. In real life, with home field advantage at stake, you don't make calls like Belichick's.

I must ask, has Bill lost the confidence of the defense with this betrayal? He doesn't trust his "D" to stop Manning, or at least to limit the Colts to a field goal? One other thought: Lawrence Maroney is not a franchise running back. There I said it.

I am rendered silent. Your thoughts?


gordon gartrelle said...

Had they gotten the 1st, you would have praised Belichick for his boldness and unconventional strategy.

Given how they moved the ball, what are the odds that the Pats offense wouldn't make 2 yards? It was a fluke.

Great game, though. The NFL loves to hype games, but this rivalry is the real deal.

Werner Herzog's Bear said...

I thought it was a video game move too.

The move was totally fitting with Belichick, man whose brilliance is only matched by his hubris and arrogance. I can't think of any prior coach in the NFL who I both disliked and respected in equal measure except for Buddy Ryan.

Bass said...

Great, gutsy call. I get what you mean about it indicating lack of confidence in the defense, but could it also mean the coach has great respect for Brady and the passing game?