Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tim Wise is a Bad White Man or Tim Wise on Barack Obama, How Race is a Factor, and Health Care Reform

Tim Wise is a bad white man. You get me, no? We have picked on Tim Wise a few times on this site, but this a White man who is on point--especially here.

Brother, we have met before, next time I will offer you a Sapporo beer and a sit down--one of my highest complements. We respectable negroes got some allies in the struggle and Tim Wise is (likely) one of them.

Yes or no?


Your driver said...

I heard Tim speak a couple of years ago. It's unfortunate that a person of color would not be heard if he or she said what Tim says but Tim says it and gets an audience. He acknowledged the problem. It makes him take his responsibilities seriously. I think he's a good man.

American Black Chick in Europe said...

All I can say is, well done Mr. Wise. He argued his points calmly and coherently without resorting to histrionic name calling and half truths. Love it!

Tim Wise said...

I read your blog regularly and always enjoy it, so imagine my surprise stumbling across this entry today. Thanks for the kind words about the CNN appearance. Also thanks for occasionally "picking on me" as you put it. That kind of thing is what makes folks better allies, and is needed, by me and others. Oh, and I will gladly take you up on the offer of the Sapporo, any time...take care.

macon d said...

Awesome! Even better than the last time I saw him on CNN -- he's a great talker loaded with facts and good arguments, but he talks really, really fast sometimes -- seems like he slowed it down some here.

Tim Wise is a bad white man. You get me, no?

Sure. He's a white race traitor!

It's good to see him on the big screen, and I hope he becomes a well-known pundit, but I have my doubts that can happen. He's too honest.

Sharon said...

Tough talk, the interviewer says? Truth talk, I'd say

It sure is unusual to hear the facts on cable TV. I'm just a dumb old white person and I could see months ago that these yahoos with their tea parties and protests were ALL ABOUT RACE and NOBODY wants to face up to it.

I would definitely watch some TV if Tim Wise were on more often.

Anonymous said...

That was a delightful post! Tim Wise speaks the truth!

Bass said...

Thanks for the post. Well done

Maurice Lauher said...

Thanks for drawing this video to our attention.

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

This was a great impromptu find. Gordon will be holding it down for the next week or so as I am moving, so please forgive me if I am not on point as I should--I got a huge backlog of business to post.

@all of you: Tim Wise is on point, I am using one of his books in my class (again) and it always sparks debate.

@Tim: thanks for the kind complement. I saw you in Kalamazoo where I was for the year, next time you are in Chicago send out an email. I especially appreciated how you handled the student who asked about black folks at the gas station who advertised as a "black owned business."

I don't like guilty white liberals as a rule--liberal racism is real--but you aren't guilty and you are damn honest so I have your back.

stay strong in the struggle,

Chauncey Devega

A.Smith said...

Man.... man...

I've been a fan of Tim Wise's for a few years now. He never disappoints me and we need more people just like him. White men who aren't afraid of what all the other white people will say if they step up and out and speak truth.

A man with his intelligence who would speak about ANY OTHER TOPIC would surely have some sort of national platform by now. It's telling of our society that he does not.